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World Data Center ukrainian branch Creation and functioning.

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1 World Data Center ukrainian branch Creation and functioning

2 12.09.2006Creation and functioning Main direction of work Solid Earth Physics Solar-Terrestrial Physics Technologies of infosociety Energy safety Economic geography Hydrology, Hydrometry …

3 12.09.2006Creation and functioning WDC- Russia WDC Solar-Terrestrial Physics WDC Solid Earth Physics WDC Climate WDC … Collaboration structure of ukrainian WDC branch International Council for Science (ICSU) WDCukrainianbranch

4 12.09.2006Creation and functioning Data sources of ukrainian WDC branch Institute of geophysics NASU WDCukrainianbranch Geomagnetic observatories Kyiv,Lviv, Odessa Ionosphere sounder systems Universities and Institutes: Lviv State University, Odessa State University, Kharkiv institute of radio electronics Major astronomic observatory NASU Departments: seismic danger, geothermometry and modern geodynamics, Earth underground processes and gravimetry, physical properties of Earth substance, geomagnetism, seismicity of Carpathian region (Lviv), seismology (Simferopol) etc.

5 12.09.2006Creation and functioning Collaboration structure within ukrainian WDC branch Institutes of NASURegional centers Organizations that provide data (observatories, centers, Universities, etc) URAN National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine WDC ukrainian branch Supercomputer

6 12.09.2006Creation and functioning Technical supply of ukrainian WDC branch High-speed Internet access. Creation of cluster (128 processing supercomputer: RAM - 1.6 TByte, HDD - 2-4 TByte, archival memory - 24-30 TByte, connected to national URAN network) Programming for distributed resource Copying and scanning tools

7 12.09.2006Creation and functioning Main parts of ukrainian WDC portal

8 12.09.2006Creation and functioning Solid Earth Physics (Site page example)

9 12.09.2006Creation and functioning Search

10 12.09.2006Creation and functioning Ukrainian branch of WDC: goals and objectives Development and testing of data collection and processing system Collection and processing of data from ukrainian sources Integration with SPIDR system; Integration into World Data Center System.

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