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EDucation-research Integration through Simulation On the Net(EDISON) Kum Won Cho Dept. of Cyber Environment Development, Supercomputing Center, KISTI (Korea.

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1 EDucation-research Integration through Simulation On the Net(EDISON) Kum Won Cho Dept. of Cyber Environment Development, Supercomputing Center, KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)

2 Contents Introduction ▫The Status of Korea’s R&D ▫The Status of Higher Education in Science and Engineering EDISON ▫What is EDISON? ▫Conceptual Model ▫Structure of EDISON EDISON CFD ▫A Pilot Project of EDISON CFD ▫Advantages of EDISON CFD Conclusion ▫Future Directions for the Higher Education 2

3 3 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion KISTI Supercomputing Center is responsible for national cyberinfrastructure of Korea Four departments Key Statistics Supercomputing Service Network Service National e-Science Major Missions Resource User Support Cyber Environment Technology Over 150 staffs Budget over $ 30 million mostly government funded Dept. of Computing & Networking Resources Dept. of Computing & Networking Resources ` ` Dept. of Cyber Environment Development Dept. of Cyber Environment Development Dept. of Application & Support Dept. of Application & Support Dept. of Infrastructure Technology Development Dept. of Infrastructure Technology Development KISTI Supercomputing Center (National Supercomputing Center) Introduction to KISTI

4 4 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion NEC SX-6[2 nd of 3rd] 8,000GFlops IBM p [4th] ( ~ ) 30 TFlops SUN 4th] ( ~ ) 300 TFlops 30,000GFlops 2GFlops 131GFlops 16GFlops 242GFlops 306GFlops 1,407GFlops HP GS320 HPC160/320 PC Cluster 128node Cray2S[1st] (1993 ~ 2001) 16GFlops Cray C90[2nd] (1997 ~ 2003) 115GFlops Cray T3E (2000 ~ 2006) 111GFlops (2001 ~ 2006) 435.2GFlops ( ~ ) 80GFlops IBM p690[1 st of 3rd] ( ~ ) 665.6GFlops ( ~ ) 160GFlops ( ~ ) 2,850GFlops TeraCluster IBM p690+[2 nd of 3rd] ( ~ ) 3,699.2GFlops NEC SX-5[1 st of 3rd] Supercomputing Resources

5 5 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion The First 10Gbps International Hybrid Networks in Korea 10  40Gbps 5Gbps ~20Gbps 2.5Gbps ~15Gbps

6 6 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Visualization Computer Total number of nodes±150 CPU # of CPU cores800 + Total memory3.5 + TB GPU ModelNVIDIA QuadroFX 5600 # of GPUs96 + Disk File SystemLustre Capacity300 + TB Throughput10 ~ 12 + GB/sec sustained Network Interconnection network 20 Gbps External network160 + Gbps

7 The Status of Korea’s R&D The Korean government has sponsored national R&D activities since 1982 ▫The budget for science and engineering technology in 2009 was about 10 billion USD, 13.8% increased then As the amount of investment in national R&D projects increases ▫The science competitive power of Korea in the world continues to be enhanced and is in the group of 3 leading countries with the USA and Japan. ▫In 2007, SCI paper rank was on the 12 th place, international patents rank was on the 4 th place in the world 7 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion CategoryKorea (’07)USA (’07)Japan (’07)Germany (’07)France (’07)UK (’06) Budget of national R&D ($PPP in million) 10,832141,89029,18520,83815,53914,769 Ratio Relative percentage to GDP (%) Comparison of budget of R&D with developed countries * Source: OECD, Main Science and Technology Indicators (OECD, 2008) * PPP(Purchasing Power Parity) is a currency exchange rate considering the difference in commodity prices in each country.

8 The Status of Higher Education in Science and Engineering The competitiveness of the national science and technology ▫Korea has been steadily improved and reached to the rank of three in 2009  IMD(International Institute for Management Development) report, 2009 The usefulness of the national education system ▫Totally different situation that the rank was the 36 th in the world The reeducation cost for the newly graduates is so high ▫The good research results have been hardly applied into the education. ▫The higher education of science and engineering in Korea has been focused on the theory-based learning rather than experiment-based learning. How to solve these problems? ▫Experiment-based science and engineering education on the cyber infrastructure is one of the possible solutions. 8 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion

9 What is EDISON? EDISON means ▫EDucation-research Integration through Simulation On the Net National Project funded by ▫Korea Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (‘11 ~ ’20, USD 30M) 9 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion EDISON (19c) EDISON (19c) x+y=z S/W Algorithm Contents Movie Paper Patent EDISON (21c) EDISON (21c) SchoolHome Simulation Super Computing High Performance Network

10 10 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Goals Establish an infrastructure on the web where people can easily access and utilize engineering/science simulation tools for the educational and research purpose. Help (under)graduate students learn latest technology and research trends in the engineering/science area, and localize simulation tools in the related area.

