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Infections resulting from treatment in hospitals and health care service units are a major global healthcare problem Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus.

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1 Infections resulting from treatment in hospitals and health care service units are a major global healthcare problem Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and other antibiotic resistant bacteria exist and are spreading As many as 100,000 individuals are affected annually at a current cost of over $1 billion Breakthrough in Preventing Nosocomial Infections Meeting new hospital regulations to control infections Euroband Specialized Products and Solutions are Reducing Effects of Nosocomial Infections Click mouse to advance to next page.....

2 EUROBAND ® offers unique anchor self developed products  Reduce effects of nosocomial infections.  Prevent cross contamination in hospitals.  Cost-effective PROVEN RESULTS in clinical trials:  FDA marketing permission, and CE already approved, products.  Products protected by patent applications, patents and self Know-How.  Significant profit margins for distributors maintained by enterprising manufacturing techniques.  Market share projections: potentially in excess of 1 billion US$ p.a.  Seeking: Worldwide/National distribution companies - Partnership – Joint venture. Reduction of Contamination on users of Central Catheter Contamination reduction in Pin Tract Infection

3 In Hemodialysis, Oncology, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Urology and…. Clinical trials and health economic studies are demonstrating: significant reduction in infection management costs less hospitalization fewer antibiotics less patient suffering reduced mortality rate reduction of infections by more than 1 Log published infection rates of 96.8% reduced to less than 8% Uniquely Differentiated Product Line Adapted for Specific Indications and Procedures

4 Revenue potential over $1 billion Partnering Opportunity to Outflank Competition FDA permitted & approved products for immediate marketing Worldwide/National distribution, partnership, or joint venture Unique solutions to reduce infections in specific indications Competitive pricing and cost savings to drive market share Value based marketing to enlist payer support Unique manufacturing techniques that lower production costs Significant margins for distributors at competitive prices Market exclusivity based on patents and proprietary knowledge

5 Regulatory FDA and already approved products for immediate marketing. Certified according to ISO 2001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003. FDA Euroband facility is registered in the U.S. FDA. Products have 510K number and if exempted from 510K are already listed. Certified according to Annex II (including Section 4) of the European Directive 93/42/EEC for Class III devices.


7 Designed to Reduce & Combat Effects of Nosocomial Infections Dialysis: Clinical Trial results show significant infection rate reduction Use of Euroband's TPN/CVP Dressing Tray with its unique components resulted in a decrease from 37 “exit site” infections in 2005 to a mere 5 cases over a 3 year period. % of Hepatitis “C” carriers in 3 major Dialysis Clinics remained static with use of Euroband's “ON/OFF” Dialysis Procedural Tray. Clinics not using the Procedural Tray showed increased infection carriers from 3% to 28%.

8 Designed to Reduce & Combat Effects of Nosocomial Infections (contd.) Clinical Trial results show significant infection rate reduction. Orthopedics: Published Pin Tract Infection Rate in Orthopedic procedures is 96.8% In two hospitals, over a period of six months, the innovative SilvalGuard™ product reduced this rate to less than 8%. Another hospital (not in Israel) 22 patients with 176 “exit sites” were divided into two groups. Placebo group revealed six major “exit site” infections; Trial Group revealed only one “exit site” infection that disappeared after 48 hours. Epidemiology: Euroband's Catheter Procedural Tray was the subject of a research conducted by leading professors in a well-known Italian University Hospital: Using our tray, without the use of Antibiotics, only 13.5% showed positive urine culture. C.D.C Research on use of conventional procedural instrumentation in the urinary tract showed 66-88% infections.


10 Solutions for Dialysis & Oncology Dressing tray for Hemodialysis “ON” & “OFF”. Optimum medical treatment for maximum patient/staff protection. Unique components developed by Euroband ®. Procedural tray for treatment of TPN/CVP central catheter. Procedure & components prevent contamination within the catheter and protect “exit site” from infections between treatments. SilvalSac™ - Central Catheter Waterproof Dressing, prevents contamination, keeps “exit site” and catheter ends clean & dry. Contains; Diapouch™ - waterproof unique elastic pouch to hold and preserve catheter tubes; porous air permeable adhesive tape does not detach when wet; Silvalpad™ - contains 20% silver on surface that comes into direct contact with skin, preserves sterility of the “exit site” by releasing silver ions.

11 SilvalGuard™ Protects Exit Site of Extruding Orthopedic Pin Innovative system designed to prevent pin-tract infection (PTI) and nosocomial infections associated with external bone fixator, protruding pins, and tubing at exit sites. Dressing change once a week compared to twice a day in the conventional way. Published infection rates in orthopedic procedures of Pin Tract Infection is 96.8%. The new product “SilvalGuard™ ” reduced it to less than 8% during six months use. Cost of current method is 20 times greater than the cost of using SilvalGuard™. Patient can shower regularly wearing SilvalGuard™. Estimated forecast for SilvalGuard™ will exceed 210 M units per annum.

