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Recent developments at DMI Jacob Brock Weather, climate and sea.

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1 Recent developments at DMI Jacob Brock Weather, climate and sea

2 Recent developments at DMI An administrative change NinJo: Operational introduction and continued development A new supercomputer Road Weather Information System Graphical Production System

3 An administrative change

4 NinJo

5 Deployed operationally Dec 2006 4 data types: -Observations -Model data (HIRLAM) -Radar -Satellite In parallel with old system

6 NinJo Lightning data, more models added Experiences (subjective) –Younger users more likely to use NinJo –Good super users gives better acceptance –Don’t try to limit the users

7 AalOprSkpOprResOpr KarupOpr LyvOpr LyvTreLyvDevLyvTest LyvLocal

8 New supercomputer

9 Supercomputer Replacing the current NEC SX6 with a Cray in 4 steps: –An XT4 as an ”early migration system” in parallel with the NEC has been installed –The XT4 takes over all applications and the NEC is closed down (scheduled 16 July) –The NEC is disassembled and a Cray XT5 put in instead –The XT5 to be turned on late october and take over all applications before the end of the year

10 Cray XT: Homogenous Architecture, scalable nodes XT4 2.6 Ghz AMD Opteron DualCore 1 cabinet MPP 4 login nodes 76 compute nodes = 152 compute cores 336 Gb RAM 790 Gflops peak perf. 9 Tb disk XT5 2.4 Ghz AMD Opteron QuadCore 6 cabinets MPP ? login nodes 912 compute nodes = 3648 compute cores 7.3 Tb RAM 35 Tflops peak perf 110 Tb disk

11 Supercomputer Software - loginnodes have full SuSE Enterprise Linux - compute nodes have Compute Node Linux (speciel kernel and version of SuSE) - third party compilers, amongst others PGI, PathScale, Gnu GCC Cost - Cray XT4/5, 6 million € - refurbishing of machine hall ~450.000 € - other costs ~65.000 €

12 XT4 ”Odin”

13 Road Weather Information System

14 Road Weather Information System Once it was MFC C++ Then it became JavaScript But that was too slow so… Now reimplemented in pure Java, using Java WebStart for updgrading

15 The Challenge: Provide complex meteorological information in a non-complex format The Construction Syndicate: Road People Weather People IT People The Users: Basicly everyone with interests in slippery road conditions…

16 The Users: Basicly everyone with interests in slippery road conditions :  Road authorities, State, Region, Community, City….  Entrepreneurs  Airports  Harbours  Hospitals  Other authorities… User spectre : Owner of truck or shovel, may have drivers license Engineer, who is a full time computer- and weathernerd

17 Current conditionForecast status 5 hours Local map

18 Long forecast ~330 stations !

19 Area forecast Comments from meteorologist

20 Radar images (Precipitation) Rain Mix Snow FRZ precip

21 Web-cams

22 The system is continously improved Feed-back from users Performance continuously verified Day seminar every year Next season: Exchanging data with Schleswig – Holstein (Northern Germany)

23 Graphical Production System

24 Graphical Production System So far based on a locally developed program Written in MFC C++, no further development Can only generate pixel-based images Does not scale very well New product = new extraction + new graphics + new dissemination

25 Graphical Production System Requirements for new system –Based on common standards –Deliver both pixel and vector graphics Illustrator CS-series chosen –Be scalable –Common products for many customers

26 Graphical Production System Database Production application Data + prod. Req. Illustrator CS Post processing Product

27 Graphical production









36 Recent developments at DMI Jacob Brock Weather, climate and sea

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