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Alabama Supercomputer Authority Internet and Technology for Education.

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1 Alabama Supercomputer Authority Internet and Technology for Education

2 2 High Performance Computing University of Alabama University of South Alabama University of Alabama in Huntsville Alabama A&M University University of Alabama at Birmingham Auburn University Athens State University Auburn University -Montgomery Bevill State College Jacksonville State University Troy University Tuskegee University University of West Alabama University of Montevallo U.S. Air Force U.S. Army NASA Intel Corporation Operon Biotechnologies Time Domain Alabama State University

3 3 Materials Science Computational Fluid Dynamics Computer Science Medical Social Science Education Electromagnetics Computational Chemistry Structural Dynamics Physics Earth Science Alabama Supercomputer Applications

4 4 Compilers and Programming  Compilers  GNU C/C++ Fortran 77 (All)  Intel C/C++ Fortran 77/90/95 (All)  Portland Group Fortran 77/90/HP (XD1 Only)  Pathscale Fortran 77/90 (XD1 only)  Parallel Programming  OpenMP  MPI  Pthreads  Java threads  Math libraries; ACML, SLATEC, MKL, SCSL, IMSL.

5 5 Memory Architectures  Distributed Memory-A CPU can access its memory only –Example : A cluster made from Single CPU PC’s –Both the Cray XD1 and the SGI Altix 350 can run distributed memory programs.  Shared Memory-Multiple CPUs can access the same memory –Example: Dual CPU PC –The Cray XD1 can run shared memory programs on the two CPUs in a given node. –The SGI Altix 350 can run shared memory programs on the 16 CPUs in the compute nodes.  Hybrid – combines both approaches –Cray XD1 Example: Form a cluster out of Dual CPU Nodes (mostly distributed) –SGI Altix Example: Form a Cluster out of 16 CPU Nodes (mostly shared) (A Node = 1 copy of the operating system)

6 6 216 Itanium 2 Processors - 1186 GFLOPS Peak Shared Memory Architecture - NUMAlink, Inifiniband, fiber channel and gigabit ethernet data networks. Memory - 1040 Gigabytes Disk Storage - 10.8 Terabytes SGI Altix Supercomputer

7 7 Altix Login 6P Metadata 2P Scratch Disks Compute 16P 1.4 GHz Compute 16P 1.5 GHz FC Switch Compute 72,72P 1.6 GHz Ethernet Switch Home Directories Applications Queue Server License and Password Server Firewall Backup Copy AREN Internet and Internet2 SGI Altix

8 8 132 AMD Opteron Processor System - 580 GFLOPS Peak Distributed Memory, Rapid Array Network. 6 Xilinx Virtex 4 LX160 FPGAs Cray XD1 Supercomputer Memory - 244 Gigabytes Nodes with 2,4,8 Gigabytes Disk Storage - 3.5 Terabytes

9 9 The AMD Opteron Processor Dedicated Memory Bus 64KB 1 MB Up to 19.2 GB/s I/O Native 32 & 64 bit x86 compatibility

10 10 Balanced Interconnect Removing the communications bottleneck Processor I/OInterconnect GigaBytesGFLOPSGigaBytes per Second Cray XD1 Memory Xeon Server 6.4GB/s DDR 400 8 GB/s 5.3 GB/s DDR 333 0.25 GB/s GigE 1 GB/s PCI-X

11 11 168 Opteron Processors - 1008 GFLOPS Peak Shared/Distributed Memory Architecture - Inifiniband, and gigabit ethernet data networks. Memory - 1312 Gigabytes Disk Storage - 21.5 Terabytes Dense Memory Cluster

12 12 Performance Comparison DMCSGI AltixCray XD1 # CPUs168216132 CPU TypeOpteronItanium 2Opteron SPECFP/cpu21171931 - 22071553 Relative power1.732.241 Memory (GB)13121040 shared240 dist. Disk (TB)181.15.3 Storage (TB)3.510.83.5 GFLOP10081186580 Clock (GHz)3.01.4, 1.5, 1.62.2

13 13 Torque/MOAB queue system User commands qsub – run a job qstat – see status checkjob – see job information Queue Server Node Server – keeps track of queues and jobs Scheduler – chooses when/where to run jobs Compute node * MOM daemon – runs jobs and reports available CPUs/memory MOAB runs jobs to ensure maximum utilization of the system, without over- subscription, and ensures jobs get the requested amount of memory/CPUs.

