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Role of Engineers in Telangana

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1 Role of Engineers in Telangana
TELANGANA STATE Role of Engineers in Telangana

2 What Engineers will do Engineering connects pure science to society.
plan, design, build, manufacture, maintain and operate continually acceptable level of risk’ for all possibilities and outcomes planning for the unknown behaviour of humans and natural systems

3 Basic Abilities for Engineers
Easy Design Basic – Science + Mathematics Optimal Use of Resources Technology Innovation Management Identification of the problem Critical thinking & analysis Transferable Team work

4 Thousand Pillar - Warangal
Some of Monuments Built by Engineers in Telangana Area Telangana has a variety of monuments, forts, water falls, forests and temples. Hyderabad, the state capital ranked second best place in the world that one should see in which is published in the annual guide of 'Traveler' magazine of  National Geographic. The following are the major monuments built in good olden days by the then Engineers of Telangana region are still holding good historically and stood as world class monuments even today. Ramappa Lake Thousand Pillar - Warangal Iron Ore Foundry Nizam’s wonderful heritage

5 Ramappa Lake – easy design
A man made lake Using the natural slope and hills & having only 600m bund, to store more than 4TMC of water, still serving the needs of the people after 800 years.

6 light weight or floating bricks’ density is 0.9 gms/cc
Thousand Pillars-Sandbox foundation  light weight or floating bricks’ density is 0.9 gms/cc Porosity of those bricks is very high, while permeability is very low.  used forest gum, jute, paddy husk, with a particular type of clay to make the a 40 meters by 40 meters square. For foundation, three to four meters of pit is excavated and refilled with sand and made well densified by heavily compacting it.  Structure built on sand confined in the box is stable, but if the sand escapes, there will be problems. It was wet sand due to capillarity action, because of a under ground water table connection from the nearby water body named Bhadrakali Cheruvu.

7 Chaya Someshwara swamy Temple-History
The so-called chaya (vertical shadow) that falls on the deity looks like a shadow of one of pillars carved in front of the sacred chamber. But it is not actually the shadow of any pillar. It is a dark region where light does not fall. It is formed by the door sill (entrance) of the same chamber. Light enters the chamber through entrance from two sides. The gap between two light exposed areas inside looks like a shadow of a pillar. The local people try to find their shadow beside the chaya by touching one of the pillars. but they can see only a blurred shadow instead. You need to touch the entrance (door sill) of the chamber to see your shadow beside chaya. The eleventh century architect might not be aware of scattering wave properties of light but constructed the temple in such a way that the light enters the inner chamber through two narrow gapes between pillars and wall on either side of entrance and diffracts. The diffracted light enters the chamber making shadow of edges of entrance crisscrossing one with another leaving a gap between them.

8 Siphon action water to Golconda fort
600m elevation to mean sea level 580m elevation to mean sea level This is simply a restatement of conservation of energy principle in that the sum of all energy at any given point in the siphon flow is constant. Because the reservoir generally has a constant energy per unit volume (the sum of pressure energy and gravitational potential energy is constant), the outlet must also have the same energy.

9 Management- History A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Worlds top 10 biggest conglomeration in the history Public Meeting with the Maha Garjana is organised by TRS party in Warngal district on Over 25 Lakh People gathered at one place with out any violation is possible only the effective Leadership. People from neighbouring states like Surat in Gujarat, Mumbai and Aurangabad also turned up at the Maha Garjana, and meeting turned into a sea of humanity. IIM & reputed world class management institutes have taken this one as the case study.

10 Social-Engineering Role- a Lesson for emotional intelligence from Telangana Movement
A movement which has replicated the pulsating flow of heart.  Pulsating flow of heart nearly impossible to mathematically model such a flow using the standard Navier-Stokes equations. A movement which optimised & nearly mimicked pulsating flow of heart through emotions, pauses, ifs and buts and in a peaceful, parliamentary democratic way un parallel in the history Engineers can learn how to balance their emotions in a effective, fruitful way. Students way of symbolic violence in a controlled manner, balancing the emotions a way out of engineering. Further social way of organising and convincing for development can be learnt from this. Major US universities researching upon social engineering aspects of the movement.

11 Engineers Future role in Telangana State
“While industrial designers may be responsible for the conceptual aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of a design” Water Grid Mission Kakatiya Aero defense hub T-HUB Smart Cities Cyber Security Broadband Connectivity Photonics valley

12 Multi discipline engineering work
Engineers Future role in Telangana State-Water Grid Basic constitutional obligation under art,21 Multi discipline engineering work Understanding the natural topography is critical Interdependences with mission kakatiya & irrigation A total of 126,000-km of water pipeline, main trunk line, secondary network and the distribution lines water will be pumped to places at higher contours at various locations and from there to different places by gravity wherever possible, according to a preliminary plan. Multi engineering discipline in nature

13 Tanks are basic life line of the telangana
Engineers Future role in Telangana State-Mission Kakatiya Restoration of 40,000 tanks Tanks are basic life line of the telangana Water Aquifier recharge, power saving, horticultural blue, white & green revolutions Silt removal, feeder channel restoration, bund strengthening, soil re-conservation, forestation Michigan university is playing key role. Engineers has to work with people GIS, GPS, BI analytics playing critical role

14 Such progression defies even Moore’s
Engineers Future role in Telangana State Photonics ‘Photonics valley’ is an ecosystem to accommodate the discourse of light wave properties at nanometer level. Photonics present an alternate paradigm to the present day computing concept whose core base is electrons based silicon chip. To replace the electrons with photons for a transformational efficiency to facilitate 57 times speed at 172 times reduced levels of power. Such progression defies even Moore’s changing the concept of computing itself.

