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Allan Cahoon PhD President and Vice Chancellor IOHE Mission: Canada 2013, May ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY: A MODERN APPROACH TO POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION.

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1 Allan Cahoon PhD President and Vice Chancellor IOHE Mission: Canada 2013, May ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY: A MODERN APPROACH TO POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION

2 What's the challenge? “we are in a period of fiscal famine, experiencing unprecedented resource trauma that threatens the ability of many, if not most of our institutions to carry out their core missions” Brit Kirwan, Chancellor of the University System of Maryland (AAU, 2010) “the anger and resentment expressed toward college leaders appears to be growing despite the limited ability of those leaders to make college cheaper quickly without lowering quality in ways that will disappoint the same people who decry higher prices” Baum, Kurose and McPherson ”An overview of American Higher Education forthcoming, Future of Children, cited in Bowen’s Stanford Lecture 11/2012

3 Three Challenges Universities Face in Reducing Costs Inefficiencies - we are good at adding things, but not in taking things away, we don’t subtract, An ingrained desire to become the Ideal University – U of T or Harvard envy Supply-side programming with little accountability for student completion

4 An Ideal University of the Future ( Bowen ) Effective use of technology, new systems –wide thinking with an improved focus on outcomes, reducing costs, changing mindsets and our decision-making processes. – Where faculty collaborate more on teaching (enhanced by technology) – Where faculty devote more time to promoting ‘active learning’ – Where students receive more timely individualized feedback on assignments

5 Ideal University cont. – Technology is used to bring more diverse student perspectives into the classroom from around the world – Where technology extends the educational process throughout one’s life – Where institutional costs and tuition charges rise at a slower rate

6 Post Secondary Education In Canada The Current Situation  The university sector in Canada and BC continues to exist at a time of significant change & fiscal restraints  Increased pressure to do more with less  Universities respond to fiscal pressures by introducing incremental change  Continued consolidation and reduced capacity suggest a more fundamental change in Canadian PSE is necessary 6

7 Pressures cont. Structural deficits – Government funding frozen, tuition controls Consolidation threat–e.g. Europe/UK Government controls – Mandate letters Increased Differentiation (Regional, Special Purpose, Colleges with degrees etc.) Pressures on Synergies and collaboration The business community view -negative, (entitled, elitist, inefficient) 7

8 Unsustainable Health Spending Scenario - BC

9 Where is Royal Roads University ? Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Seattle, Washington, USA 150 mins by Ferry Vancouver, BC 30 mins by Air 90 mins by Ferry

10 Royal Roads Not a Traditional University Fully interdisciplinary – no departments Small, flexible staff – 80% non-union Special-purpose with solely applied and professional program focus 70% Graduate Students Embraces technology to provide relevant education to professionals in the workplace 75% of students work and study – leaders in blended learning

11 Royal Roads Not a Traditional University A unique, unicameral governance structure Business model focused decisions Market-responsive programs and degrees Royal Roads is a leader in Prior Learning Assessment Recognition - up to 20% of a class Average age of June 2012 graduates – 41 Fully integrated, outcomes-based learning model

12 RRU Teaching & Learning Model A unique approach to post-secondary education


14 How We Do It Extensive use of technology enhanced learning (IT online, Centre for Teaching and Educational Technology) Pioneered - blended learning, incorporating extensively the use of learning outcomes Centre for Dialogue, state of the art distance conferencing capacity Interdisciplinary – problem/issue focus programs Demand driven – not supply focused programs

15 Continued Uniqueness Performance based core faculty –annually approved goals, annual review of performance Extensive use of Associate(contract) faculty (Scholar/ Practitioners) Industry Advisory Boards actively overseeing design, content, operation and closure Unicameral Governance – flexible - nimble

16 Innovation as Reflected in International Strategy Guided by BC’s Asia Pacific Strategy (reflecting mandate) Key - get Board support of internationalization – Started with the development of an Internationalization Policy – Policy outlines criteria/parameters for international initiatives to ensure we continue to be unique (programs, T&L model, program delivery, etc.) Became basis for the International Strategy for RRU Four components – Internationalization at home – Recruitment of International Students – Strategic partnerships (Study Group/ MLS/ etc.) – International contract training -

17 International Recruitment Two phases of international recruitment Phase 1 already exists:

18 INTERNATIONAL PATHWAYS Yrs 3 & 4 International Study Centre ISC (SG Partnership) Graduate Programs Yr 2 (streams) ESL Common Yr 1 Articulation agreements (2+2) PMP Yrs 3 & 4 Other BAJUS BAPC BAGTM BBA Yrs 3 & 4

19 International Recruitment Recruitment Phase 2 Phase 2 is about recruiting international students into our online and blended graduate programs including the Doctor of Social Sciences. Recruitment will occur in two ways. 1.International full-time cohort for graduate programs Tutor assisted scheduled classes Online and residencies with domestic students 2.Strategic partnerships for blended programs delivered offshore

20 Asia Pacific RRU’s China Experience First MBA program launched in 1999 – working professionals, minimum 7 years business experience alternative weekends Taught in Mandarin – RRU based curriculum Use of Affiliate model – recruitment/management Use of Associate faculty approved/monitored by RRU Administrative Office in Hong Kong oversight OCP Over 5,000 strongly supportive alumni in China Transitioning away from this model

21 Emerging strategy in China Strategic Partnerships/Articulations/Contract Training Examples: China Youth Center for International Exchange – Emergency Management–MADAM/ Executive Training on Topics of Policy China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises – short term training in Victoria Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada -2+4 Maple Leaf Schools Capital Normal University – MAELM Tianjin University of Technology –MOE’s first joint graduate degree in MAEM Jinhua Polytechnic – 2+2 joint BA Hotel Mgmt Shanghai University of Technology – Leadership Institute

22 RRU and Latin America Strategic Targets Mexico, Chile, Brazil Types of Partnerships Standard articulation and joint agreements – Student exchanges/faculty exchanges IOHE /OUI – IGLU - COLAM Doctoral Program –(Blended) Contract offering MA Conflict Analysis and Management – Residency in Chile CONADI– Mapuche Community

23 RRU Growth & Diversification More student FTEs 23

24 Bottom line - How successful are we? Over 20,000 alumni Over 5,000 working professionals MBA graduates # 1 in Academic Challenge (NSSE, 2009, 2010, 2012) #1 in Active and Experienced based learning (NSSE, 2009, 2010, 2012) Four federally funded Canada Research Chairs (CRC’s)

25 Quality assurance Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey 2010

26 2012/13 Strong Performance 3 rd consecutive year growth in domestic programs (22%) $4.9 Net operating income/3.5 net income Capital investments $2.7M Three new degree approvals (BBA, BAGTM,BAIS) Award winning new brand (see below )

27 2013/14 Operating Plan 12% growth in domestic students 15% increase in revenues (95% cost/revenue) $1.7 M invested in new degree programs 7% increase in faculty/staff

28 Education that is

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