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Blue Button+ Initiative Payer Workgroup Meeting January 10, 2014.

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1 Blue Button+ Initiative Payer Workgroup Meeting January 10, 2014

2 Meeting Etiquette Remember: If you are not speaking, please keep your phone on mute Do not put your phone on hold. If you need to take a call, hang up and dial in again when finished with your other call o Hold = Elevator Music = frustrated speakers and participants This meeting is being recorded o Another reason to keep your phone on mute when not speaking Use the “Chat” feature for questions, comments and items you would like the moderator or other participants to know. o Send comments to All Panelists so they can be addressed publically in the chat, or discussed in the meeting (as appropriate). From S&I Framework to Participants: Hi everyone: remember to keep your phone on mute ☺ All Panelists 2

3 Agenda TopicTime Allotted Welcome & Announcements5 minutes Presentation - Terrie Reed, Universal Device Identifier / Claims 30 minutes Pilot Plan & Sign Up15 minutes Next Steps / Reminders5 minutes 3

4 Announcements and Reminders Meeting Reminders –The next Meeting will be held on Friday, January 17, 2014. –Meeting information is on the Blue Button Wiki Page: Payer WG Wiki –View the Draft Project Charter, Meeting information and other materials on the Payor Workgroup Wiki Page – 4

5 Week Target Date Payor WG Meeting Tasks / Deliverables Homework due Fridays COB 111/1Kickoff and Project Charter ReviewReview: Project CharterComment: Project Charter 211/8Project Charter Final Review & Consensus Finalize: Project Charter Review: Use cases Consensus Vote: Project Charter Comment: Use cases 311/15Discussion on WEDI Survey Results Finalize: Use cases Review: Summary of survey results Comment: Summary of survey results Analyze: Sample EOBs received 411/22Discussion on Data Fields Finalize: Finalize use cases Review: Blue Button Draft Spec Comment: Blue Button Draft Spec Upload: Collection of samples received 511/29CANCELLEDOpen: 612/6User Feedback on Data Fields Finalize: User feedback Review: Data fields Review: 712/13Discussion on Draft Spec Finalize: Data fields Review: Draft spec, format(s) Review: 812/20Implementation Finalize: Draft spec, format(s) Review: Implementation guidance Review: 912/27CANCELLEDOpen: 101/3Implementation Finalize: Implementation guidance Review: Pilot plan, participant outreach Review: 111/10Begin Pilots Finalize: Pilot plan, outreach Review: 121/17Continue Pilots Finalize: Review: Progress Review: Payor Content Workgroup Proposed Timeline

6 Payer Content Workgroup Pilot Sign Ups also embedded on the S&I Payer wiki

7 Pilot Plan Sign up as a receiver, data holder, or both Collect sample or staging X12 transactions Map these transactions to fields as listed in the specification Utility that takes in transactions outputs json and xml Provide a download link or API Apply to specific use case, test population Updates, progress, lessons learned 7

8 Next Steps & Reminders Next Meeting 1/17 Continue discussion on pilots. Weekly check-ins and progress. Contribute to the formats (xml, json), charter, or specification. Opportunity to share this work with HL7.

9 Contact Information For questions, please contact your support leads –Presidential Innovation Fellow Nayan Jain ( –Community Lead Durwin Day ( –Project Manager Jennifer Brush ( –Project Support Lauren Caruso ( –S&I Admin Ali Khan ( 8

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