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LUMA Light Show Worldwide Review. Index United States (Mainland) UK Hawaii Other endorsements.

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1 LUMA Light Show Worldwide Review

2 Index United States (Mainland) UK Hawaii Other endorsements

3 United States (Mainland)

4 San Francisco, CA Delighted by lights in ‘Luma’ by Robert Hurwitt It isn‘t every show where the master of ceremonies asks audience members to turn their cell phones on. But it’s a rare show that sets its audience to waving glowing cell phones as if they were cigarette lighters at a retro rock concert. Or that turns a theater full of adults into a bedlam of kids batting about luminous beach balls in the dark. Darkness and light are the primary elements of “ Luma,” a strange, often enchanting touring theatrical light show that opened Friday at the Victoria Theater. Small green-glowing strings skitter into place, extend themselves and gradually assemble into a stick figure that dances about. Beaming colored balls trace intricate patterns in the dark. Luminous umbrellas open and close rhythmically, floating like jellyfish in a black sea. Light sticks, glow-in-the-dark staffs and twinkling multicolored hoops create vivid swoops, swirls, pinwheels and explosions of light. “ Luma ” is the latest incarnation of a constantly evolving show that Marlin, its one-named creator, has been working on since 1988. A skilled juggler who became fascinated with patterns of light, Marlin created the show for a series of spiritual workshops in Hawaii, redeveloped it… San Francisco Chronicle Description: Northern California’s largest newspaper. Founded in 1865, the paper grew along with San Francisco and was the largest circulation newspaper on the West Coast of the United States in 1880. Today only the Los Angeles Times exceeds the paper’s circulation on the West Coast, while the paper is ranked 21st by circulation nationally Publication Day: Daily Market Served: San Francisco Bay Area, distributed throughout Northern and Central California Circulation: 312,118 daily, 354,752 Sunday

5 San Francisco, CA Everything Is Illuminated by Frances Reade OK, so a lot of us don't really like hippies. The problem, though, is that every now and then they're right. Health food, yoga, and even the Grateful Dead have survived years of derision only to become acceptable pleasures within the clearheaded, cynical straight world. Recalling the humble pie we've all occasionally eaten with respect to this easily maligned subculture, I ask you to tune in, turn on, and reconsider... the light show. Judging from those laser spectacles soundtracked with Pink Floyd and the irritating predominance of glow sticks, it might seem wise to avoid any nexus between illumination and, like, illumination, man, but there's where you're wrong, because the performance art of Luma is rad. Created by a man named Marlin who claims to have been "birthed on a live volcano next to a glowing lava flow," the show transpires onstage, conducted by acrobats, contortionists, and other circus types bearing, wearing, and wielding all manner of high-tech light-emitting devices. If you've sanded away your sense of wonderment, stay home, but if you still get a metaphysical kick out of fireflies, the northern lights, shooting stars, and screen savers, you're encouraged to attend. SF Weekly Description: San Francisco's smartest publication. It cherishes its political independence: The paper has repeatedly challenged massive public subsidies for private developments by leading San Francisco business interests. Add to its array of public-interest stories a comprehensive entertainment guide--led by incisive, award-winning writing on the cultural scene--and it has acquired a loyal audience of active, urban professionals, an audience as diverse as the city it covers. Publication Day: Every Wednesday Market Served: San Francisco Bay Area Circulation: 85,046

6 Charleston, SC 'Luma' delights with light Tuesday, May 28, 2002 By Diane Sprung Producer Marlin greets his full audience at the very onset of "Luma." He announces the names of his talented and hardworking cast. They are Greg Kennedy, Shana Kennedy, Adam Zeisler, Jan Brotman, and of course, Marlin. He says we can't read in the dark anyway so there is no program. Then with house lights still on, he expertly juggles balls and rings, garnering lots of laughs with his patter. He explains he is doing this while the cast is filling up the stage with dark. Then the house grows black. Black is the absence of light. Nonetheless we remain in the void at Physicians Auditorium, not to stare at a moonless night, but to wait for illumination with expectations of wonderment and delight. "Luma" conceived and directed by Marlin, does not disappoint. As part of the Piccolo Theatre Series, this is a show for all ages. The true stars here are the many stories told by the colored streamers and shapes of light shimmering on the stage. Accompanying the magic is music ranging from classical to just plain weird noises. Some of the lights swirl in slow motion, gradually gaining speed until they become a blur of paint. Little green worm-like figures dart into view, along with fish, soft moth wings and a strange but fascinating chaos toy. Friendly ghostly figures fly out over the audience. "Luma" never releases our attention. The whimsy is in constant creative movement and you realize the amount of coordination necessary for this type of entertainment is phenomenal. The Post and Courier Description: The oldest daily newspaper in the South and the eighth oldest newspaper still in publication in the United States. It is one of the three largest papers in the Palmetto State Publication Day: Daily Market Served: Charleston Circulation: 85,854 daily, 95378 Sunday