14 14 AREN Backbone Highspeed Backbone 1.5-100 Mb to Clients, driven by their requirements. 10Mb typical. Multiple Internet Access Points (GigE): 1.6 Gbps ASA has the networking infrastructure to move very large datasets via high bandwidth. Tuscaloosa Birmingham Huntsville Mobile Florence Troy 500 Mbs Internet 1 Gbs 155 Mbs 100 Mbs 50 Mbs 500 Mbs Internet Auburn 100 Mbs Internet Dothan 500 Mbs Internet 155 Mbs 10 Mbs 155 Mbs 10 Gbs Sep. 155 Mbs 10 Gbs Sep. Jacksonville Montgomery 165 Mbs 10 Gbs ATL Sep.

15 15 Statewide Education Network Alabama Research & Education Network (AREN) Public Libraries Postsecondary Colleges Central Offices Universities K-12 Schools SDE Internet ASA’s high speed network is connected to the Supercomputer Center, Internet, and Internet2.

16 16 Statewide Network: A Reality! T1 56 Kb 1994 2008

17 17  Network Design and Engineering –Internet Provider –LAN, MAN, WAN –Network Consulting, Analysis, Troubleshooting –Network Security Network Solutions and Services  Network Installation –Network Equipment –Integration and Test  Network Operations –Network Monitoring –Network Operations Centers –Helpdesk –Enterprise Management –Internet Usage Statistics for Clients  Custom Development –Linux, NT, DNS, Proxy, Content Filter / Firewall, Mail, Web, etc. –Server Hosting

18 18 Point to Point (DS1, DS3) Frame Relay ATM (DS1, DS3, OC-3, OC-12) SONET xDSL Metro Ethernet Wireless Network Technologies  Ethernet 10/100/1000  Fiber Channel (Storage Area Network)  FDDI  HiPPI (800, 1600, GSN)  ATM (LANE, MPOA, MPLS)  TCP/IP  IPv6  IPX  SNA  Legacy Protocols, e.g., AppleTalk  UNIX (Linux, SCO, BSDi)  Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista  Mac OS X  Cisco IOS  Novell WAN TechnologiesProtocols LAN TechnologiesNetwork Operating Systems

19 19 Internet Services Virtual Private Networks Web Services –Internet –Intranet Security - Firewalls, Content Filtering, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Assessment Servers - Web, Email, Collaboration, DNS Quality of Service Configuration DNS Hosting and Management

20 20 Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) – Over 614,000 Average Monthly Searches; 464,093 AVL Cards Issued through 9/03 Technology Support through Partnerships Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) – Custom Software Development, Technical Support, and Server Hosting Content Filtering – Available For All AREN Internet Clients Through Statewide Telemate License Data System Applications – Web-based Portals for Data Analysis & Reporting, Including Secure Data Transmission

21 21 AREN Benefits State Agency That is a Proven Internet Service Provider for Education in Alabama Since 1994 24x7 Network Operations – Network Is Monitored and Maintained By Networking Experts Excellent Source for Technology Consulting, Assistance, and Training Custom System Development Internet2 – Very High Speed Connection of State Network Education Institutions to this Resource Dedicated to Research and Academics

22 22 Computer Facility and Operations Center Excellent Facility for Expansion and New Services such as Backup Operations for State Government Data Centers and Computing on Demand Resources  State of the Art Computer Facility in Cummings Research Park with Capacity for Expansion and Security  Computer room floor space of 3,065 square feet (50% open) with an additional 22,000 square feet of office, storage, and meeting space  Multiple levels of physical security to the building, office area, and the computer room are provided by controlled access magnetic keys  24 x 7 Network and Computing Operations, Monitoring, and Helpdesk  Staffed by Network Engineers, Systems Analysts, System Developers, and Technicians

23 23 ASA Clients include: Research Universities Regional Universities Community Colleges K-12 Systems and Schools State Government Agencies Alabama Department of Transportation Alabama Department of Finance – Information Services Division Public Libraries Federal Agencies Local Governments Private Industry (e.g., Intel) ASA has Partnerships with: State Department of Education Department of Postsecondary Education Alabama Public Library Service Alabama Virtual Library The University of Alabama Gulf Central Gigapop/Internet2/State Regional Optical Network NASA Diverse Clients and Partnerships

24 24 Summary  The Alabama Supercomputer Authority provides a number of services for academic, government and economic development within the state of Alabama.  High Performance Computing facilities  State wide network  Support of distance learning initiatives  Web and email hosting  Custom development  Disaster recover hosting  Computer security services  Alabama Virtual Library

25 25 Alabama Supercomputer Authority State of Alabama Leader and Trusted Partner for Technology

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