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Tullamarine Rehabilitated Landfill > 27 November 2013.

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1 Tullamarine Rehabilitated Landfill > 27 November 2013

2 Tullamarine Landfill Rehabilitation 2 Task Progress Update >Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) Trial Update on Progress >Flare Update on Progress >Buffer Land Environmental Audit Progress >Landscaping Plans

3 LNAPL Trial Update Key Changes Resulting from Community Input >Options for disposal explored >System redesigned so there is extra vapour treatment and no onsite storage or reinjection >Trial has a consultation period following first round of field trials to allow for greater level of feedback from Tullamarine community and stakeholders

4 LNAPL Distribution 4 Prepared by URS, 2013

5 LNAPL Trial Commencing Early 2014 Stage 1 Testing >All wells tested by removing 100 to 200 litres of LNAPL >Recovery (recharge) in each well measured over a period of approximately 4 weeks >Results reported back to Tullamarine Community Feb & May 2014 >LNAPL destruction (3 facilities trialled)

6 LNAPL Stage 1 Testing Vapour Flared Cap LNAPL Sealed Area Tank (1 m 3 ) GACs 2x Enclosed Well Head Assembly Leachate Leachate Well Leachate Well Perforations LNAPL thicker in well Pump (intake positioned in LNAPL)

7 Wellhead Assembly 7 Prepared by URS, 2013 Pump Winch Assembly Enclosure LNAPL Return Contain- ment line

8 Stage 2 Detailed Testing >Tullamarine Community will be engaged on the process >Wells will be selected based recovery / recharge >Repeat of Stage 1 testing except each well will be pumped continuously for approximately a week >Monitoring of yield & levels similar to Stage 1 >LNAPL disposal same as Stage 1 (no reinjection or storage)

9 LNAPL Trial (Completed Tasks)  Waste Disposal Approval  Independent Panel Review  LNAPL Trial Design Review

10 LNAPL Trial (Upcoming Tasks) >Procurement & Fabrication (Dec / January 2014) >Factory Testing & Commissioning (Feb 2014) >Well Integrity Testing (Feb 2014) >Rebound Monitoring (Feb / Mar 2014) >Data Analysis & Reporting (Mar / Apr 2014) >On track to commence field trial February 2014 >Will report to the Tullamarine community the results in May 2014

11 Environmental Control Vapour/ landfill gas >Sealed well heads during extraction; >System connected to landfill gas system and GAC vessels, 2 in series. Spillage control >Double walled LNAPL collection/storage tanks; >Sealed work area around well head; >Secondary contained transfer hosing;

12 Environmental Control Noise >Operations during business hours so no change to current conditions. Monitoring: >Portable Landfill Gas and Trace Gas monitors >Samples of LNAPL, leachate & vapour obtained & analysed by laboratories

13 LNAPL Trial Summary >Design changes were made incorporating Tullamarine Community suggestions >Field Trials to commence in February 2014 testing all wells >The results will be reported to the community in February and May 2014 >The project includes LNAPL destruction trials

14 Enclosed Flare Proposal  URS Design Report Complete  URS Flare Emissions Model Complete >Auditor Reviewing >Flare will be installed by March 2014

15 Flare Design Update Flare design includes :  Emission testing ports  Emissions analysis (including VOCs, such as Benzene and VC, and Dioxins) as part of commissioning process Ports and analysis not an EPA requirement however TPI will commission.

16 Flare Outline Design

17 Rezoning  Public Exhibition until 9 December (this application relates to land rezoning)  S53X Audit Nearing Completion (this process is running in parallel to land rezoning process ) >Anticipate Audit statement completed early 2014 >Separate applications would be submitted for individual buildings and subdivision works which will be available for residents to view

18 Rezoning Prepared by TPG, 2012

19 Environmental Audit Four Studies completed by Golder and Kleinfelder.  Soil (Golder, 2012a & Kleinfelder, 2013)  Vapour (Golder, 2012b & Kleinfelder, 2013)  Groundwater (Kleinfelder, 2013)  Landfill Gas (Kleinfelder, 2013) > Auditor reviewing.

20 Buffer Land Investigation  Over 60 trial pits completed  Five soil vapour bores (V01-V05)  Groundwater Sampling completed  Landfill Gas Risk Assessment completed  Studies demonstrate low to negligible risk to future site users from soil, landfill gas, vapour & groundwater Western Ave Freeway Wright St

21 Trial Pit Locations Prepared by Kleinfelder, 2013

22 Groundwater Sample Locations Prepared by Kleinfelder, 2013

23 Future Landscaping (Arcadian and Western Plains Flora) Prepared by Golder, 2012

24 Stormwater Landscaping Prepared by Ian Taylor, 2012

25 Stormwater Landscaping Prepared by Ian Taylor, 2012

26 Landscaping Prepared by Ian Taylor, 2012

27 Landscaping Prepared by Ian Taylor, 2012

28 Stormwater Landscaping Prepared by Ian Taylor, 2012

29 Disclaimer This document has been prepared by Transpacific Industries Pty Ltd (ABN 40 010 745 383) (“Transpacific”) for the purposes of providing the recipient with an update on the status of rehabilitation works at Tullamarine landfill site. This document has been prepared on the condition that it is for the exclusive information and use of the recipient. This document may not be reproduced, distributed or published by any person for any purpose. No part of this document may be quoted or referred to in any other document. With the exception of information provided by external sources, Transpacific retains all applicable intellectual property rights which arise from the creation of this document. This document is subject to the limitations, assumptions and qualifications referred to in it. In addition to any other rights available to them, Transpacific or any related party (“Transpacific Parties”) herein expressly advise that they: 1.make no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of any statements, estimates, opinions or other information contained in this document; and the maximum extent permitted at law, the Transpacific Parties are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any claim, loss, damage, cost or expense, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, arising (whether in negligence or otherwise) out of use or reliance on this document, its contents or any omissions from it. Transpacific Parties means Transpacific, its related bodies corporate, directors, officers, employees, representatives, consultants and agents; and a Transpacific Party means any of them.

30 Thank you for your time

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