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Weld Joint Geometry and Welding Symbols

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1 Weld Joint Geometry and Welding Symbols
Types of welds Groove welds Welding Technology Lee Co. ATC Images compliments of the American Welding Society

2 Types of Welds Numerous welds can be applied to the various types of joints Considerations when choosing joint geometry and weld types: accessibility to the joint for welding type of welding process being used suitability to the structural design cost of welding

3 Types of Welds There are nine categories of welds associated with weld symbols Groove welds Fillet Welds Plug or Slot welds Stud welds Spot or projection welds Seam welds Back Or Backing welds Surfacing welds Flange Welds

4 Types of Welds Groove Welds
A groove weld is “ a weld made in a groove between the work pieces” There are eight types of groove welds Square-groove Scarf V-groove Bevel-groove U-groove J-groove Flare-v-groove Flare-bevel-groove

5 Groove Welds Square and double square-groove welds
Square-groove welds are the most economical to use, but are limited by thickness of the members Welds for one side are normally limited to a 1/4 inch or less

6 Groove Welds V-and double V-groove welds
With thicker materials joint accessibility must be provided for welding to ensure weld soundness and strength

7 Groove Welds Bevel- and double-bevel-groove welds
Bevel- and J- groove welds are more difficult to weld than V- or U- groove welds Bevel welds are easier in horizontal

8 Types of Welds U-groove and Double U-groove
Welds in using J- and U-grooves can be used to minimize weld metal These welds are very useful in thicker sections

9 Groove Welds J-and double-J-groove welds
J-groove are more difficult to weld because of the one vertical side (except in horizontal) J-and U- are used when economic factors outweigh the cost of edge preparation

10 Groove Welds flare-bevel and flare-v-groove welds
Flare -bevel and flare-v-groove welds are used in connection with flanged or rounded member

11 Groove Welds Scarf Scarf is used for brazing

12 Groove Welds Their names imply what the actual configurations look like when viewed in a cross section Single groove welds are welded from only one side Double groove welds are welded on both sides Groove welds in many combinations are used selection is influenced by accessibility, economy, adaptation to structural design

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