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Words for Production Words for Production Words for Recognition Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases Idioms and Phrases Word Smart Word Smart.

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1 Words for Production Words for Production Words for Recognition Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases Idioms and Phrases Word Smart Word Smart

2 1. kindergarten 1. kindergarten [`kInd2&GArtN] n. [C] The five-year-old girl is going to enter a kindergarten this year. a school for children from the ages of five to six 幼稚園 Back to Reading

3 2. failed 2. failed [feld] adj. Kevin thought of himself as a failed poet, since no one appreciated his poems. not successful 失敗的 Derivative Back to Reading

4 fail fail [fel] vi. 失敗 The team failed to win the baseball game; they played badly and lost.

5 failure failure [`felj2] n. [C][U] 失敗 ( 的人或事物 ) The advertisement was such a failure that it didn’t attract anyone’s attention at all. Though we worked very hard on the project, it still ended in failure. back to FAILED

6 3. flunk 3. flunk [fl^9k] vt. (infml.) Jason flunked almost all his subjects in school; he passed only a few of them. to fail a test or an exam 通不過 ( 考試 ) ,不及格 Back to Reading

7 4. print 4. print [prInt] vt. The newspaper decided to print Luke’s articles. His articles will be published in the newspaper every Saturday. to publish something in a newspaper or magazine; to produce words, numbers, or pictures on paper 刊登,刊載;印刷 Back to Reading This page is not well printed so it is difficult to read.

8 5. sketch 5. sketch [skEtS] n. [C] Alicia made some sketches of her sister; the drawings were simple and didn’t show much detail. a simple picture that is drawn quickly 素描,速寫 Back to Reading

9 6. submit 6. submit [s1b`mIt] I finished the report and submitted it to my teacher last week. You should report the gang to teachers at once and never submit to their bullying. vt. a simple to give someone something formally to decide or consider; vi. to accept the control, greater strength, etc. of someone or something 提交,呈遞;順從,服從 Back to Reading

10 7. disappointment 7. disappointment [&dIs1`pOIntm1nt] n. [C] David’s failure to enter a good college was a disappointment to David’s parents. someone or something that is not as good as one expects 令人失望的人或事物 Back to Reading

11 7. disappointment 7. disappointment [&dIs1`pOIntm1nt] n. [U] To Lucy’s great disappointment, her parents couldn’t attend her graduation ceremony. the feeling of unhappiness when something has not happened or is not as good as one expects 失望 Derivative Back to Reading

12 disappoint disappoint [&dIs1`pOInt] vt. 使失敗 The dancer’s poor performance in the show disappointed her fans.

13 disappointed disappointed [&dIs1`pOIntId] adj. 使失敗 Betty was disappointed in her boyfriend because he broke his promise to her once again. back to DISAPPOINTMENT

14 8. accomplishment 8. accomplishment [1`kAmplISm1nt] n. [C] It is a great accomplishment for Paul to travel successfully around Taiwan by bicycle. something impressive or difficult that is achieved with a lot of effort 成就 Derivative Back to Reading

15 accomplish accomplish [1`kAmplIS] vt. 完成,達到 If we work together, we’ll accomplish our goals more quickly. back to ACCOMPLISHMENT

16 9. career 9. career [k1`rIr] n. [C] Louis started his career as a tour guide ten years ago, and he still loves his job now. a job or profession that one does for a long time in his or her life 事業,職業 Back to Reading

17 10. draft 10. draft [dr8ft] vt. Alex was drafted into the army as soon as he graduated from college. After Joseph drafted his speech, he checked it again to see if there was anything that needed to be changed. to order someone to join the army; to write a letter or plan that can be revised before it is finished 徵加入伍;草擬 Derivative Back to Reading

18 draft draft [ dr8ft ] n. [C] 草稿,草案 I usually write a first draft before I start to write a report. back to DRAFT

19 11. doom 11. doom [dum] vt. In the end, all humans are doomed to die. No one can avoid it. to make something or someone certain to fail, die, or be unhappy 注定,命定 Back to Reading Derivative

20 doom doom [dum] n. [U] 毀滅,死亡 If we don’t protect the earth right now, it’ll meet its doom soon. back to DOOM

21 12. propose 12. propose [pr1`poz] Leon proposed to Hannah in March, and they got married three months later. Since Mr. Jenkins is not available this afternoon, he proposes that we meet tomorrow morning. vi. to ask someone to marry you; vt. to suggest a plan or an idea for others to think about 求婚;提議,提出 Back to Reading

