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Danielle Murphy Period 3 Information Technology 9 November 5 2013.

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2 Danielle Murphy Period 3 Information Technology 9 November 5 2013

3 People are always stressing about internet safety and how it is the most important thing to be responsible while using the internet. But honestly, who really pays attention to those long boring presentations? Coming up is a top five list on why you need to be safe and how to stay safe. Have faith, this one is not boring!

4 Don’t give away personal information online such as…  Full name  Address  Social security number People you don’t know who ask for your personal information should be red flagged and blocked. Other ways to be anonymous can be..  Use a nickname in group chats  Keep online friendships virtual, don’t meet in person  Think carefully when creating an email address

5  Create a unique password that no one will guess. NEVER tell anyone what it is unless you are looking to be hacked. Your password shouldn’t include your name, personal info and not be obvious. Make it something original!

6  There are many threats to a computer such as viruses, worms and spyware that can damage any computer’s system. There are multiple ways to protect your computer. Any protection program you obtain should include Antivirus, Anti-spyware and Firewall. There are many other forms of protection but these three components are the best bet when it comes to protection your computer. Nothings worse than a crashed computer!


8  Do the grandma check, and if what you are about to post or send would disappoint your grandmother, don’t do it. This information and or images that you post now may come back to bite you in the future, whether it’s a rumor spread across school or you potentially not getting a job because of the profound info found under your name. Its just not a good idea!

9  What does ergonomic mean? It means maximizing productivity and reducing a persons fatigue and discomfort in a workplace  Ergonomics should be important to everyone because it makes their lives and jobs so much easier. But, employers and employees should be very concerned with ergonomics because they are the people who are sitting at the computer all day, and so in order to make their lives easier and their jobs more successful being ergonomic should be a major concern.

10  Possible short term consequences of working in a workplace that isn’t ergonomic are muscle strain and soreness, potential for accidents all of these short term consequences can lead to much worse long term consequences are…

11 INJURYSYMPTOMSTYPICAL CAUSES Carpal Tunnel SyndromeTingling, pain and numbness in thumb and fingers. Repetitive work with a bent wrist. TendonitisPain, swelling and tenderness in hand wrist and arm Repetitive movements Trigger FingerInability to move fingers smoothly/ without pain Repetitive movement. Having to grip too long, too tight or too frequent. Osteo ArthritisStiffness and aching in the spine and neck and other joints Long term overloading of the spine and other joints Beat knee/elbowPain and swelling at the site of injury. Kneeling, pressure at the elbow, repetitive shoulder movements

12 2 OUT OF 10 The only thing this mouse is good for is navigating on a computer. Its small size made it awkward to grasp, and its round shape made it tricky to orient. 9 OUT OF 10 This mouse allows you to move it across the desk without having to grip, it also fully supports your hand in an ideal, relaxed way.  The apple “Hockey Puck”  The HandShoe Mouse

13 What does it mean? Intellectual property is intangible property that is the result of creativity, such as patents, copyrights etc.

14 Under the Canadian law, the unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted material for profit is illegal under Canada's Copyright Act., however this act also states that the private use of the person who makes the copy does not constitute an infringement of the copyright in the musical work, the performer’s performance or the sound recording.". (Copyright act of Canada)

15 Personally, I think that there should be one or a couple law enforced websites that people can download music, images and movies from. These sites should have the permission from each artist/ producer before posting.

16  An online dictionary. It is good for looking up definitions to thousands of words. This website it both authoritative and bias.  Google docs An online document generator that allows you to write, send and share documents. This website is un- authoritative and unbiased  Ask Jeeves Great for finding a truthful answer to any question. This site is un-authoritative and unbiased.

17  Google scholar, This is an awesome research engine. This website is authoritative and bias. Schoolbinder A useful organizer to keep your assignments and due dates in order. This site is both un authoritative and unbiased

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