7 UK

8 Scotland 4 OUT OF 5 STARS Wednesday, August 14, 2002 by Gareth Davies It's true- some of the best experiences in life happen in the dark. LUMA is the theatrical equivalent of the aurora borealis, as six shadowy figures present a light show that is as beautiful as it is dramatic, a Fantasia with torches, the music ranging from classical to contemporary. The most interesting dance sequences are the less literla, more abstract ones, such as those involving flourescent geometric figures and lengths of glowing rope, though the 'underwater' sequences with black light puppets will keep children entertained too. It's witty clever, unusual and thorugh hardly intellectually challenging, very pretty and great fun. … The List Description: an Edinburgh-based fortnightly entertainment event listings magazine first published in 1985. It contains listings, news and reviews of film, music, shopping, books, comedy, clubs, art, sports, LGBT, food & drink in and around Scotland. Publication Day: Fortnight Market Served: Scotland Circulation: 50,000

9 Scotland Wednesday, August 14, 2002 By Sarah Willcocks How the five performers mangae circus tricks in the pitch black is anyones guess. Using glow in the dark balls and tubing, the invisible performeres create an eye opening show of light. Hosted by Marlin, a one time busker from Houston, he amiable delivers the flashy opening by showign us just how many ways it's possible to juggle three orange balls. He's spot on with the quip: " I guess you are waiting for something else to happen." But then we are plunged into the darkness and Marlin's theatre of light starts to glow. The worlds of natural, artificial and metaphysical light are the inspiration as the stage illuminated with fireflys, fireworks or tropical fish. A neon matchstick man brings unexpected humour as his conception and disintegration are depicted. Also impressive is the geometry scene-three dimensional solids turn in space making the performance area look like a giant screensaver. The soundscape, ranging from a classical orchestra to a lone cackle of manic laughter adds to the mystique. Out of the dark, Luma pulls more tricks than a magician out of his hat. The Stage Description: a weekly British newspaper founded in 1880. Covering all areas of the entertainment industry but focused primarily on theatre, it contains news, reviews, opinion, features and other items of interest, mainly to those who work within the industry. An important publication for actors throughout the country, as it contains regular advertisements for available jobs and provides an opportunity for various acts to promote themselves to agents and directors. Publication Day: Every Thursday Market Served: UK Circulation: 34,000

10 Hawaii

11 Honolulu Light Show Wednesday, December 18, 2002 By John Berger Many interesting things have been banned from local school campuses in recent years -- POGs, Pokemon cards, spaghetti-strap tops and that song by Na Leo that mentions "the Lord," to name four. By this time next year, Slingerzz will almost certainly have been added to the list. Never heard of Slingerzz? They go on sale in Hawaii tomorrow when "LUMA: Theatre of Light" opens at the Hawaii Theatre. Marlin, the single-name creator of "LUMA," also invented Slingerzz, and he had some with him when we met at Compadres on Monday to talk about the show. Marlin didn't bring out the Slingerzz until after the interview was over. The fun began when he did. Slingerzz are among those extremely simple, why-didn't-I-think-of-this? toys -- coils of flexible lime-green tubing, each with a straight 5-inch-long handle. In theory, they're easy to use, but require some practice to master. Marlin made it look deceptively easy as he slung one so that the end wrapped so tightly around a chair leg that he could pull the chair to him. Then he threw one so that it wrapped around an object several yards away, and slung another around his outstretched fingers to create geometric patterns familiar to yo-yo aficionados. Promoter Tim Bostock and I were far less adept. People watching from across the restaurant were fascinated anyway. Marlin said "LUMA" offers a similar sense of involvement and entertainment. " The audience has the opportunity to play with some of the illuminated objects that we're using," he said. "We also break the fourth wall a lot where we come off the stage and out into the house with some of the effects." Honolulu Star Bulletin Description: based in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, is the second largest daily newspaper in the state of Hawaii. The Honolulu Star- Bulletin, and a sister publication called Midweek, is owned by Black Press of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The newspaper is administered by a council of local Hawaii investors. Publication Day: Daily Market Served: Hawaii Circulation: 64,073 Morning, 60,158 Sunday

