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Career Technical Education Electronic Compliance Monitoring System October 23, 2014 Tawanna Fields-Mphande.

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1 Career Technical Education Electronic Compliance Monitoring System October 23, 2014 Tawanna Fields-Mphande

2 What is CTE Compliance? (Formally Perkins Monitoring Self-Assessment) Next Steps Topics The “New” CTE Compliance process

3 What is CTE Compliance?

4 CTE Compliance The CTE Compliance system is a four-tiered electronic compliance monitoring (paperless) process The four-tiered compliance system includes:  Self-Assessment  Phone Audit  Desk Audit  On-Site Review

5 Purpose of CTE Compliance  Simplifies the Perkins Monitoring Self-Assessment Process to align with the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement System (CCIP)  Connect Financial Components section with compliance (SEC. 135 Required Use of Funds)

6 Purpose of CTE Compliance cont.  To increase efficiencies around the current processes  Designed to meet compliance requirements with Perkins federal regulations

7 The “New” CTE Compliance Process

8 New Process Old process Now paperless

9 New Process  Easily accessible by way of the SAFE account  Store/upload essential evidence documents in an easily retrievable location  Eliminates/reduces physical paperwork

10 Access

11 Access Safe Account Roles Safe Account Roles These are the roles CTE users need:  Superintendent  Treasurer  CCIP Authorized Representative  CCIP Fiscal Representative  Data Entry Planning-CCIP  Data Entry Funding-CCIP

12 Access SAFE Account Roles  Apply for a user ID and password online at the “ODE Secure Web Portal User Guide”  Visit the ODE Web site at

13 Having trouble and need help? 1.Contact your Information Technology Center (ITC) 2.

14 Compliance Tracking System

15 Accessing CTE Compliance

16 CTE Compliance Search Page Multiple search options available

17 CTE Compliance Search Page  The CTE compliance search page provides the following: – Organizational Information – The Compliance/Completion status tool – Reporting tool – Tracking tool – Workflow CTE compliance monitoring tabs – Navigational feature

18 CTE Compliance Surveys

19 Overview of the Questions Page Select the “Save” button  Multiple questions  Highlighted fields indicate the section you are working in.

20 CTE Compliance Questions When all questions and sections have been addressed, the status of the survey will change to Completed (Make sure you select “save and complete” before advancing to the next question). Caution!

21 Desk/Phone Audit Review

22 The desk/phone audit review process determines if supporting documentation provided by the CTPD is sufficient. Rating Scale The following scale will be used in rating each category in the desk/phone audit review: Compliant 1. All required evidence is uploaded in the Compliance Tracking System and is sufficient. Non-compliant 1. The required evidence was not provided or was insufficient.

23 Essential Evidence

24 Supporting Documentation Mark the applicable boxes for each question and upload the evidence or supporting materials Monitoring activities reported in the CCIP Required Supporting Documentation Stakeholders Advisory Council Time and Effort Tracking the purchase 3% Earmarked Funds

25 Guidance Documents

26 Essential Evidence CTPD’s electronically uploads supporting documentation here.

27 On-Site Review

28 Selection criteria are as follows:  On-site review requested by a CTPD  CTPD submitted a self-assessment after the submission deadline (December 1)  The reviewer deems it necessary to verify or clarify any information provided in the self- assessment, desk review, or telephone review

29 Closing Out the Process

30 Desk/Phone Audit Review Conducted  The review process will determine if supporting documentation provided by the CTPD is sufficient Corrective Action Plan (CAP)  The CAP is created by the CTPD to address any issues (OFI’s) identified in the desk/phone audit review Full Compliance  No CAP

31 Corrective Action Plan (CAP) CAP’s are created by the CTPD in the Action Plan section.

32 Next Steps

33  Attend Training Workshop (For FY15 Perkins Monitoring Districts) When: November 4, 2014 Where: Ohio Supercomputer Center (Bale Theater) 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Register via STARS  Review FY2015 Monitoring Cycle  Start collecting essential evidence for self-assessment (FY2014 activities)

34 Monitoring Cycle



37 Social Media @OHEducation ohio-department-of-education Ohio Families and Education Ohio Teachers’ Homeroom OhioEdDept

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