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2013 Joint Workshop of the France-Japan and France Korea Workshop Yonsei University, June 4~5, 2013 Kihyeon Cho (KISTI) and Marc Verderi (LLR, N2P3) Beam.

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1 2013 Joint Workshop of the France-Japan and France Korea Workshop Yonsei University, June 4~5, 2013 Kihyeon Cho (KISTI) and Marc Verderi (LLR, N2P3) Beam Simulations

2 Contents The French and Korean LIA teams Korean Group Activity –Geant4 at KISTI Supercomputer –Heavy Ion Beam Simulation –B physics French Group Activity Plan 2

3 The French and Korean LIA teams

4 Members Korea Group –Kihyeon Cho (KISTI) –Kyungho Kim, Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei U.) –Huiyoung Ryu, Taegil Bae, Junghyun Kim, Soo-hyeon Nam (KISTI) France Group –Marc Verderi (LLR, IN2P3)

5 Theory B Physics - Phenomenological Model - Lattice QCD Experiment Beam Simulation - CDF - Belle - BaBar - Cyber HEP Lab - Geant4 -KISTI Supercomputer For particle Physics

6 New Physics? Theory (Higgs) Simu- lation (Geant4) Experi- ment (ATLAS, CMS) To find Higgs particle Theory-Experiment-Simulation Geant4

7 The purpose (1/2) To collaborate on beam simulation based on Geant4 The Korean and French teams have indeed developed Geant4 R&D working within Geant4 collaborations. The Koran team for their implication in the RISP (Rare Isotope Science Project). KISTI team has been working on Geant4 R&D (AIX, MT) and also Geant4 beam simulations for secondary beam. The French team has been working on beam simulations for particle physics accelerators (ATF2) and is moving to medical applications.

8 The purpose (2/2) We have also fundamental topics in High Energy Physics namely the B physics. B Physics is a major topic where the French IN2P3 team is pursuing its participation especially in BaBar experiment while Korean team in CDF and Belle/BelleII experiments. We have searched for rare decay mode to probe Standard Model and search for new physics, while the French team has continuing interest in CP violation. Therefore, we have still important breakthroughs are expected in these coming years for B physics theories.

9 Geant4 Collaboration 9

10 10 Geant4 Spokesperson - Makoto Asai (SLAC) KISTI colleagues have already made a big contribution in testing of recently released prototype of multi-threaded Geant4, and in enhancing our support on AIX operating system. We find KISTI is rapidly becoming one of the two major development and user-support centers in Asia, complementing with KEK in Japan

11 Geant4 @ KISTI Supercomputer

12 KISTI Supercomputing Porting Sun Linux ClusterSun Linux Cluster –Geant4 ST –Geant4 MPI(ParGeant4) –Geant4 MT IBM AIX OSIBM AIX OS –Geant4-MT –Medical Application 12 Tachyon(SUN) Phase 2 ManufactureSUN Blade 6048 ArchitectureCluster Process modelIntel (Nehalem) # of Nodes3,200 nodes # of CPU cores 25,600 (8 per node) Rpeak (Tflops) 300 324 Total Memory76TB Disk Storage1.2PB Tape Storage2PB Interconnection NetworkIB 4X QDR

13 Community Supports Geant4 & Indico homepage – – Geant4 BBS(New) Q&A Contact person: 13

14 The contents of collaboration between France and Korea 1) We have exchanged visitors: -Kihyeon Cho visited France -Date: Sep. 10 ~ 14, 2012 -Geant4 Collaboration Meeting and discussions -Marc Verderi visited Korea -Date: Oct. 29 ~ Nov. 2, 2012 -International Geant4 Tutorial and workshop 2) We have performed the International Geant4 Tutorial together.

