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E0001 Computers in Engineering “The Computer” Input and Output Devices.

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1 E0001 Computers in Engineering “The Computer” Input and Output Devices

2 Module 4 zCategories of computers ydefine 5 major categories of computers and how they are classified zInformation Processing Cycle zInput devices zOutput devices

3 Categories of Computers zfive main categories –microcomputer (personal computer; PC) –server –minicomputer –mainframe –supercomputer

4 Microcomputers zmost widely used and fastest growing type of computer ztwo types ydesk-top e.g. PC, workstation yportable xlaptops xnotebooks

5 Minicomputers zmidway in cost and capability between microcomputers and mainframes zserve medium-sized companies or specialised departments e.g. CAD/CAM zused as single workstations or a system serving many terminals zHence server - central computer holding databases & programs for many PC’s

6 Server

7 Mainframes zrequire specially wired and air conditioned rooms zcapable of great processing speeds and data storage zused by large organisations to handle millions of transactions


9 Supercomputers zhigh capacity machines zused to model complex phenomena yoil exploration, simulations, worldwide weather forecasting ztwo designs yvector processors - a few (1-16) large specialised processors run calculations at high speeds ymassively parallel processors (MPP) - spreads calculations over hundreds or thousands of standard microprocessors

10 Define a Computer z“Computers are:- electronic devices that can follow instructions to accept input, process that input (data) and produce information.” zkey words yelectronic devices yprocess ydata vs information

11 Computer Components computers composed of: zinput devices zsystem unit zoutput devices zsecondary storage devices

12 Information Processing Cycle - IPOS zI - Input zP - Processing zO - Output zS - Storage INPUTPROCESSINGOUTPUT STORAGE

13 Categories of Computers six main categories embedded computer microcomputer (personal computer; PC) server minicomputer mainframe supercomputer Defined by processing speed and number of users


15 Input to the Computer zInput devices - transmit the data and instructions to the computer in a form which the processor can understand ztwo main types ykeyboard entrydirect entry keyboards pointing devices terminals scanning devices voice input devices sensors

16 Output devices Output devices put the processed data into a form that can be used by people or stored in “computer useable form” zmonitors zprinters zplotters zvoice output z“control” output

17 Readings zShelly Cashman.. y1995:- p 1.7 - 1.13; p 3.1 - 3.2; p 5.1 - 5.25 y1997-2000:- chapter 4 and 5 zComputers in Your Future by Meyer y1995:- Unit 1B - p18 - 28; Unit 2A - p50 - 64; Unit 2C - p 86 - 102 y1997:- 2.42 to 2.76 zSelected Readings 4.1 zModule 4 of Study Book

18 Key points zexplain the difference between keyboard and direct entry devices zdescribe yfeatures of keyboards and the three types of terminals ydirect entry devices ymonitors and monitor standards yprinters and plotters and voice output devices

19 Things to do zlist types of monitors, pixel sizes and number of colours zlist the 4 major types of printers, their characteristics and typical uses zdifference between laptops and notebooks

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