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BY JOAN RIBBONS JOY UNTALAN Conversation Café: A More Balanced Lifestyle.

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1 BY JOAN RIBBONS JOY UNTALAN Conversation Café: A More Balanced Lifestyle

2 Student Stress….School is my Second Job What is your stress level?

3 Identifying and Monitoring Stress Early warning signs: High anxiety, excessive moodiness, withdrawal, insomnia, poor emotional control, feelings of helplessness, loss in appetite, loss in sex drive Comments such as: “I can’t keep my mind on my studies.” “I feel all tied up in knots.” “I can’t relax.” “I feel miserable and I don’t know why” You’ve noticed Doors being slammed. Overpowering fatigue. Faultfinding and bickering. Constant state of turmoil

4 List 5 sources of your stress. As an adult student, college is a unique part of one’s life that can bring about many stressors. Meeting new people, learning new things, having a limited budget, facing new opportunities can be overwhelming. All of this can affect you ability to attend class, study long hours, have a social life, have a family life, and work-all the while, trying to stay healthy and safe.

5 True or False? Everyone experiences stress Stress can result from positive/pleasant events, not just negative/unpleasant events that occur in your life. The majority of illnesses and diseases are stress-related. Diet can affect your level of stress. High levels of stress can negatively affect your academic progress. Stress is a physical response that cannot be managed psychologically. Physical activity can help you manage stress, with cardio vascular exercise being most effective for stress reduction.

6 Are you a Perfectionist? Perfectionists often......have very high standards for themselves and others....feel frustrated when they don't meet their goals....blame themselves when things go wrong -- even when they are not directly involved....intentionally set goals they know are almost impossible to reach....are hardly ever really satisfied with their performance....procrastinate. Big time. The vast majority of college students are perfectionistic!

7 The Cycle of Healthy Striving 1. Set realistic goals 2. Focus on the process as well as the outcome 3. Back bounce from disappoint or failure 4. Helpful criticism 5. Tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty to achieve balance

8 What can you do right now that will help? Sit down and write a list of 25 good things about your life. Organize your notes for class, but whatever you do, don’t read them! ; ) Read a book (not related to class or work). Breathe. Seriously! Many people inadvertently hold their breath when they’re stressed. Take five minutes, close your eyes, and only focus on the sound of your breath. Go for a walk. Go for a jog. Ride a bike. Take a hot bath or a bubble bath. Clean your closet. List 3 things you can do right now to de-stress.

9 Taking care of stress fast and efficiently 1. Define the problem 2. Create a list of possible solutions 3. Evaluate the “pros” and “cons” of any possible solution 4. Design 5. Action 6. Evaluate the results

10 Campus Resources to help simplify your stress The Center for Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at 501 Student Health Center  PSU Student Fitness Membership: $52 for April 15 to September 15, 2010 (Summer Semester)  Athletic Events  Saturday, April 10- Women’s Gymnastics NCAA Regional Championships @ Rec Hall  Saturday, April 24-Blue & White Game @ Beaver Stadium

11 Movin’ On Festival FREE TO EVERYONE spring music festival called Movin’ On. As perhaps the largest student- run music festivals in the country, and a Penn State tradition now in its 36th year, Movin’ On brings the top music of today, tomorrow, and yesterday together. Saturday, April 17, 2010 HUB Lawn Event details on

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