15 Heavy Ion Beam Simulation Ref. Prof. Sunkee Kim

16 Sciences & Applications with rare isotopes  Nuclear Physics  Exotic nuclei near the neutron drip line  Superheavy Elements (SHE)  Equation-of-state (EoS) of nuclear matter  Nuclear structure  Nuclear Astrophysics  Origin of nuclei  Paths of nucleosynthesis  Neutron stars and supernovae  Atomic/Particle physics  Atomic trap  Fundamental symmetries  Material science  Production & Characterization of new materials   -NMR /  SR  Medical and Bio sciences  Advanced therapy technology  Mutation of DNA  New isotopes for medical imaging  Nuclear data with fast neutrons  Basic nuclear reaction data for future nuclear energy  Nuclear waste transmutation Ref. Prof. Sunkee Kim

17 Medical Application γ γ 3. PET Image by Annihilation 1. Bragg Peak of Heavy Ion Beam Rare Isotope Beam 2. Secondary Effect by Alpha Particle due to Heavy Ion Beam Ref. Prof. Sunkee Kim

18 Heavy Ion Beam Simulation 18 Result of 2mm graphite target Ref. Kyungho Kim

19 Reference Beam Study – dE/dx Brief result of reference beam study 19 Color index ◦ Proton (Red) ◦ Muon (Green) ◦ Pion (Blue) ◦ Kaon (Black) Dots are not scaled!!!

20 Proton 20

21 Plan of Heavy Ion Beam Simulation To study secondary beam using proton beam at 238 U target To study interactions between 238 U and 12 C, …  French Group will benefit it. 21

22 B physics in Korea PhysicsExperimentsTheories phi meson photoproductionSpring-8 CLAS Effective Lagrangian approach Kaon Semil-leptonic Form Factor BelleLQCD using staggered Fermion Rare B 0 decaysBelleLeft-Right models Mixing and CPV on BsCDF Left-Right models Top Forward-backward asymmetry CDFModel independent Analysis CP violating dimuon charge asymmetry due to B mixing D0Left-Right models S.-h Nam et al. PLB 691, 238 (2010) K. Cho, S.-h Nam, [hep-ph] 1112.0091 Y. J. Kim, K. Cho et al. CDF (2012 ) J. H. Kim et al. PRD 86, 031101(R) (2012) C.-H. Chen, S.-h. Nam, PLB 666, 462 (2008) K. Y. Lee, S.-h Nam, PRD 85, 035001 (2012 ) T. Bae, et al. PRL 109, 041601 (2012 ) H.Y. Ryu work in progress

23 French Group Activity

24 French group activity (1/2) French group involved in development for medical beam instrumentation. –In the context of the “GDR MI2B” –Development of beam profilers (hodoscopes made of plastic fibers + camera) used in CNAO (Pavie, Italy) and MedAustron (Wiener Neustadt, Austria). Start investigation of beam profilers based on OTR or secondary emission –For better tolerance to radiations Hodoscope developed by M. Haguenauer & Co., now retired. Fiber plane (other direction plane on the other side) CCD camera

25 French group activity (2/2) Has interest in simulating beam-line + instrument. –Korean group developed such Geant4 ion beam line simulation that French people should benefit from Background from beam line and near environment to be simulated likely with event biasing methods –French group is developer of these techniques in Geant4 (with new ones for next G4 release), and could help in making these methods used by Korean team. –Has experience of neutron background simulation at ATF2 using such class of techniques. –Such methods are generic and could be applied elsewhere, in treatment planning for example. Ex. of data/MC+biasing comparison of plastic scintillator waveform from neutrons from beam dump @ATF2 time (ns) z (mm) Test plot for new biasing methods in Geant4: interaction of  are forced in a thin liquid-N 2 volume. Usual sim. Biased sim. Data Sim. (other sim.)

26 Plan 26

27 We are going 1. To exchange visitors => To share visiting and exchange researchers  To stay at IN2P3 or KISTI for co-work 2. To organize workshops 3. To perform analyses in close collaboration and work together 4. To achieve common goals

28 Future Conferences 2013 Geant4 user conference at the physics-medicine-biology frontier – October 7-11, 2013 @ Bordeaux, France – Monte Carlo 2013 – October 27-31, 2013 @ Paris, France IEEE/NSS/MIC/RTSD-2013 – October 27 – November 2, 2013 @ Seoul, Korea 28

29 Thank you.

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