11 EDISON Open Platform(1/2) Science-AppStore ▫managing simulation codes and analyzing program information Problem Solving Environment (PSE) ▫users can carry out simulation for their researches Middleware ▫providing various services to use various computing resources for simulation Infrastructure ▫supercomputers, high performance networks, large storages, and so on 11 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion MiddlewareMiddleware InfrastructureInfrastructure Science-AppStoreScience-AppStore Problem Solving Environment (PSE)

12 12 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion CFD and Chemistry service EDISON Open Platform(2/2) Flexible service framework used in computational science Web portal framework(joomla based) Portal service with 5 major applications(CFD, chemistry, nano-physics, structural analysis, engineering design)

13 13 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion SciAppstore SCenario EDISON service using SciAppstore Science Appstore Technology Plug-in-play service(development/registration/simulation) of application tools Extensibility using multiple simulation SW combination technique

14 14 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Virtualization Development of computing server integration and optimization technology using virtualization ▫Construction of virtualization testbed (Web portal–GT4–PBS–VMs over Xen) ▫Reduce of the idle time of computing system ▫Implementation of resource pooling and on-demand virtual machine Resource Pooling On-demand VM/VC provisioning xen shared resource pool Host Manager Host Manager Job arrival Job Parser Job Parser Job Manager VM Manager VM Manager Job Launcher Job Launcher Job Monitor Job Monitor OpenNebula APIsOpenPBS APIs Scheduler Stripping Packing IO-aware etc. Host Status VM allocation Job Exec. / Status Job Queue Virtual cluster

15 15 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Implementation of simulation SW service on KISTI supercomputer ▫ Integration of EDISON web portal(with multi user) and KISTI supercomputer ▫Development of certification system with MyProxy. ▫Inter-operability btw KISTI and NCSA supercomputer ▫RESTful OpenAPI service Multi-user account management toolMulti-user simulation SW service Computing Service Infrastructure

16 16 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion User certification Resource and workflow mngt Java Applet based viz. Remote viz.WebGL based viz. Development of computing resource mngt technology(user certification, workflow, parametric study and etc) Web based scientific visualization: Java Applet based viz., remote viz. and web based viz) Resource Mngt and Visualization

17 17 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Development of advanced content to understand basic theory(e.g. CFD, Chemistry and etc)  Theory + Content-specific interactive simulator Easy System for Knowledge Transfer Content-specific interactive simulator How do airplanes work? Why does a wing change shape on takeoff and landing? Theory

18 A Pilot Project of EDISON CFD 18 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Theory Experiment Simulation Internet based portal interface ▫Convenient research environment  “ Anytime and Anywhere” Accurate and efficient simulation service ▫Development of an accurate CFD solver ▫Generalized parallel computational algorithm on Grid environment Remote wind tunnel experiment service ▫Aerodynamic force/moment measurement and PIV(particle Image Velocimetry) experiment Interactive research environment ▫Comparison system of CFD and experiment data Collaboration system: Access Grid

19 A Pilot Project of EDISON CFD 19 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Implementation of EDISON Platform on Higher Education Freshman ~ sophomore year. Basic class Freshman ~ sophomore year. Basic class Junior ~ senior year. Applied eng. Junior ~ senior year. Applied eng. Junior ~ senior year. Enrichment pro. Junior ~ senior year. Enrichment pro. Grad school. Enrichment program. Grad school. Enrichment program. Higher Education for Fluid Dynamics using Simulation Simulation, movie basic, applied eng. Using of the simulation tools Using of the advanced simulation tools Fluid Dynamics Fluid Dynamics

20 A Pilot Project of EDISON CFD 20 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Development of Simulations SW 마하수 압축성 유동 비압축성 유동 아음속 천음속 초음속 점성 유동 Stokes 유동 층류 유동 천이 유동 레이놀즈수 난류 유동 비점성 유동 포텐셜 유동 정상 유동 비정상 유동 1 차원 2 차원 / 축대칭 3 차원 차원 내부 유동 외부 유동 다상 유동 단상 유동 시간 경계면 상 구분 Compressible flow Inviscous flow Viscous flow Incompressible flow 포텐셜 유동 해석 General CFD SW Shock tube Incompressible flow Potential flow Laminar/turbulent flow Exploration flow Core CFD SW Targeted simulation Rotation flow Rotation flow Circulation flow Circulation flow Turbulent flow Turbulent flow Boundary problem Boundary problem Vortex flow Vortex flow

21 Computational Fluid Dynamics : EDISON CFD The contents of EDISON CFD are described as ▫Various CFD analyzers in order to maximize the use thereof in teaching. ▫Enhancement of the ability of instructors for numerical analysis to be used in multidisciplinary fluid dynamics. ▫Web-based visualization technology to enhance understanding in various fields of fluid dynamics. ▫Cyber education portal for the effective support of education. 21 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion

22 Computational Fluid Dynamics : EDISON CFD Web-portal based EDSION CFD ▫has satisfied students’ requirements and induced their high interests rather than ordinary theory-based teaching. It was used in practical experiments ▫For 180 students in 7 universities in 2008 ▫More than 450 students in 10 universities in According to the questionnaire survey ▫Approximately 77% out of participated students said they were satisfied. 22 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion

23 Computational Fluid Dynamics : EDISON CFD The advantage of EDISON CFD is ▫That users can carry out their researches and education anywhere if he/she can access the Internet. Students can ▫Carry out the numerical analysis and analyze the important physical phenomena with numerical analysis tools of the EDSION CFD. With this system ▫Students have learned about the wind tunnel test by means of video conference between the wind tunnel and classrooms. 23 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion

24 24 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion

25 25 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Tohuku Univ. in Japan

26 26 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Remote visualization using KISTI Viz. Cluster

27 27 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion

28 28 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion Bioinformatics simulation


30 Future Directions for the Higher Education The accomplishments from many R&D projects sponsored by the Korean government ▫can be used in science and technology education, the education effect would be maximized without extra spending for purchasing expensive educational software. We have learned that ▫performing the national scale development project on computer simulation-based cyber research and education environment which is basically the expansion of such EDISON having various simulation related softwares, contents and tools is now inevitable. Mobile Environment ▫We also have to expand this system into mobile environment accommodating such smart phones for riding the new huge tide. 30 IntroductionEDISONCFDConclusion

31 Contact Information Dr. Kumwon Cho (PI) : 31

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