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Interim 2013. 4 Years of Opportunities Class Trip to Chicago Career Explorations Community Service Trips.

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1 Interim 2013


3 4 Years of Opportunities Class Trip to Chicago Career Explorations Community Service Trips

4 Trips 2013

5 Money and paperwork should be turned in to Mrs. Santos. Priority will be given to Seniors through September 14, 2012. Spots will not be held if the paperwork is incomplete.

6 Chicago Fine Arts Trip for all Freshmen students “It is hard to choose just one, but I think the Chicago trip was definitely a highlight of my time at Randolph because it served as a unifying trip for the whole class. In all honesty, as a freshmen you are only thinking about having fun on a trip like that, and the Chicago experience did not disappoint in the fun category. It was so great that I came back as a senior to help the freshmen have an equally thrilling experience. “ Recent Alumni Survey Result: What was your most meaningful interim experience? Why was it meaningful?

7 Notes for Parent Meeting I. Introduction A. Who is going? Teachers Interns Parent chaperones B. What do we do? Blue Man Museums Symphony Musicals Food, fun, shopping C. When are we going? March 17 (Sunday) Return March 21 ( Thursday evening )

8 II. Trip Overview A. Safety FIRST Teacher groups Rooming situations Packing B. All types of weather Dress-up events Letter before the trip Let’s talk money First payment is due October 5 Second payment is due Dec. 7 What do you need to do? If you would like to be a chaperone…..e-mail Pick up the forms, turn in one completed with the first payment, and keep a copy for your records Read the code of conduct with your child. Sign it and turn it in.

9 Blue Man Group Art Institute Frank Lloyd Wright Home Second City Broadway Show Spamalot Symphony Food Life (If you don’t know what it is, ask an Upperclassman) Flat Top Grill Ed Debevics There is so much more!!!!!

10 Intern applications are due by September 18, 2012. We will interview swiftly in order to be able to purchase plane tickets for those students. The cost for interns is $1000. Freshmen who are unable to go on this trip are not eligible to go on another trip or plan a career exploration. You may choose to do a local option

11 Washington D.C. Trip Interns The 8 th grade trip needs up to eight interns to help on the DC trip. You will work with the teachers to help make the trip run smoothly. This is a great opportunity to work on your leadership skills. Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply. The deadline is September 18, 2012. The cost is $500.

12 4 Days of School at the Viking Cooking School in Nashville Nashville Cooking Trip

13 Touring Cheekwood Gardens Touring an art museum Pottery Classes at night Rock Climbing

14 Cost: $1000 Limited to 12 students

15 Outdoors Trip to Alabama State Park

16 4 days of camping in one or two Alabama state parks There is a community service part to this trip Students will participate in clean-up activities during the day

17 Cost: $650 Limited to 12 students Bouldering Spelunking Hiking Extra spring trip to the Ocoee River

18 Habitat Trip A This trip flies to a destination

19 A Habitat for Humanity Interim trip may be the Interim trip you will ever have. Not only do you help people in need – it's also fun! You'll have the chance to improve your carpentry skills, connect with new people in a new place and make a real difference in Habitat for Humanity's work of eliminating substandard housing.

20 You must be 16 years old to participate in this trip. Location will be announced in October Last year the cost of this trip was $975. We will try to keep the price of this trip close to that price, depending upon air travel costs.

21 Habitat Trip B This trip drives to Maryville, TN The cost is $500. You must be 16 years old for this trip.

22 Puerto Rico: Cultural Immersion Sunday, March 17 to Friday, March 23, 2012

23 Day 1: Our immersion journey starts “en español” Salsa Lessons Authentic Cuisine Day 2: Banana Boating Iguana feeding, bird watching, and starfish "catching“ Local Fisherman's Show: close encounters with sea creatures Day 3: Tour colonial city of Ponce by dayPonce Visit the largest Spanish fort in the Western HemisphereSpanish fort Old San Juan night walking tour

24 *Cost: $1900 per person * No Passport Required Day 4 Arrive at El Yunque, the U.S.’s onlyEl Yunque, tropical rainforest Private eco-guided tour and walk of El Yunque Hiking and swimming underneath waterfalls Day 5 Old San Juan day visit