22 13. destined 13. destined [`dEstInd] adj. Ed is a talented actor; it seems that he is destined for a career in film. certain to happen in the future 求婚;提議,提出 Derivative Back to Reading

23 destiny destiny [ `dEst1nI ] n. [C] (usu. sing.) 命運 Tracy wanted to be in control of her own destiny, but she later found it was something that she could not change. back to DESTINED

24 14. courage 14. courage [`k3IdZ] n. [U] It took a lot of courage for the young man to run into the burning building to save the little girl from the big fire. the quality that enables someone to do or face something difficult without fear 勇氣 Back to Reading Derivative

25 courageous courageous [ k1`redZ1s ] adj. 勇敢的 It was courageous of Diane to tell the truth about who had stolen the money. back to COURAGE

26 15. appeal 15. appeal [1`pil] vi. The story of Charlotte’s Web appeals not only to children, but also to adults. to attract or interest someone 吸引 Back to Reading Derivative

27 appeal appeal [ 1`pil ] n. [U] 吸引力 The delicious cake had great appeal for the hungry boy. back to APPEAL

28 16. massive 16. massive [`m8sIv] adj. The drought has caused a massive food shortage in the village. very large in degree or serious 巨大的,嚴重的 Back to Reading

29 17. hit 17. hit [hIt] n. [C] The movie was such a big hit that it was hard to buy tickets for it. something or someone that is very popular and successful 成功並風行一時的事物或人 Back to Reading

30 18. misery 18. misery [`mIz1rI] n. [C][U] Some of the people who survived the huge earthquake are still living in misery. I hope you never have to experience the misery of losing a loved one in an accident. something or someone that is very popular great unhappiness or suffering; something that causes great suffering 不幸,悲慘 Back to Reading Derivative

31 miserable miserable [`mIz1r1bL] adj. 不幸的,悲慘的 The old man felt miserable because he had been alone and neglected for such a long time. back to MISERY

32 19. somehow 19. somehow [`s^m&ha5] adv. Somehow, Alice got the job. We all wonder how she did it. in some way or by some means 用某種方法 Back to Reading

33 1.Latin 1.Latin [`l8tIn] n. [U] 拉丁文 Back to Reading

34 2. algebra 2. algebra [`8ldZ1br1] n. [U] 代數 Back to Reading

35 3. yearbook 3. yearbook [`jIr&b5k] n. [C] 年刊,年報 Back to Reading

36 4. comic strip 4. comic strip [`kAmIk &strIp] n. [C] 連環漫畫 Back to Reading

37 5. Li’l Folks 5. Li’l Folks [`lIl &foks] n. 小傢伙 ( 花生漫畫的前身 ) Back to Reading

38 6. Peanuts 6. Peanuts [`pi&n^ts] n. 花生漫畫 ( 連環漫畫名 ) Back to Reading

39 7. Snoopy 7. Snoopy [`snupI] n. (Peanuts 漫畫中的主角之一 ) 史努比 Back to Reading

40 8. Charles M. Schulz 8. Charles M. Schulz [`tSArlz `Em `Sulz] n. (1922-2000) 查爾斯.休茲 Back to Reading

41 9. perseverance 9. perseverance [&p3s1`vIr1ns] n. [U] 堅持不懈 Back to Reading

42 1. work out Though we worked hard to complete the experiment, it didn’t work out. to develop in a successful way 產生結果,成功 Back to Reading

43 2. a couple of Hurry up. We’ve got only a couple of minutes left. a few; a small number of things or people 幾個 Back to Reading

44 3. name…after Mr. and Mrs. Jones named their son after his grandfather. to give someone or something the same name as another person or thing 以 … 的名字給 ( 某人 / 某物 ) 命名 Back to Reading

45 4. give up Don’t give up! Give it another try. to stop trying to do something 放棄 Back to Reading

46 5. turn out Don’t worry. I believe things will turn out fine in the end. to develop or happen in a particular way, or to have a particular result 結果是 … ;最終會 … Back to Reading

47 Word Smart red-headed 紅髮的 gray-haired 頭髮灰白的 right-handed 慣用右手 left-handed 慣用左手的,左撇子的 smooth-skinned 肌膚光滑的 形容詞可與「身體部位」結合構成複 合形容詞,以下列舉一些常見的用法:

48 Word Smart long-legged 長腿的 warm-blooded 溫血的 cold-blooded 冷血的 形容詞可與「身體部位」結合構成複 合形容詞,以下列舉一些常見的用法:

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