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MATTRESS CATEGORY Survey Report February 2009 Wave.

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1 MATTRESS CATEGORY Survey Report February 2009 Wave

2 Background 2 Brands’ income comes from the customers, so, brands must provide what they think is of value to the customers. It sounds obvious, yet very few brands do it well. The goal of branding is to build, maintain, and enhance relationship between brands and consumers. Relationship building is a powerful means of creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Sustainable relationship involves trust as its main ingredient. Therefore, brands must build a relationship of trust with their customers. Trust as a critical element in relationship is the focus of this survey. The Most Trusted Brand survey is an attempt to track the strength of brands relationships with their consumers. It is expected that results from the tracking would enable an environment of continual learning, continual improvement and innovation for the brand owners.

3 3 It is expected that it would stimulate a new way to think- seeing the customer’s input in this survey as a gift, and new knowledge that can be used to better brand planning and achieve competitive advantage. The results would serve as a reminder for the brand owners to build on-going relationships by keeping their promises and building trust. As a contribution to strong brand management initiatives in Nigeria, BrandHEALTH commences this study as a means of providing a cost effective, reliable, quick, economic and continuous source of primary data on how brands bond with the consumers.

4 Research Objectives 4 The study has only one objective: To identify brands that best bond with the consumers.

5 Research Methodology 5 Respondents were interviewed face to face in-home using fully structured questionnaires. Multi-stage sampling method was used in selecting respondents. 1000 respondents were interviewed in various parts of Lagos. 560 of the sample were males while the balance 440 respondents were females. The study also comprised of respondents aged 18 to 24 years (29%), 25 to 34 years(43%),35 to 45(19%) and 46 years and above(10%). In terms of social class, 17% of the respondents were consumers in the upper income class, 42% in the middle income class and 41 in the lower income class. The fieldwork for February wave started on the 5th of February and ended on the 21st of February, 2009.

6 Top 12 BRANDS Below are the brands that scored above 50% aggregate on the elements of trust. Nokia83% Dettol77% Indomie77% Close Up75% Eva72% Lipton70% Dangote Spaghetti62% Peak60% Viju Milk57% Malta Guinness56% Milo52% Five Alive51% 6

7 Research Methodology 7 In each product category, the respondents were asked five questions relating to trust. They were asked to associate the statements read to them with brands (a single brand per statement). No brand name was mentioned to the consumers. Respondents named brands spontaneously. The aggregate scores for the five statements were then computed to determine the most trusted brand for each product category.

8 MATTRESSES 8 OVERALL The results for the mattress segment of the market were very interesting. Almost everybody interviewed knew something about the category. The competition between Vitafoam and Mouka foam appear very fierce going by the results of the study. Although Vitafoam was voted as the most trusted brand, the gap between Vitafoam and Mouka foam was very marginal. while 43% of the respondents believed in Vitafoam as the most trusted brand, 42% on the other hand, believed in Mouka foam. Other brands trusted by the consumers were: Vono foam 5% Teju foam 2% Sara foam 2%

9 9 GENDER One interesting thing about the category was that both male and female voted almost the same pattern for the brands in the category. AGE Age did not matter in the voting pattern and the trust for the brands. SOCIAL CLASS Respondents in the upper income class trusted Vitafoam more than Mouka foam. Respondents in the lower income class believed more in Mouka foam than Vitafoam.

10 43%44% 43%44%Vita Foam 1000 Base 42% 43%42%Mouka Foam 5% 4%5%Vono Foam 2% Others 2% Teju Foam Don’t Know None Maxi Foam Sara Foam 2% 1% 2% Would never disappoint me Would make any effort to satisfy me Would be honest in attending to my needs I feel most confident in I Obtain what I look for in it MATTRESSES CATEGORY Vita Foam, 43% Mouka Foam, 42% Vono Foam, 5% Teju Foam, 2% Sara Foam, 2% Maxi Foam, 2% Others, 2% None, 0% Don’t Know, 2%






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