12 Gynecological Novel Disposable Instruments Suitable for Minimally Invasive Colposcopy, Pelvic and Oral Procedures. Suitable for Minimally Invasive Colposcopy, Pelvic and Oral Procedures. Prevents Cross Infection and Replaces Expensive Stainless Steel Instruments. Streamlined Contour – Allows an Unobstructed Field of Vision. Easy Passage in Hard-to-Reach Confined Areas. Tenaculum Forceps Clip-Cut Scissors Hystrometer - Sound Thumb Closes Device Finger Opens Device Biopsy Rod Gynecological Products

13 I.U.D Procedure Tray Contains all the components for Intra Uterine Device (IUD) insertion procedure. First class unique disposable sterile instruments improving the procedure of IUD insertion and replacing reusable instruments that may already be contaminated prior to use. Avoids Cross Infection during invasive procedure. Published literature shows that during the first 20 days after insertion of an IUD, 9.7 cases out of 1000 women will be infected by pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). The IUD tray helps to prevent this phenomena. Includes Pedicat™ for 360 0 antiseptic coated vagina. Gynecological Products (contd.)

14 UMBICUT-XP Disposable sterile device to clamp & cut the umbilical cord of newborns Prevention and control of nosocomial, newborn and hospital infections - mother and child. Only one hand required. Procedure completed in less than 2 seconds. No blood spurts. Tray contains 6 identification bracelets; 2 for the newborn, 2 for the parents, 1 for the placental cord to identify the placenta (for fetal blood preservation), 1 for the newborn cord stump, containing RF for easy identification when the baby is removed from nursery. Will activate beep signal when passing through nursery doors. Gynecological Products (contd.) ®

15 Urinal Catheterization trays Designed for easy and aseptic insertion and maintenance of catheters. Includes all necessary components for complete aseptic procedures as recommended by the C.D.C. Urinal catheterization is the cause of between 66% - 86% of all infections in hospitals. Research conducted with our procedural Tray (In Italy) revealed a significant reduction in infections, only 13.5%, no further need for use of antibiotics and significant reduction in direct costs compared to current other systems. Special designed catheter tray enabling patients to have sexual relations (removal & insertion of catheters). Unique lubricant pre-filed syringe with special cap protecting sterility until actual use Urinal

16 CYSTOSCOPY PREP TRAY A sterile tray ideally designed to prepare the patient for Cystoscopy procedure. Contains pre-filled syringe, with Pedicat™ lubricant. Featuring; Tinted airtight transparent syringe protecting contents from light. Specially designed protective cap preserves sterility up until the time of use. Peniclamp™ - an effective device – holds the male meatus in “closed” position, preventing leakage after lubricant has been introduced in preparation for insertion of cystoscope. Urinal (contd.) Peniclamp™

17 Circumcision Trays Contains all the necessary components for complete procedure. Disposable tray and instruments eliminate risk of cross infection. Regular Kosher Contains all components for required Jewish Kosher Circumcision. Clinically proven Stainless Steel extremely thin (0.7mm) Mogen Circumcision Shield. Suction tube to prevent cross infection during procedure, contains absolute filter to filter microorganism Antiseptic Bandage, containing silver Ions (20%) that destroys any type of Microorganism. Europlas Scalpel sharpened at both edges Clinically proven Eurofor® Mogen Circumcision Clamp that prevents side slipping protecting Glans Penis and ensures accurate visibility and gauging of Prepuce and Mucosa to be excised Probe for easy separation of Prepuce from Glans Penis

18 Petipad ™ Non-adherent Neurosurgical Sponges Highly absorbent, debris free, X-ray Detectable, Neurosurgical Sponges. Smooth-surface, conforms to tissue contours when moist. X-ray Detectable pad & identification string. Available in rectangular sizes from 1/4" x 1/4" (6x6mm) and upwards. Special type for robot surgical operation.

19 EXPANDING NASAL DRESSING X-ray detectable. Case reported: Actual RISK when Non X-Ray Detectable Expanding Nasal Dressings are used! Doctor forgot dressings in the lung, patient's brain was damaged. A simple surgical procedure to remove nose polyps resulted in blindness, speech impediment, and depression. Absorbs 700% of its own weight. Expands from 3mm to 30mm. Retains pliability and softness. Contour conforming.

20 First Aid Burn Dressing Pack For First Aid Treatment of 1st & 2nd degree burns up to size 12X12cm. For use at home, work and in the car. 5 year shelf life during regular storage. Contains all components to reduce suffering resulting from burns: Instructions and illustrations for method of use. Sterile distilled water to pour over the burn. Silver coated antiseptic pad (12.5X12.5cm) (Silver ions in the pad material assist in preventing development of micro- organisms in the wound.) “Cold Pack” for placing over the silver pad to cool the wound. (Immediate cooling of the burn is very important). Means to bandage and secure the dressing.

21 Self made unique components Mosquito Clamp Hemostat Clamp Curved Hemostat Clamp Long Hemostat/clampShort Hemostat/clamp Flowclamp Needle Holder Peniclamp Staples Remover Curved Hemostat Clamp

22 Self made unique components (contd.) Litauer, sharp/Blunt, sharp/sharp, Blunt/Blunt All types of sharpen stainless steel tips All types of Forceps Tissue forceps Suture removal Insert Forceps Lift Forceps Stainless steel Suture Forceps Biopsy Spiral Rod Endofocus Forceps

23 Self made unique components (contd.) Medicated Folded Gauze Dressings Antiseptic Lubricating Gel Antiseptic Sterile Solution Prefilled syringes with medicated solutions Prefilled syringes for Catheter Inflation


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