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1 Development of Virtual Supercomputer Service using Academic Network

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1 1 Development of Virtual Supercomputer Service using Academic Network

2 2 Co-ordinator: –MTA SZTAKI LPDS (Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems) Consortium members: –BUTE DCEIT (Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology) –BUTE CIT (Centre of Information Technology) –INNOTECH Ltd., Innovation Park of BUTE Partners

3 3 Background Available solutions for high performance computing have been changed significantly: –The dominance of traditional supercomputers decreased –Computer farms (clusters) consisting of general-purpose computers is gaining more and more interest Growing bandwidth of WAN technologies –Hungarian academic computer network (operated by Office for National Information Infrastructure Development )

4 4 Main goal: Virtual Supercomputer Service Efficient interconnection of geographically distributed computer farms –increase the available computational power (high performance computing) –more efficient utilisation of the computers (high throughput computing) Academic network

5 5 Results - analysis, interconnection, development - Analysis and comparison of different methods and tools used for the development of virtual supercomputers –GLOBUS –CONDOR Successful interconnection of heterogeneous computer systems installed at different sites of academic institutes Development and establishment of a virtual supercomputer-service

6 6 Layers of virtual supercomputer service PVMMW Condor-G Globus Middleware Resources Global job management MPI Parallel Development Condor Local job management Condor Clusters Computational intensive tasks

7 7 Results - pilot application, knowledge-centre, dissemination - Public demonstration on the usability –pilot applications Establishment of a national knowledge-centre –responsible for the distribution & sharing of the experiences Dissemination of the results –1st & 2nd US-Hungarian Workshop on Cluster and Grid Computing ( Univ. of Wisconsin & Compaq, Hungary) –Seminar activity

8 8 European Grid Forum: participation in Cactus testbed –Collaboration with several supercomputing and research centres from the EU –Simulation: collision of black holes –Successful demonstration at Supercomputing 2000, Dallas –More information: GridLab (EU FP6) project from 2002 –Monitoring workpackage –More information: International relationships

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