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Ver 0.1 Page 1 SGI Proprietary Introducing the CRAY SV1 CRAY SV1-128 SuperCluster.

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1 ver 0.1 Page 1 SGI Proprietary Introducing the CRAY SV1 CRAY SV1-128 SuperCluster

2 ver 0.1 Page 2 SGI Proprietary Agenda Silicon Graphics Supercomputer Roadmap Introducing the Cray SV1 Cray SV1 hardware overview Multi-Streaming Processor Cray SV1 software overview

3 ver 0.1 Page 3 SGI Proprietary Five Year Product Roadmap 199719981999200020012002 J90 T3E Origin SV1 SV1e SN1 Origin 2 SN2 Origin 3 T90 UNICOS UNICOS/mk IRIX SV2 Vector Common DSM Architecture

4 ver 0.1 Page 4 SGI Proprietary Vector Supercomputer Roadmap CRAY T90 n Flagship vector supercomputer Performance leader n Engineering, production and quality initiatives continue CRAY SV1 n Scaling CMOS & UNICOS 1 TFLOPS & 1 TByte in 1998 n Supercomputer performance & environment n Outstanding reliability CRAY SV2 n 10+ GFLOPS per CPU, scaling to 50+ TFLOPS In 2001 n CMOS commodity leverage n DSM & IRIX

5 ver 0.1 Page 5 SGI Proprietary Introducing the CRAY SV1 4th generation CMOS & DRAM vector supercomputer from Cray 4 Gflops processors cluster of tightly coupled Shared Memory Processing Systems configurations scale up to 1 Tflop / 1 Tbyte highly competitive price / performance compatible with Cray UNICOS vector applications first shipment August 1998

6 ver 0.1 Page 6 SGI Proprietary CRAY SV1 Highlights Three technology breakthroughs: n Caches combined with vectors n Pipe selectable processors 1 GFLOPS peak with 2 pipes 4 GFLOPS peak with 8 pipes n Scaling to 1,024 processors using vector CPUs And 1 TByte of DRAM memory Using 32-way flat memory SMP nodes

7 ver 0.1 Page 7 SGI Proprietary Single Node CRAY SV1 Configurations CRAY SV1A-1: n Up to 3 four GFLOPS processors Up to 16 one GFLOPS processors n 25.6 GByte/sec memory bandwidth n 2 to 16 GByte of central memory n 1 to 4 GigaRing channel adaptors CRAY SV1-1: n Up to 6 four GFLOPS processors Up to 32 one GFLOPS processors n 51.2 GByte/sec memory bandwidth n 4 to 32 GByte of central memory n 1 to 8 GigaRing channel adaptors Mem CPU CRAY SV1A-1 (4x4 Backplane) CRAY SV1-1 (8x8 Backplane) Mem CPU Mem CPU

8 ver 0.1 Page 8 SGI Proprietary SuperClustering The CRAY SV1: Basic Building Block = 32 Processor SMP Node GigaRings Minimum Configuration = Four Nodes (A Row of 4 -- 32 Processor Cabinets) I/O 32 PEs 32 PEs 32 PEs 32 PEs I/O SWS MPN Vector Clustering Experience: Over 5 years of providing production clusters to customers Several customer sites n Each with multiple years of usage

9 ver 0.1 Page 9 SGI Proprietary CPU Module High performance vector processors 250MHz 2 vector pipes per processor 4 GFLOPS per module BMM Functional Unit 1 GigaRing IO channel per module Cache Cache for both vector and scalar data 256KBytes 4-way associative 1 word (8 byte) per cache line Air cooled, surface mount design Field upgradable CA CA CA CA PV PV PV PV VB VB VB VB VA VA VA VA SV1 Processor Overview

10 ver 0.1 Page 10 SGI Proprietary Multi-Streaming Processor 4 SV1 CPUs tightly coupled Based on optimal memory performance Coupled using shared registers

11 ver 0.1 Page 11 SGI Proprietary In one CRAY SV1-32 cabinet: n 32 -- 1 GFLOPS, 2 vector pipe processors or; n 4 -- 4 GFLOPS, 8 vector pipe, processors, plus 16 1 GFLOPS processors or; n 6 -- 4 GFLOPS, 8 vector pipe processors, plus 8 1GFLOPS processors CPU Memory MultiStream-CPU Cache=1MB Pipe Selectable Processor Concept

12 ver 0.1 Page 12 SGI Proprietary SV1 Product Configurations

13 ver 0.1 Page 13 SGI Proprietary CRAY SV1 Software Overview CRAY PVP compatibility n YMP Architecture compatibility n CRAY UNICOS operating system n Source and binary compatible with the YMP, C90 and J90 products Immediate data center integration large (~500) optimized applications-catalog Outstanding throughput Supports popular programming models n PVM, MPI, SHMEM, Autotasking, OpenMP, F-- Many tools for clustering Several new enhancements planned

14 ver 0.1 Page 14 SGI Proprietary UNICOS Initially delivered in 1986 n A 64 bit OS for 13 years n A parallel OS for the highest performance computers in the world Reliable and robust with an MTTI of 100,000+ hours on the CRAY J90 series systems Full Data Center functionality n Security (B1)– Full tape support n Accounting– ESCON, BlockMux, SCSI n 64 bit filesystem– Data Migration n State-of-the-art programming environment

15 ver 0.1 Page 15 SGI Proprietary SV1 SuperCluster Capabilities Production quality OS, compilers, tools & batch systems Single system image n Within a 32 processor SMP node High speed, transparent file access (NFS, DFS, BDS) n Single system sign-on (via DCE) Mass Storage n DMF Data Migration Facility n Data migration from cluster nodes to central tape resource Job Scheduling n NQE Network Queuing Environment --- access to cluster from entire network Parallel Programing n Cray Message Passing Toolkit (MPI) and PVM n Autotasking, OpenMP Array Services n Cluster wide status information and command execution

16 ver 0.1 Page 16 SGI Proprietary SuperCluster Enhancements planned Improved enviroment for parallel programming n Increase IO bandwidth n GigaRing OS Bypass to reduce interconnect latency Scheduled Transport protocal SHMEM and MPI Improved administration and user tools n Single point of administration Accounting, UDB, installation, startup/shutdown, backup/recovery, etc n Enhanced system recovery and redundancy Distributed HSM n Client/Server DMF

17 ver 0.1 Page 17 SGI Proprietary CRAY SV1 Applications Supports the large robust UNICOS ISV set of applications, e.g.: n Structural Dynamics n Chemistry n CFD n Environmental n Electronics n Petroleum Provides compatibility with customer in-house application codes n Source and binary compatible with J90, C90 and YMP products

18 ver 0.1 Page 18 SGI Proprietary SV1 Product Summary 4 GFLOPS processors n Customers can select either 2 or 8 pipe operation n Mixed processor sizes allow customers to optimize their code performance Highly competitive price/performance n Low cost design and low power CMOS and DRAM n Low life-cycle costs in power, cooling and maintenance Up to 1 TFLOP peak and 1TByte memory capacity n Excellent for throughput needs n Peak capability is 20 times the powerful CRAY T932 n Memory size is up to 125 times the largest CRAY T90 Proven UNICOS Operating System n Runs UNICOS applications Proves Silicon Graphics commitment from to the Very High End Supercomputing

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