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“ National Knowledge Network and Grid - A DAE Perspective ” B.S. Jagadeesh Computer Division BARC. India and CERN: Visions for future Collaboration 01/March/2011.

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1 “ National Knowledge Network and Grid - A DAE Perspective ” B.S. Jagadeesh Computer Division BARC. India and CERN: Visions for future Collaboration 01/March/2011

2 Our Approach to Grids has been an evolutionary approach Anupam Supercomputers To Achieve Supercomputing Speeds –At least 10 times faster than the available sequential machines in BARC To build a General Purpose Parallel Computer –Catering to wide variety of problems –General Purpose compute nodes and interconnection network To keep development cycle short –Use readily available, off-the-shelf components

3 ANUPAM Performance over the years

4 ‘ANUPAM-ADHYA’ 47 Tera Flops

5  Processing ( parallelization of computation)  I/O ( parallel file system)  Visualization (parallelized graphic pipeline/ Tile Display Unit) Complete solution to scientific problems by exploiting parallelism for

6 Snapshots of Tiled Image Viewer

7 We now have, Large tiled display Rendering power with distributed rendering Scalable to many many pixels and polygons An attractive alternative to high end graphics system Deep and rich scientific visualization system

8 Post-tsunami: Nagappattinam, India (Lat: ° N Lon: ° E) This one-meter resolution image was taken by Space Imaging's IKONOS satellite on Dec. 29, 2004 — just three days after the devastating tsunami hit. 1M IKONOS Image Acquired: 29 December 2004 Credit "Space Imaging"

9 So, We Need Lots Of Resources Like High Performance Computers, Visualization Tools, Data Collection Tools, Sophisticated Laboratory Equipments Etc. “ Science Has Become Mega Science” “Laboratory Has To Be A Collaboratory” Key Concept is “Sharing By Respecting Administrative Policies”

10 User Access Point Resource Broker Grid Resources Result GRID CONCEPT

11 Grid concept (another perspective) Many jobs per system One job per system Two systems per JOB Many systems per JOB View all of the above as Single unified resource -- Early days of Computation -- Risc / Workstation Era -- Client-Server Model -- Parallel / Distributed Computing -- Grid Computing

12 LHC Computing LHC (Large Hadron Collider) has become operational and is churning out data. Data rates per experiment of >100 Mbytes/sec. >1 Pbytes/year of storage for raw data per experiment. Computationally problem is so large that can not be solved by a single computer centre World-wide collaborations and analysis. –Desirable to share computing and analysis throughout the world.

13 LEMON architecture

14 QUATTOR Quattor is a tool suite providing automated installation, configuration and management of clusters and farms Highly suitable to install, configure and manage Grid computing clusters correctly and automatically At CERN, currently used to auto manage nodes >2000 with heterogeneous hardware and software applications Centrally configurable & reproducible installations, run time management for functional & security updates to maximize availability

15 Please visit:

16 Nationwide networks like ANUNET, NICNET,SPACENET did exist Idea is to Synergize, Integrate and leverage to form National Information Highways Take everyone onboard (5000 institutes of learning). Provide quality of service.Outlay of Rs 100 crores for Proof of Concept Envisaged applications are: Countrywide Classrooms, Telemedicine, E-Governance, Grid Technology ….. National Knowledge Network

17 NKN TOPOLOGY All pops are covered by atleast Two NLDs

18 Core Distribution EDGE NKN Topology Current status 15 POPS 78 Institutes have been connected Work in progress for 27 POPS 550+ Institutes

19 Achieve Higher Availability

20 NKN Educational Institutions Research Labs CSIR/DAE/ISRO/ICAR INTERNET Connections to Global Networks (e.g. GEANT) EDUSAT MPLS Clouds Broad Band Clouds National / State Data Centers National Internet Exchange Points (NIXI) NTRO Cert-IN

21 DAE-wide Applications on NKN DAE-Grid : Grid resources at BARC, IGCAR, RRCAT and VECC WLCG and GARUDA Videoconferencing: with NIC, IITs, IISc Collab-CAD : Collaborative design of sub assembly of the prototype 500 MW Fast Breeder Reactor from NIC, BARC & IGCAR Remote classrooms : Amongst different Training schools

