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SUTENT  (sunitinib malate) capsules Access Slide Kit.

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2 SUTENT  (sunitinib malate) capsules Access Slide Kit

3 3 Pfizer Oncology FirstRESOURCE ® Program Provides Access to Patients Seeking SUTENT Coverage and reimbursement information –Insurance Benefit Verification, Prior Authorization Assistance, Information About Payer Policy, Education About Medicare and LIS Assistance Appeals assistance –Assistance with appeals process with denied claims or coverage –Assistance with identifying sources of alternate coverage –Referrals to patient support programs Patient assistance program –Assists eligible underinsured and uninsured patients gain access to SUTENT Call FirstRESOURCE at 1-877-744-5675 Hours of Operation: 9am to 8pm ET

4 4 FirstRESOURCE Will: —Research and Educate Patients Regarding All Available Options for Assistance for Patients (including All Co-Pay Foundations) —Directly Contact the Appropriate Foundations Based on the Patient’s Diagnosis and Need Co-Pay Assistance Organizations Will: —Create Awareness Through Marketing and Other Initiatives in an Effort to Support the Needs of Appropriate Patients How Will Physicians and Patients Become Aware of Services, Such as Co-Pay Assistance? Refer Physicians or Patients to FirstRESOURCE, If They Are Concerned About Ability to Afford SUTENT

5 5 Medicare Prescription Drug Programs Coverage of SUTENT Mandatory inclusion of drugs in 6 protected classes, including Oncology, is limited to treatments available in 2005. Medicare Prescription Drug Programs are required to review new agents within 90 days of availability. – A final formulary decision needs to be published within 180 days of availability Pfizer will be providing information on SUTENT to healthcare plans shortly after approval.

6 6 Ongoing SUTENT Studies Early data suggest that SUTENT may also have activity in other tumor types. Pfizer has initiated an extensive clinical research program to explore the potential safety and efficacy of SUTENT in the treatment of a number of different types of cancer. – A phase III study evaluating the safety and efficacy of SUTENT as a first-line treatment for metastatic RCC has completed enrollment and data collection is ongoing. – Additional clinical studies are evaluating SUTENT as a single agent and in combination with other treatments for a number of other solid tumors Pfizer also has a clinical trials agreement with the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) to conduct further studies of SUTENT for patients with many types of cancers Patients and their physicians are encouraged to call the SUTENT clinical trial information line at 877-416-6248 or to visit the Pfizer Oncology Web site ( or for more Please see full prescribing information

7 7 Emerging Med Trial Matching and Referral Service Links Patients to SUTENT Clinical Trials Physician/Patient contacts Phone: (877) 416-6248 Patient Profile is Matched with Study Criteria Patient Selects Trial/Site Clinical Trial Specialists Provide Support: Education Navigational Assistance Ongoing Counseling

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