12 Honolulu ‘Luma’ Brightens Spirits of Audiences of All Ages Monday, December 23, 2002 By John Berger Who hasn‘t played with light in the dark -- sparklers, flashlights, glow-sticks or the ever-popular laser-pointer? There’s something inherently entertaining about light in the dark even for adults. How else to explain the popularity of elaborate aerial fireworks on New Year‘s Eve and the Fourth of July? Start with the basics, add fluorescent “black light” effects, an eclectic musical score and lots and lots of juggling illuminated objected in the dark, and you have “LUMA: Theatre of Light,” a hit with the kids lucky enough to see one of the four performances at Hawaii Theatre over the weekend. The adults in the house for the Saturday night show seemed to leave in brighter spirits as well. Flashlights, self-illuminated objects, puppets, a metal grinder’s wheel, colored stage lights, illuminated beach balls and various other items were used to create a variety of “light in the dark” effects. Some were abstract -- a “live” representation of a giant oscilloscope was especially dramatic. Other effects were used to tell short stories or suggest comic situations. A stick figure defined by luminescent green lines appeared in several vignettes and became a recurring character. An “underwater” segment featured colorful Day-Glo puppets -- a giant clam, hammerhead shark, starfish and a mother octopus defending her baby from a foolishly aggressive fish. A similar number introduced an “invisible” man wearing a fluorescent “zoot”-style hat and jacket… Honolulu Star Bulletin Description: based in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, is the second largest daily newspaper in the state of Hawaii. The Honolulu Star- Bulletin, and a sister publication called Midweek, is owned by Black Press of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The newspaper is administered by a council of local Hawaii investors. Publication Day: Daily Market Served: Hawaii Circulation: 64,073 Morning, 60,158 Sunday

13 Other Endorsements

14 Other Endorsement “Pure utter beauty… in all its mythical, philosophical and playful wonder.” - NPR Radio The show is figuratively and literally illuminating. It never fails to amaze” - The Chicago Tribune “A shining example of creation, quite simply out of this world.” - The Herald (UK) NPR Radio Description: Served as a national syndicator to 797 public radio stations in the United States. NPR produces and distributes news and cultural programming. In a Harris poll conducted in 2005, NPR was voted the most trusted news source in the U.S. Broadcasting Type: Public Radio Network Market Served: United States and the rest of world The Chicago Tribune Description: a major daily newspaper based in Chicago. Formerly self-styled as the "World's Greatest Newspaper", it remains the most read daily newspaper of the Chicago metropolitan area and the Great Lakes region and is currently the eighth largest newspaper in America by circulation Publication Day: Daily Market Served: Chicago Circulation: 516,032 Daily 898,703 Sunday The Herald (UK) Description: a broadsheet newspaper published Monday to Saturday in Glasgow, and available throughout Scotland. As of July 2009 it had an audited circulation of 55,707, giving it a lead over Scotland's other 'quality' national daily, The Scotsman. Publication Day: Daily Market Served: Scotland Circulation: 55,707

15 Other Endorsement Luma on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno The Tonight Show debuted in 1954. Jay Leno followed Carson and would be followed by Conan O’Brien in 2009. The show, taped in Los Angeles, follows the standard talk show format, with monologue, skits, celebrity and musical guests. Some of the more popular features include Monday’s Headlines, in which Jay displays amusing news headlines, and Jaywalking, during which Leno hits the byways to interview the Man on the Street – with hilarious results.

16 Other Endorsement Siegfried & Roy Endorsement Letter Siegfried & Roy are two German-American entertainers known for their long running show of magic and illusion in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The duo gave their final performance on February 28, 2009 after a hiatus of over five years. Their show was famous for including white tigers, and due to their dependence on white tigers for their act, the duo started a tiger- breeding program.

17 Other Endorsement A billboard of LUMA at the Isle of Capri Casino A playbill from the Dominica Republic Corporate collateral flyer

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