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SMART ACTION STATEMENTS. Welcome to SMART Conversations SMART Conversations.

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2 Welcome to SMART Conversations SMART Conversations

3 A powerful process for listening is as follows:  Define a specific action and agree on it  Construe the action in a manner that is measurable  Set expectations as achievable  Verify action as relevant  Gain agreement on time lines Objectives The measurable competency covered in this session is to:  Articulate the components of SMART  Create action steps

4 SMART Components Can you think of an example? How do you think this format might work with some of your goals or action plans?

5 Specific Mia and Todd are writing out goals for the coming year in the Hospitality Industry. Non Specific Example: We plan to increase profits by generating additional revenue. Specific Example: Our Marketing Department will be launching a campaign to bring senior citizens into the hotels by providing bus services. We will increase our sales by 25 percent in the months of January through March.

6 Measurable

7 Achievable Many people, in an honest effort to please, do the exact opposite. They promise the best case scenario, then set themselves up to disappoint when things do not proceed according to plan Set expectations with enough room for error so that you will ALWAYS exceed them.

8 Be Consistent! Being consistent with this step will ensure that you maintain your integrity and deliver what you say you will deliver – every time.

9 Relevant  Is the task or action step relevant to the goals and/or mission at hand, or to the “bigger picture”?  How is this task/action relevant to you personally?  Does it help you meet your larger goals? Relevant


11 You will leave the session with a strong understanding of the SMART framework and use it to make any request or action step a SMART one! The Open Gym Session will focus on improving the quality of your S.M.A.R.T. action steps to make them as effective as possible. Planning Ahead... Practice Regimen Articulate the components of SMART each day over the next week until you know them well and can articulate them easily In addition, create one action step each day Practice every day! This drill will become habit and ensure higher quality hand offs.

12 1.Please click on the blue link to download the activity work sheet. 2.Print the worksheet and fill out the answers. 3.Be sure to bring your completed sheet to share with the class. 4.Practice your answers often, and if possible, try to memorize them! Download and Print!!!! SMART Action Plans Worksheet

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