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1 From tax consumer to tax payer 1st Happy Farm Meeting Gleisdorf –Steiermark 11.1.2007-13.01.2007.

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1 1 From tax consumer to tax payer 1st Happy Farm Meeting Gleisdorf –Steiermark 11.1.2007-13.01.2007

2 2 Change of Paradigma In the social field we can distinguish a change of paradigm. From public welfare to help people towards a self determined life From charitable support to the right on extensive social participation From the service receiver to a customer of a service provider From separation to equal treatment (segregation to integration) From granted help to guaranteed help From the solidarity of state to the solidarity of citizens From collective group measures to individual measures

3 3 WORKNO WORK Paid Work acquisition-work and market income resp. service supscriptions Paid Not-Work pensions, social transfers Unpaid Work „complete housewifework“ and „honorary post “ Unpaid Not-Work Childhood and Youth Training Income No Income (Schema nach Prof. Dr. Bernd Marin)

4 4 The developed value of work remains for all people the same: The value of work comes in 3 functions (Riedelsperger): Natural Function of human work – securing existence Social Function of human work – service on community Personal Function of human work – development of personality

5 5 Natural function: By work man gains a modest possibility of existential security and gets the change to overcome dependence. “If in a society of employment existential security can only be secured by employment, the right to work is essential for everyone.” Social function: Man is a social being, not finding its fulfilment in isolation. Just in society acceptance and solidarity can be experienced. By its work man contributes to create the requirements for human coexistence in society. Personal function: Work is an essential part of human development and acceptance in society. It improves human abilities and strengthens self-consciousness. Working process and its result can’t be separated from the working persons..

6 6 Working Fields for People with a Handicap supported workshops (therapy) special field workshops (work) training facilities in workshops training facilities in the free market working enclaves individual jobs ClearingConsult- ation Training/ Qualification AcquisitionPlace- ment CompanyCon- junction und PR Process into the Labour Market

7 7 Thera- pist Peda- gogical em- ployee Social- workers Fore- man Job- coach AdvisorsWork- assistance Agent Methods Job stripping Job shaping Job carvingVocational profiling Systematic instruction Peer counseling Foreign- practica Personnel

8 8 Out Sourcing lenghtend workbench low cost segment Core Personell think tanks Assistance services Disponible Belegschaft Approve of manpower Working enclaves ( spanish model ) new worktime models Mentoring Supported Employment + senior advisor job stripping job carving Model Change of Ends Socio-economic companies Periphere Belegschaft Early warning System Coaching new worktime models Job stripping Job carving practices

9 9 Theses on consultation for people with a handicap placed in the free labor market People with a handicap need to have the possibility of selection on their work People with a handicap need space and time for decisions The development of people with a handicap doesn’t always come off a linear way. The line of action can’t be just straight but indirect A handicap can’t affect the output run of a company. People with a handicap

10 10 Exaggerated thoughts of people with a handicap on salary and working hours Little flexibility of people with a handicap, e.g. the working place should be suburb No or almost no training

11 11 Integration can’t be done through ordinance- conviction work of the job assistance and acquisition is necessary A dual consultation is preferred, since clients and companies need to be equally informed The different stages of consultation need to be defined clearly both for clients and companies None or not working “help circles” for people with a handicap (tired parents)

12 12 Social Service Providers/ Sheltered Workshops Employees of sheltered workshops have to be adapted to the requirements of economy through trainings. A sheltered workshop needs in its politics a suitable stability. A combination of sheltered workshops is compulsory. In training personnel for sheltered workshops a combination with economy is required It is also necessary combine sheltered workshops with the social partners

13 13 It is important that sheltered workshops are not coordinated in its interpretation with the workshop itself, but with the individuals who work there Sheltered workshops tend to live a life of its own The products of the sheltered workshops need to have a demand in free economy (self seller) The general situation of economy in a specific region regulates the readiness of occupation of the companies- seldom politic. Also a “second labor market“ is work- as far as salary fits and it’s thought to be a transit working place.

14 14 Providing a career plan is also necessary for people with a handicap in sheltered workshops Training plans for people with a handicap have to be created in sheltered workshops The choice of free selection develops from the creation of flexible systems in sheltered workshops

15 15 Free labor market Integration takes primarily place in smaller companies that do not have to pay the compensation tax The regional circles of individual unions need to be used unconditionally “Amicable conversations in an archaic environment” need to be organized, discussing ongoing projects. Information on company models, business philosophies and studies at universities can facilitate various dialogs with companies The companies also need to be supported after the placement… Companies expect fast and unbureaucratic help from a person of trust Part-time employment models need to be considered

16 16 Concerning special programs or qualification measures companies expect help with the administrative body and the supporters The Information about employment can secure occupation matters, but cannot obtain professional integration. The jungle of support – complicated work progress. Companies avoid this way Wrong ideas of the companies on possibilities in support. Some agents exemplify an incorrect illustration of the client. The protection measures of the legislator are too high, e.g. protection against unlawful dismissal, AUSGLEICHSTAXE etc. These protection measures prevent employment

17 17 Introduction of new models Secondment: elder employees will be loaned to social services Parenthood Companies (Plato): elder managers help out /consultation Corporate Social Responsibility: companies take care of social responsibility Seitenwechsel: manager level exchange

18 18 Service Providers Sometimes the only possibility for a severe, multiple handicapped person in finding a job is a sheltered workshop of a social service provider The governmental subsidies have to be adapted individually on the sheltered workshops and it’s essential to continuously maximize the earnings of a sheltered workshop Conviction work for the free economy has to be done Collective supply has to give way to individual supply. The installation of peergroups supports the development of people with a handicap The set up of a new quality management and systems on evaluation for social service providers

19 19 Create an efficiency catalog for social services to make supply and financing more transparent A clearing has to be done before leaving school. Consequently teachers and therapists have to be included in the consultation Foreign practical tranings allow better consultation- one day work trials complete this process Early training of persons of trust. The placement of a job resp. consultation encloses also a life planning in which the social surroundings need to be integrated Different work models have to be discussed (external workshops, Überlassungsfirmen, work enclaves etc.) Career planing

20 20 partnerships Doctrines shouldn’t be sold, several accesses have to be left open and supported We do not sell any persons, but services The will and the possibility of people with a handicap in means of further education isn’t existing We demarcate clearly from the so called head-hunters

21 21 Is it reasonable to connect income maintenance with gainful employment, although more and more working places get lost Without gainful employment you are not seen as an adequate citizen in a market economy, or capitalism.You do not only have no price for your product, i.e. capacity work, but also no dignity. (Quotation Bernd Marin)

22 22 Thank you for your attention !

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