22 ANUNET WIDE AREA NETWORK INSAT 3C 8 Carriers of 768 Kbps each CAT, Indore IOP Bhubaneshwar IPR, Ahmedabad HRI, Allahabad BARC, Mysore BARC, Gauribidnur BARC, Tarapur BARC, Mt.Abu AERBNPCIL HWB BRIT CTCRS, BARC Anushaktinagar, Mumbai BARC NFC CCCM ECIL, Hyderabad TIFRIRE TMC DAE, Mumbai SAHA INST. VECC, Kolkata BARC FACL IGCAR, Kalpakkam IMS, Chennai MRPU Notes: Sites shown in yellow oblong are connected over dedicated landlines. Quarter Transponder 9 MHz HWB, Manuguru HWB, Kota AMD, Secund’bad AMD, Shillong UCIL-I Jaduguda UCIL-II Jaduguda UCIL-III Jaduguda TMH Navi Mumbai BARC, Trombay Hos p.

23 Mumbai Gauribidunir Mysore Hyderabad Chennai Kalpakkam Vizag Manguru Bhubneshwar Kolkata Indore Delhi Gandhinagar Mount Abu Jaduguda Tarapur Allahabad Shilong Kota ANUNET Leased Links Plan for 11 th Plan Existing Proposed Leased Links Plan All over India


25 0 National Grid Computing CDAC, Pune WLCG Collaboration Common Users Group (CUG) Anunet (DAE units) BARC – IGCAR NKN Router NKN-Internet (Grenoble-France) NKN-General (National Collaborations) Intranet segment of BARC Internet segment of BARC Logical Communication Domains Through NKN

26 Teacher 55“ LED Projection Screen Elevation Front 55“ LED HD Camera 55“ LED Elevation Back 55“ LED LAYOUT OF VIRTUAL CLASSROOM

27 An Example of High bandwidth Application

28 Collaboratory? A Collaboratory (ESRF, Grenoble)

29 Depicts a one degree oscillation photograph on crystals of HIV-1 PR M36I mutant recorded by remotely operating the FIP beamline at ESRF, and OMIT density for the mutation residue I. (Credits: Dr. Jean- Luc Ferrer, Dr. Michel Pirochi & Dr. Jacques Joley, IBS/ESRF, France, Dr. M.V. Hosur & Colleagues, Solid State Physics Division & Computer Division, BARC) E-Governance?


31 COLLABORATIVE DESIGN Collaborative design of reactor components Credits : IGCAR, Kalpakkam, NIC-Delhi, Comp Divn, BARC

32 UTKARSH Utkarsh – dual processor-quad core 80 node (BARC) Aksha-itanium – dual processor 10 node (BARC) Ramanujam – dual core dual processor 14 node (RRCAT) Daksha – dual processor 8 node (RRCAT) Igcgrid-xeon – dual processor 8 node (IGCAR) Igcgrid2-xeon – quad core 16 node (IGCAR) DAEGrid Connectivity is through NKN – 1 Gbps 4 Sites 6 Clusters 800 Cores DAEGrid

33 Categories of Grid Applications CategoryExamplesCharacteristics Distributed Supercomputing Ab-initio Molecular Dyn Large CPU / memory reqd High Throughput Cryptography Harness Idle cycles On Demand Remote Experiments Cost effectiveness Data IntensiveCERN LHC Info from Large Data sets / Provenance Collaborative Data Exploration Support communication

34 Moving Forward …… “ ‘Fire and Forget’ to ‘Assured quality of service’ ” - Effect of Process Migration in distributed environments - A Novel Distributed Memory file system - Implementation of Network Swap for Performance Enhancement - Redundancy issues to address the failure of resource brokers - Service center concept using Glite Middleware - Development of Meta-brokers to direct jobs amongst middlewares -All of the above lead towards ensuring Better quality of service and imparting simplicity in Grid usage… clouds?

35 Acknowledgements All colleagues from Computer Division, BARC for help in preparing the presentation material are gratefully acknowledged. We also Acknowledge NIC- Delhi, IGCAR-Kalpakkam and IT-Division, CERN, Geneva. THANK YOU

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