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Cloud Computing as a Utility The Citadel Sigma Xi.

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1 Cloud Computing as a Utility The Citadel Sigma Xi

2 Topics What is cloud computing? A peek at origins Current and potential uses Some issues A future look


4 Cloud Computing You don’t know where You don’t care where You just expect a result Reasonable delay is OK How is CC like water?

5 Other Utilities It’s there when you need it. You don’t think about it much. Can’t/don’t want to live without it.

6 Computing without it… Is like living in 1890...

7 Origins Eniac Numerical Computer 1946 Contained 17,468 vacuum tubes,vacuum tubes 7,200 crystal diodes,diodes 1,500 relays,relays 70,000 resistors,resistors 10,000 capacitors andcapacitors about 5 million hand-soldered joints.soldered It weighed over 30 short tons (27 t),short tons was roughly 8 by 3 by 100 feet took up 1800 square feet and consumed 150 kW of power.kW Shutdown in 1955. (Wikipedia, “ENIAC”)

8 Cousins Mainframe Built to run reliably for decades Transaction processing Modern virtualized servers are mainframe computers IBM Mainframe circa 1964 IBM z9 circa 2005

9 Cousins Titan Supercomputer 200 cabinets 4,352 square feet Draws 480 V/cabinet Peak 8.2MW power Total 299,008 processor cores, Total 693.6 TiB of CPU and GPU RAM Blazing fast interconnect Hearing protection required in server room (fan noise) Wikipedia, “Titan_(supercomputer) Titan circa 2011

10 Economics of (Super) Computing -Kathy Yellick, NERSC, 2010


12 Want to See a Magic Trick?

13 Another flavor, called “MapReduce” made famous A Rabbit…Really?! really_big_data_list x,y; for i is 1 to n do y[i] = f(x[i]); end; really_big_data_list x,y; y = map(f, x);

14 Potential Uses

15 Current Uses

16 Enablers Low-cost commodity computing & information technology Reduced operational cost (energy/people)

17 What is that?

18 Social Issues Aggregation of Information Abuse of trust Security (Information) Privacy Intellectual Property Control Freedom to choose

19 Energy Issues In 2011, and average Google search used 0.3 watt-hrs of electricity Google data centers use 260 MW (2011) worldwide annually – enough to power 200,000 homes in Richmond, VA or Irvine, CA – Only 2kWh per person

20 Our Own “Doodoo” Problem We create 2.5 exabytes (10 18 ) of data every day We can’t process it fast enough We can’t move it fast enough Digitally, we are drowning in data we cannot use.

21 My vision for Cloud Computing… High-fidelity results

22 References 1.“Exploring the future of cloud computing: riding the next wave of technology- driven transformation”, cloud-computing-riding-next-wave-technology-driven-transformation. Accessed April 15, 2014. cloud-computing-riding-next-wave-technology-driven-transformation 2.DeVry Advertisement, cloud-computing-infographic. Accessed April 15, 2014. cloud-computing-infographic 3.“Economics of Cloud Computing”, Booz, Allen,Hamilton, Accessed April 16, 2014.

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