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Welcome in Vöcklabruck, Austria! 2 FW/A, 2 FW/B (2000/2001), Mag. Peter Atzmanstorfer and Mag. Karin Steinbichler are presenting you some facts about Austria.

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1 Welcome in Vöcklabruck, Austria! 2 FW/A, 2 FW/B (2000/2001), Mag. Peter Atzmanstorfer and Mag. Karin Steinbichler are presenting you some facts about Austria and the region of Vöcklabruck! Welcome in Vöcklabruck, Austria! 2 FW/A, 2 FW/B (2000/2001), Mag. Peter Atzmanstorfer and Mag. Karin Steinbichler are presenting you some facts about Austria and the region of Vöcklabruck!

2 Upper Austria Vorarlberg Tyrol Salzburg Carinthia Styria Lower Austria Vienna Burgenland Austria from space

3 Austria‘s landscape

4 Austria‘s topography Bohemian and Moravian mass Flat and hilly country Alps

5 Bohemian and Moravian mass part of the Bohemian mass (old varistic mountains) Wackelsteine and Felsburgen remaining as ancient forms partly south of the Danube, carved into narrow valleys. the Wachau between Melk and Krems – vine- and apricot cultures

6 Flat and hilly country surrounded by the Alps in the North and East flat and hilly country important region for agriculture, economy, traffic and habitation Bad Gleichenberg Parndorfer Platte

7 The Alps Alps reaching from the West to the East of Austria can be divided into different zones because of their geologic-tektonic structure partly covered with glaciers most important region for tourism Kitzbüheler Alpen Kitzsteinhorn Tauern

8 Austria‘s economy

9 Member of the EU Austria has been a member of the European Union since 1995 one of the wealthierst countries – net payer economic competition within the EU to adjust its policy in the fields of agriculture, trade, regional development, immigration and finance Eastern European countries as future members of the EU Austria‘s challenges: common economic consensus 4 liberties of the EU

10 Member of the EU one of the wealthierst and politically most stable EU-members in the economic centre of Europe market economy with strong social an ecological elements Austria‘s main advantages

11 On the way to the European Economy and Monetary Union (EMU) Members of the European Union Austria belongs due to the achieved convergence status to those 11 European Union countries, which occurred with beginning of the year 1999 the 3 levels of the EMU. Since 1999 the Euro is the currency of the participating member states.

12 Agriculture and forestry Building of grains: 60 % of the area of arable land 60 % grassland: Cattle attitude and milk production Cultivation of wine Beef production covers 140 % of the national requirement since the entry to the European Union agrarian exports doubles - inland proportions are held small and mediumsized rural structures - Mountain country 252.000 farms with an average size of 16 hectares many mountain peasants, therefore widespread supplementary income per operation on average only 22 cattle are held - ecologically oriented agriculture

13 Mining and power production on the sector of mining and power production the alpine republic has rich resources. Numerous raw material occurrences - because of to high labor costs at present hardly diminished Particularly in the electricity supply industry Austria is water power country number one in the EU

14 Industrialized country Austria Austria is a highly developed industrialized country Important branches of industry: Machine and steel structure Chemistry and vehicles since some years large successes in high technology majority in flexible small and medium-sized enterprises structures high export quota

15 Service country Austria as in all highly developed industrialized countries development to a service society already 67 % (1996) of the domestic product in the tertiary sector obtained Financial services, consultation, health service, banks, traffic, trade, public service, personal services great importance of the tourism - especially in alpinen regions of Austria Trend will continue to strengthen Leisure company - obsolescence of the society

16 Austrian and transit Environmental problems because of the increasing transit traffic Centrally located in Europe Between the booming industrial centers of South Germany and Northern Italy Alpine crossings (Brenner, Tauern, Phyrn) Gate to Eastern Europe Transit along the Danube Highly developed railway and street network

17 Trade in Austria Austria is exporting ist goods to 150 countries 2/3 of the foreign trade are carried out with in the EU. most important partners: Germany, Italy Export of goods to the middle and eastern european countries has been trippled since 1989 to 131,8 ATS. (16,1% to East Europe) Most important partners in trading: Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland. Most important branch: transit trade, in connection with the transaction of east-west business. Austria has developed its foreign trade over the last years

18 Austria - Tourism

19 Land of tourism - Austria One of the most important parts of the economy. in 1999 the turnover in tourism and leisure indurstry grew to im 456,4 Milliarden shillings. winter-, summer-, city-, wellnesstourism

20 Austria‘s capital Historic capital of the Habsburg empire Headquaters of many international organisations City tourism – Vienna historic monuments – St. Stephen‘s Cathedral museums – Museum of Fine Arts musical tradition – Johann Strauss... gastronomic tradition – Heurige... modern architecture – Hundertwasserhaus... city for conferences – UNO-City... events – Wiener Festwochen...

21 Cathedral: built in 774, reconstruction in 1614 Hohensalzburg Fortress: largest, fully-preserved fortress in central Europe, built in 1077 Getreidegasse and Mozart‘s birthplace, busy shopping lane Hellbrunn Palace: manneristic, early Baroque pleasure palace capital: Salzburg up to 1805 capital of the free arcbishopric of Salzburg Mozart‘s birth place Cultural tourism- Salzburg Salzburg Festival / Easter Festival / Whitsun Festival

22 One of the most famous destinations of the world for winter tourism Wintertourism - Tyrol 23.502.028 overnight stays (2001 / 2001 more than 460 ski lifts and 1700 km slopes skiing, snowboarding, cross-countryskiing, sledging, winter hiking, apres skiing,.... ski arenas around the glaciers for allyear tourism e.g. Arlberg, Kitzbühel, Stubai-, Ötz-, Zillertal continous development of the quality of the offers critical voices concerning nature and social affairs

23 Wellnesstourism – Upper Austria Land of thermal springs - Austria Wellnesstourism in the thermal centers of Styria, the Burgenland and Upper Austria e.g. thermal center Geinberg – Upper Austria thermal springs: Thermal indoor and outdoor pool with communicative whirl islands, massage jets and relaxation areas for your enjoyment sauna village: meditation sauna with starry-night sky and music Inn sauna, the oriental steam bath Herbal steam bath, Finnish saunas in the sauna garden Vital world: Vitaltherapie, different sport programmes...

24 the region around the Hallstätter-, the Traun-, the Atter-, the Altausseer-, the Grundl- and the Wolfgangsee parts of the provinces of Upper Austria, Styria and Salzburg Summer tourism - Salzkammergut One of the oldest regions for tourism in Europe Destination for monarchs and common people characterized by salt mining for 4500 years salt mines for tourists in Hallstatt and Altaussee UNESCO world heritage Hallstatt Dachstein Numerous activities: hiking– enjoying culture – relaxing – mountainbiking - climbing – rafting – cave trecking - paragliding – etc.

25 School books: –Hitz, u.a., 2001, Raum – Gesellschaft Wirtschaft 5 bis 8. – Wien. –Derflinger, u.a., 1997, Vernetzungen- Wirtschafts- und Tourismusgeographie. – Linz. –Wagner, u.a., 1997, Global – Geographie für berufsbildene Schulen. – Wien. Text books: –Lichtenberger, 1997, Österreich. = Wissenschaftliche Länderkunden. – Darmstadt. WWW-Sources. Sources - Materials - Pictures

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