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1 Bandminton

2 Genesis Bandminton is a very old game which was known in ancient civilizations like Aztec, Greek and Chinese.There are some paintings of a similar game. British military stationed in British India created badminton on the base of national „ battledore and shuttlecock” and added a net to this game .

3 Name Name „badminton” came from a city Badminton, near Bristol where the first contest was organized. In 1870 there was a show based on hitting a shuttlecock according to the rules. A shuttlecock was made up of feathers and cork. Rules were similar to the present ones but contestants were dressed formally.

4 Rules Badminton is a racquet sport played by two or four players, either for women or men. Players score points by striking the shuttlecock with a raquet, it has to pass over the net and then, land on their opponent’s court. The game consists of two sets, each one made of 21 points. The game lasts from 20 minutes to one hour.

5 Court The net is hung up at 1, 5 m and has got 76 cm in lenght.
The court has got 13,5m in lenght and 6m in width. The serve is done in a special service area. The player has to hit the shuttlecock to the opponent’s area diagonally. For example, if a player is on the left, he must hit it to the right.

The shuttlecock is made of 16 goose feathers set in a cork base. The shuttelcock’s weight is 4,5 – 5,5 g. RAQUET The raquet’s lenght is 68 cm. Nowadays, contestants play with lead raquets. It is made up of gut, hand and haft. The gut area is made of basketworks’ veins.

7 Badminton Badminton is the fastest raquet sport. Shuttlecock’s velocity can be equal to 400 km/h!! Players must be in really good shape and fit. Their height and weight is important. Short players are more supple and body mass should be as low as it’s possible. Badminton is really good to our reflection and supple. It develops many muscles, especially legs and arms.

8 Badminton in the world International Badminton Federation was founded in 1934 but first World Cup took place in Seul, Firstly, it was rather a show. Badminton was introduced into Olympic Games in 1992,Barcelona. Best badminton players are: Asians (Malaysians) British Danish

9 World players Peter Gade Danish player Lee Chong Wei Malaysian player

10 Polish badminton In Poland this game was not seen very seriously. The first contest took place in the fifties, last century. In 1927 we joined the international organization and then, Polish Badminton Union was founded. Badminton cups are watched by small number of people and the number of players is very low, too. Even though, we’ve got amazing players!

11 Famous polish players Nadieżda Zięba Robert Mateusiak
As a „miksta” Przemysław Wacha As a single player

12 Thank you for watching!

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