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Bakhtar University, Kabul, Afghanistan

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1 Bakhtar University, Kabul, Afghanistan
Transforming Higher Education Academic and Financial Bridge Relationships to Promote Economic & Academic Development in Emerging Markets Rick Roque Abdul Latif Roshan Higher Education Doctoral Research at American International College, (USA) Bakhtar University, Kabul, Afghanistan

Economic Relationships Personal Relationships Shared Interest Trust Respect

3 Rick Roque Rick Roque, Washington DC (USA)
B.S. Electrical Engineering, 1991 M.S. Management, 1999 EdD Higher Education Administration, Studies, , 2010-Present American International College, (USA) Bakhtar University, (Afghanistan)

4 Increasing Academic & Financial Capital
As a result, I advise ways an institution can increase its academic and financial capital through 3 key ways: Innovative application of new student services Creation of Public-Private Partnerships International Relationships (c) Venkatraman, 2008

5 What is Education Transformation?
What does it mean to Transform Higher Education

6 Transformation: Understanding Human Capacity

7 Emerging Markets

8 Globalization: Information & Industrial Growth

9 Education: Response to Globalization
The demands of the market tends to focus on vocational occupations such as: Engineering Technical Sciences Medical Technologies Is Education Merely Vocational ? (c) Venkatraman, 2008

10 What is Missing?

11 Human Sciences

12 The Human Network

13 Mobility Technology Access Globalization
Globalization is rooted in 3 underpinnings: Mobility Technology Access

14 3 phases of Globalization
The 3 phases of Globalization center around the advancement of: The Nation-State Network The Corporate Network The Human Network (c) Venkatraman, 2008

15 Connecting the Human Network
(c) Venkatraman, 2008

16 Middle Eastern Youth: Driving Globalization
The major factors in contemporary Middlee Eastern Politics: 100M people between ages 15-29 Access to Education is 70% Unemployment > 25% for Men ages 15-24 Over 50% of men between are unmarried (c) Venkatraman, 2008

17 This is my driving interest in Afghanistan & Bakhtar University
The Human Network Is intended to support our differences not diminish them; we should be proud of our respective backgrounds; Education is not the imposition of one ideology nor is it the control of another. Discovery. Respect. Tolerance. This is my driving interest in Afghanistan & Bakhtar University

First private higher education institution in Afghanistan Founded by Abdul Latif Roshan Founded in 2005; Chartered 2007 Established Academic Bridge Relationships with: Kabul Polytechnic University Association of Certified Chartered Accountant Indira Gandhi National Open University

19 Afghanistan: War & Reconstruction
Afghanistan has been stricken in a three decades of war. The return of peace and the subsequent installation of elected government in Afghanistan, with the active support of international community, has laid out the foundation for establishing private higher education institutions. Considering the present situation of Afghanistan and keeping in mind the role of education and the millennium development goals (MDGs) and in the Afghan National Development Strategy (ANDS), education is one of the most important goals of the government Islamic republic of Afghanistan ,In this connection, Bakhtar University has been established.

20 Student & Faculty Demographics
3785 Students 31% female 69 % Male 115 faculty members 35 from Pakistan 15 from India 5 Bangladesh 2 Nepal 59 Afghan 25% PhD holders 70% Master Degree Holders 5% Bachelor Degree Holders

21 Academic Progams Undergraduate program of BU
Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Economics Bachelor of Computer Science Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Law Bachelor of Journalism Bachelor of Political Science Bachelor of Building Contraction Management Post Graduate Courses from IGNOU

22 Many Accomplishments:
Successes First Afghan University to admit women State of the Art Internet Conference Ctr Founder of Accountants and Auditors Association Founder of Distance Education in Afghanistan Founder of ACCA in Afghanistan Founder of first Private University in Afghanistan International Projects: World Bank Funded Projects (ATP) Train 2500 government employees 150 MPs studied Law Asian Foundation Project Ministry of Defense Project British Council Project Etc.

23 Numerous Appreciation Letters
President of Afghanistan IGNOU NATO Afghan Parliament

24 Conclusion Goals are to expand Academic & Financial relationships in the Middle East, United States & Europe Work on Academic Transformation with additional programs catering toward human development in post war environments Focus on Projects with Georgetown University in the United States to focus on Economic Development and the education of other classes of citizens – women etc

25 Questions. Thank You. Rick Roque 408.914.5895
United States Thank You. Abdul Latif Roshan Kabul Afghanistan

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