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Happiness, Leadership and Success Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi September 4 t h - 2012 IBWG Abu Dhabi IBWG – Abu Dhabi.

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1 Happiness, Leadership and Success Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi September 4 t h - 2012 IBWG Abu Dhabi IBWG – Abu Dhabi

2 What do we want in life? Most of us just want to be happy

3 So how do we do that? Traditional View Work hard at school/college Get good job Become a success Then you will be happy! But does it really work like that? Recent research would suggest not

4 The Formula is Wrong I got the promotion I got into college I achieved my goal Only fleeting moments of happiness

5 The Goal Posts Keep Moving I’ll be happy when….. I get that next promotion We move to that dream apartment I get that new pair of shoes I lose those last few kilo’s Success first – happiness second!

6 It’s the wrong way round The last 10 years of research have shown how the brain works When we are happy we think differently and are more: Motivated; efficient; resilient; creative and productive Waiting to be happy limits our potential for success

7 So what makes you happy? Get together in small groups and discuss what makes you happy Let’s review and see if there are any common elements

8 What do most people say? Family Friends Success Achievement Holiday Sleeping Children/L oved Ones Shopping

9 Are we designed to be Happy? It would appear not! We used to live in dangerous times Our brains are designed to look for what is wrong – spot the danger Don’t really live in danger now – but old habits die hard!

10 The Legacy of a Negative Mindset BUT – up to 70% of them are likely to be negative! We have approximately 12,362 different thoughts each day Next time your boss says “come and see me in my office now” do we think – great, I’m going to get a pay rise? When your partner say “honey we need to talk” do we think, ahh, they are going to tell me how much they love me?

11 Why is it so Important? Try typing “What is effective leadership?” into Google Because it is a vital component of effective leadership I got 149,000,000 hits! It seems everyone has an opinion A significant piece of research is the G.L.O.B.E. Project Took 170 Social Scientists from 61 different cultures Listed 382 potential leadership attributes and surveyed over 20,000 as to which were the most effective

12 What Makes an Effective Leader? There were many issues but they fall into 4 main areas Trust Openness and honesty Deliver on your promises Expect others to do the same Invest in people Compensate people fairly Be just and fair Hope Create a strong vision of the future Explain what they need to do to get there Show how they can grow and develop Develop a can do attitude Worth Recognise good work Recognise people as an asset Reward them appropriately Competence Help people make good use of their skills Challenge people Train them See the results of their work Give them regular feedback All of which need a strong positive approach driven by our happiness

13 Positive Leadership Traits Trustworthy Honest Team Builder Win-Win Problem Solver Dependable Sincere Communicative Coordinator Effective Bargainer Positive Ambitious Willful Dynamic Plans Ahead Enthusiastic Anticipates Foresight Intuitive Just/Fair Encouraging Motivational Compassionate Self Effacing Motive Arouser Excellence Oriented Intelligent Confidence Builder Informed Logical Decisive Worldly Aware Administratively Skilled Orderly

14 The Dark Side of Leadership LonerIrritableEgotistical Dictatorial Ruthless Micro-managerCunningRuler Non Co-operativeElitist DomineeringNon-explicitAsocial How many relate to happiness?

15 So what really makes us happy? The bad news is that 50% of our ability to be happy is genetic! Recent studies can actually tell us! So what about the remaining 50%? Can money buy happiness? 10% of our ability to be happy is based on our life circumstances – the “stuff” we can accumulate

16 Can Money buy you Happiness? Only to a limited extent There is always a bigger house, faster car, bigger yacht It doesn’t last

17 Can Money buy you Happiness? Spend on an experience instead Experiences get better in our memory over time Things deteriorate and therefore ultimately disappoint We get more happiness from spending on others – even small amounts

18 So what about the other 40%? The goals and motivations we set for ourselves Are you planning to climb a mountain? Learning to play a musical instrument? The more challenging the goal, the more satisfaction and happiness we get when we achieve it

19 So what about the other 40%? Your cognitive thought processes Optimists see difficulties as minor setbacks, something to be overcome We can’t really change what happens to us Pessimists see difficulties as personal, permanent and all pervasive Which are you?

20 So what about the other 40%? The company you keep Make sure you have more of the former Take a look at your network of friends and associates There are some that energise you and make you feel good to be with them There are others that drain the life blood out of you and leave you feeling exhausted

21 The Three Types of Happiness The Pursuit of Pleasure But we experience hedonistic habitualisation To begin with we are happy with our studio apartment Then we need the one bedroom Then the three bedroom And on it goes….

22 What does this mean in Business? The Pursuit of Pleasure If we only use this technique, it won’t work well And on it goes…. To begin with we are happy with our pay rise Then the pay rise, bonus and promotion Then the pay rise, the bonus, promotion and window office

23 The Three Types of Happiness Engagement or Flow When we become absorbed Try to find as many opportunities are possible for people to engage Perhaps its music Maybe a sport For some its creative

24 The Three Types of Happiness What are we doing it all for? This is why organisations have visions and mission statement – remember JFK at NASA! The search for Meaning The mundane – pay the bills What do we do as a company? How does it help people? Where does my work fit in?

25 So what can we do? Firstly understand the importance of happiness in the workplace Recognise the impact your happiness has on your team and employees Happiness does not follow success – happiness creates success Look at your strategies for driving happiness and the three levels For most of us, happiness is something we have to work on (50% depends on your genes!)

26 Thank You and Q & A “Nobody is in business for fun but that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun in business.”

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