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Commercialization Programs Database Applications.

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1 Commercialization Programs Database Applications

2 2 Background  Quorum's unique competitive advantage is our ability to develop strategic plans and implement commercialization plans that optimize product pricing and third-party payer reimbursement. We often are asked to strategize about technology designs, product positioning, clinical trial strategies, publication plans, coding options, and how to secure reimbursement to support value pricing levels

3 3 Objectives  Build database application(s) that allow us to capture, analyze, and report on how patients are able to access new medical technologies, which may be accessed through third-party payment, goodwill provided by health care providers, or directly/indirectly by medical technology manufacturers.

4 4 Requirements Pharma, biotech, device, and molecular diagnostic companies currently retain Quorum to help health care providers and patients secure reimbursement for their technologies and related health care services pre- and post FDA approval. Therefore, Quorum's database applications need to:  Track and report real time information on the status of patient/technology level reimbursement experiences and final adjudication  Track and report real time information on provider level interactions, aggregated and specific to and across patients and third-party payers  Track and report real time information on payer policies and patient-level decisions specific to and across patients, providers, plans/contracts, technologies, coding schemes, FDA status, etc.

5 5 Solution  Basis of Application Neovista Milestones Bayer Activities and Events  Tool Quickbase  Design Alternatives Agendia Activity Tracker Glaukos Milestone Tracker Hybrid of both designs

6 6 Payer Database Considerations  Issues How to track all Payer interactions across programs How to report payer “intelligence”  Solutions “Share Data/Information” Program/Payer Human Observations

7 Cases Activities (interactions) Payers Providers Patients Events (PA, BI, Appeals) Milestones Policies Organizations Insurance Information Individuals Agendia Commercialization Application Entity Diagram

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