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SUPERCOMPUTER TO THE RESCUE Justin Curry EKU, Dept. of Technology, CEN/CET)

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1 SUPERCOMPUTER TO THE RESCUE Justin Curry EKU, Dept. of Technology, CEN/CET)

2 2 OUTLINE Motivation Introduction of Clustering Scenario Problem Solutions Results Verify cluster operation Conclusion

3 3 MOTIVATION Curiosity Interesting Subject Problem Solver Find the cheapest way for a company to have a cluster that can be used as a server

4 4 INTRODUCTION TO CLUSTERING(Supercomputing) Clustering is the method of linking several computers together through software to work as if they were one computer. Supercomputing is used on massive databases and applications that have large amounts of computation Supercomputers are relatively expensive Systems perform two parallel processes: SMP, or symmetric muliprocessing, used on load balancing systems MPP, or massively parellel processing, used to do use all of the processors in all of the computers on one task at the same time.

5 5 PROBLEM SCENARIO You Are: Owner of a real estate or insurance company You want to buy a server with web and FTP capabilities (To store all of the websites and information that is needed for the business) You don’t have the money to spend on it right now But you have a lot of old computers that are obsolete but are basically identical with hardware

6 6 POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS Spend a pretty penny for a brand new server Spend a little bit less money by buying a used server off the internet (viruses, broken, have to buy Windows 2003 Server Create a supercomputer with the old computers that you have around the office, using Beowulf (cost too much money) Create a supercomputer with the old computers that you have around the office, using free Linux software

7 7 Solution Picked: Create a supercomputer with the old computers and free Linux software ClusterKnoppix Rocks Clusters

8 Knoppix 3.6 based LiveCD Runs directly off of CD Numerous Applications If running as a server, clients don’t need a cd-rom, floppy, or hard drive, due to openMosix

9 9 How to install ClusterKnoppix Configure network first by physically hook one of the computers up to a router or some type of networking device. Insert Cluster Knoppix CD into the computer Turn on each computer one after another so that openmosix software can recognize them.

10 10 Reason’s for choosing Cluster Knoppix Free Easy to assemble (computers are similar as far as the processor and RAM) Easy to Manage due to openMosix Automatic Hardware Detection feature Very popular in the Live Linux World

11 11 Rocks Clusters Another Linux Distribution Setup is like Red Hat Project Uses Open SSH which is another type of clustering software Uses the Cent OS, actual hard drive installation

12 12 Reason for picking Rocks Clusters Very user friendly Great Documentation Free Real Installation Runs Faster

13 13 RESULTS Cluster Knoppix worked like a charm I was able to test this cluster and overload it (which will be shown in the video) Rocks Cluster allowed me to share things(users, etc) and run interactive jobs Rocks Clusters was limited to me because of the clusters homepage was giving me problems: Needed my own DNS Needed more time ETC.

14 14 Verification of Cluster Operation ClusterKnoppix Rocks ClustersRocks Cluster Rocks ClustersRocks Cluster

15 15 CONCLUSIONS Both of these solutions could be used in the workplace as a server until a company can actually afford a real one Great Learning experience Basically had teach myself the Linux command line (Very different from Microsoft)

16 16 FUTURE WORK Could actually connect the cluster to a network and run it as a ftp server Find a way to install ClusterKnoppix on the hard drive so that it can run faster ANY SUGGESTIONS????? THANK YOU

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