15 E-Governance & Transformational Governance
Engineers Future role in Telangana State ‘PHOTONICS Integrated with CMOS is changing the performance of Data Centres,Telecommunication Networks,Electronicwarfare,Radars,Servers/Routers/Switches, Bio-Medical, Super Computers E-Governance & Transformational Governance Aerospace, Space and Defence Applications Technology of Integrated Photonics has been developed for US Strategic Sector and now available for commercial exploitation in India

16 Compact Size Code Security Engineers Future role in Telangana State
Chakra “Suitcase” 900 kW 7,663 kg 5 kW 97 kg Code Security An estimate of the number of years required for breaking a random code of N bits long using a supercomputer is shown supercomputer has 1024 blades; • Each blade contains 32 multi-core processors; and each processor has 1024 cores; • Each core is capable of 1G trials/s. The time it will take to break the random code of N bits long by a brute-force method is shown 3 racks Power775

17 “Design & Make Telangana & India”
Engineers Future role in Telangana State Aero Defence “Design & Make Telangana & India” GOI Policy to invest 50b$ to make India self reliant in aero defence Large scale of defence R&D institutes Over 500 SME Government’s mission is to attract investments of INR 50,000 crores in Defence and Aerospace sector by 2020 and also creating direct employment for 1 lakh skilled man power. Need skilled man power in all disciplines of engineering. Govt catered 2000 acres to aero space park at Adibatla.

18 Engineers Future role in Telangana State
Cyber security

19 Facilitates Public, Private partnership
Engineers Future role in Telangana State Cyber security NTRO, CERT-IN & Critical Information infrastructure protection facilities at central level Nodal agencies Facilitates Public, Private partnership Focus upon education, process, research & orientation. Major focus upon critical infrastructure Need cyber law professionals

20 Engineers Future role in Telangana State Broad Band Connectivity

21 Nine Pillars of Digital India
1. Broadband Highways 2. Universal Access to Phones 3. Public Internet Access Programme 4. E-Governance – Reforming government through Technology 5. eKranti – Electronic delivery of services 6. Information for All Electronics Manufacturing 7. Electronics Manufacturing – Target NET ZERO Imports 8. IT for Jobs 9. Early Harvest Programmes

22 Pillar 8. IT for Jobs New Scheme IT ready workforce Ongoing
Coverage: 1 Crore students Timeline: 5 years Cost: Rs 200 Cr for weaker sections Nodal Agency: DeitY Train people in smaller towns & villages for IT sector jobs Focused areas – Big Ticket Items FABS, Fab-less design, Set top boxes, VSATs, Mobiles, Consumer & Medical Electronics, Smart Energy meters, Smart cards, micro-ATMs Incubators, clusters Skill development Government procurement Zero Electronic Imports Coverage: 3,00,000 Timeline: 2 Years Train Service Delivery Agents to run viable businesses delivering IT services Coverage: 5,00,000 Timeline: 5 Years Nodal Agency: DoT Telecom service providers to train rural workforce to cater to their own needs New Scheme IT ready workforce Ongoing Skilled VLEs and Viable CSCs Telecom ready workforce

23 Challenge in near future
"By 2020, India's electronics import bill is expected to exceed $ 400 billion, an amount surpassing India's oil import bill.“* (if no action taken today) RAMESH AS

24 Government of India - initiatives

25 Telangana State can.. Create an enabling environment – establish an urban local body for ITIR , special governance and coordination focus on ITIR etc. Availability of land, human resource, social capital, water in the same state is an advantage – we can reduce transaction cost by a motivated single window chasing and clearance cell and make arrangements for finance and power at competitive rates Establish supply chain and logistical link with other electronic manufacturing hubs in South East Asia Develop complementary schemes to harmonize central government initiatives and state government efforts RAMESH AS

26 Telangana State can.. Identify emerging electronic products and encourage such chosen products to grab first mover advantage.. (entrepreneurial government) Special courses for engineering students and diploma holders for fast track employability into electronic manufacturing facilities R&D and venture capital (sponsored by government) to be linked to give a fillip to innovation Tier-ii locations can be encouraged for uniform development of state RAMESH AS

27 Engineers Functions & Duties-Telangana state
we can no longer remain narrowly confined to a single discipline and hope to be good practising engineers or good professionals. We must therefore venture out and have our co-values revolving around conscience, ethics and accountability in the work undertaken by us for the social, economic, cultural and political development of our region as well as country. The first step in improving the application of science, technology and innovation to development is to align governance structures with technological missions. This cannot be done without articulating development vision and strategies that focus on the role of technological innovation (photonic) in development. The Key areas for policy action Aero defence Mission Kakatiya Skill Development(TASK) Solar power Smart Cities & Smart cities Water Grid


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