25 Florida Outdoors Trip: Everglades and Keys DAY ONE Arrive in Florida-Lunch Sawgrass Recreation Park- Airboat Ride and gator/wildlife show Depart for Naples-Meet guides to prepare for the 10,000 Islands Dinner Check in to hotel DAY TWO Breakfast Depart for Launch Site Get introduced to your Canoes and Kayaks and load gear Paddle out toward first camp

26 DAY THREE and FOUR These three days will be spent paddling thru mangroves, exploring barrier islands, hiking and swimming in the wilderness that joins the Everglades to the Gulf of Mexico All gear will be provided, just bring your sense of adventure and lots of sunscreen! We will arrive back in Naples the evening of day Four

27 Cost: $2600 DAY FIVE Breakfast Hotel Breakfast Visit a local Herb Farm Motor to Key Largo with a stop at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park Dinner Check in to hotel Snorkel the amazing Florida Keys Lunch Visit the Turtle Hospital to learn about the effort to save these amazing creatures Depart for FLL for flight home

28 New York Trip March 16-21, 2013 $2550

29 Guided tour of the city CBS Early Show taping and tour NBC Today Show Statue of Liberty Food Time Square

30 On Broadway….. We will see 3 Broadway shows Backstage experiences 2 theater workshops 1 Off Broadway show

31 France Trip March 17-25, 2013 – Rouen –Visit Place du Marche and cathedral – Cabourg, walk on beach and dinner – Benouville –Visit Pegasus Bridge Memorial –Drive along coast –Visit American cemetary –Visit Tapestry of Bayeaux –Chartres Cathedral

32 Mont-St-Michel Visit Mont and Abbey Tours Walk around town and castle Amboise Visit castle Visit castle at Chenonceaux

33 Three days in Paris Museums and monuments Lots of visits Lots of walking Cost: $3200 You must have a passport

34 Community Opportunities

35 A Local Tour of World Religions Sunday – Thursday Cost: $100 Up to 12 students It’s one thing to study a religion in class; it’s another to see it alive and in action --- through visiting houses of worship, listening to sacred music, looking at religious art, eating ritual food, making museum visits, and enjoying guest lectures. As a final project, students will formulate personal creedal statements articulating their own spiritual views.

36 Attend Northeast Alabama Kosen Rufu Gongyo in Huntsville Visit The Hindu Cultural Center in Harvest, AL Lunch at Sitar Indian Restaurant on Jordan Lane Tour the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville Observe Divine Office (Daytime Prayer) -Nuns chant Observe Chaplet of Saint Michael Tour Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman Much more…..

37 Huntsville Community Service Opportunity This program will give students exposure to current social, political, cultural and economic challenges in the greater Huntsville community. Through a significant volunteer experience, academically focused readings, speakers, and discussions that relate to the volunteer experience, and a cycle of action and reflection, students will undergo a comprehensive and potentially transformative experience that will foster a greater and more significant engagement in the world around them.

38 Details Cost is $100 for gas, food, and activities This program starts on Monday, March 18 and ends on Friday, March 22 This a great opportunity to serve your community

39 Career Explorations We have started a group of alumni who would be willing to host students. Ask Mrs. Santos for details. We also have a Randolph parent who is willing to help you make contact with Supervisors Pay close attention to deadlines There is ALWAYS a written assignment Be creative!!!! 35 Hours Required You may not work for a family member You may not be paid for your work

40 Two Ways to Find A Career Explorations 1.Find your own career exploration a. You may not work with a family member b. Ask friends. Use your own network. 2.Sign up with Mrs. Scully-Clemmons to receive help finding a career exploration. a. Fill out a Career Exploration Application b. Meet with Mrs. Scully-Clemmons on Nov. 1, 2012 c. Write a cover letter and contact the supervisor All Sophomores who would like to have a career exploration MUST sign up for an interview with Mrs. Santos before November 1, 2012.

41 Closing Comments More Alumni Comments “Interim is a time at Randolph when students and teachers come together and bond over something that is not directly classroom related. While interim needs to remain a learning experience, it allows for students and teachers who might not normally spend time together to forge new relationships.” “They were some of the best experiences that I had that were completely unique to Randolph School”

42 “I really regret my lack of interest in the career exploration options, surely it would have been very helpful.” “I liked that the school gave you time for courses outside of the normal academic classes. It gave the teachers a chance to share their other talents and it gave a dedicated time period for class trips. I always thought interim was a great idea. “

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