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Future of Work Chris Whitaker. KCOM Group KCOM Group is a leading provider of communications services to consumer and business markets across the UK.

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1 Future of Work Chris Whitaker

2 KCOM Group KCOM Group is a leading provider of communications services to consumer and business markets across the UK. Our Vision ‘together we are committed to delivering inspiring customer experiences and passionately pursuing better ways to connect people’ We want to take a leading position in the markets we serve by 2015

3 People Strategy To create an environment that harnesses and rewards the potential of our people to deliver our business strategy and flexibly support our brands in driving growth and a customer experience we can be proud of. Creating excellence together is our driving principle Our priority areas are – Creating a value driven culture – Leadership Development – Talent & Employer Brand – Reward Decided to include Future of Work as a workstream on it’s on, reflecting the importance to our Strategy

4 Member organisations

5 Topics Generational Understanding Society changes & Demography Technology Leadership Talent Key trends When we work, what we do, where we do it & how we do it

6 Generations By 2020 there will be 5 generations at work for the first time – what does this mean for HR & Communications Strategies?

7 Ascendance & needs of Gen Y Typically described as those entering the labour market since 2000 representing the largest segment of those in employment by 2020 These individuals will be at a critical time in their careers assuming key leadership roles in Organisations, Education and Government Status is new tech, not an office Work is an activity – not a location Speedy, relaxed, socially themed meetings Happy to blend personal & private lives Collaborate & innovate Technology is something they have grown up with – it’s not new to them More familiar with diversity and more accepting of differences Accustomed to rapid change and expect flexibility

8 Longevity Hyper-specialisation / Mastery Mobility Life / Work flexibility Declining trust in organisations Falling pensions Rise of Powerful women Society changes and demography Eco systems Micro entrepreneurs

9 Technology Technology will enable organisations to better see employee productivity – the role of the middle manager is dead Five Billion people connected by 2025 World’s knowledge becomes digitalised Avatars will be able to interact with other users on your behalf Cognitive assistants will act as a content buffer, prioritising what you see and what doesn’t reach you. They will understand how you prefer to work and will take decisions based on user preference Hollowing out jobs

10 Big Data Humans generated more data in 2009 than in the previous 5,000 years combined! Source: as cited by, July 2010 In 2012, 20 households will generate more Internet traffic than the entire Internet in 2008 Source: Cisco ISBG By 2015, 1 Zettabyte of Data will flow over the Internet One Zettabyte = stack of books from Earth to Pluto 20 times (72 billion miles) Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index, June 2011

11 Organisational Structures & Leadership Traditional approach – 2008 – Hierarchical – Command & control – Pyramid structure – Planned – structured – Internal workers – Device centric – Value created by processing data Emerging approach - 2020 – Flatter – Flexibility – Rectangular structure – Real time – adhocracy – Internal workers & communities – Cloud centric – BYOT – Value created by processing relevance – New business models Sources: Cisco /Gartner / 2020 Work Place Book

12 Our organisational structure AS ISTO BE VISION

13 Community Relations Global citizens Within 5 years each organisation will need a narrative on their role in society Doing real corporate good will become a key function of the Employer Brand Companies disappoint

14 Leadership Future leadership challenges: – Growing pace of collaborative and collective leadership – Shortages in future talent pools – Leadership Competency Gaps – Developing Future Leaders Lack of privacy – rise of authenticity Adept with social media messaging and tools – digitally savvy Emotionally intelligent with an ability to inspire and engage all generations

15 Leadership Hotspots Movement 2012

16 1.Hired / Promoted based upon your Reputation Capital 2.Mobile device will become your office / classroom 3.Global Talent shortage will be acute 4.Recruiting will start on Social Networking sites & first interview could be with your avatar 5.Web commuters will force companies to reinvent corporate offices & their design 6.Companies will hire an entire team to tackle business problems – sourcing of Intact team 7.Job requirements for CEO will include blogging & twitter 8.Corporate training curriculum will use video games, alternate reality & simulations to deliver learning 9.2020 mindset required to thrive in a networked world 10.HR focus will move from outsourcing to crowd sourcing for innovation programs Work 2020 Vision – Key Trends 1 – 10 Source: The 2020 Work Place Book

17 Work 2020 Vision – Key Trends 11 – 20 11.Corporate Social Networks will grow inside companies 12.You will elect your leader 13.Life long learning will be a business requirement) 14.Work / life flexibility will replace work / life balance 15.Companies will disclose their Corporate Social Responsibility program and progress 16.Diversity will be a business not a HR issue 17.The lines covering marketing, communications and learning will blur 18.Corporate App stores will enable employees to better manage their work life flexibility 19.Social Media literacy will be a requirement for all employees 20.Building a portfolio of contract jobs will be a way of sustaining full time employment Source: The 2020 Work Place Book

18 Talent Finding, attracting & retaining Talent Talent Clusters Youth Unemployment Skills gaps

19 Our actions Reviewing our whole employment approach to 16-24 year olds, then other generations Participating in Balancing the Leadership scale mentoring group Trialling BYOD in parts of the organisation Investing in Next Generation Access to cope with additional demands Sharing research and understanding on this topic across the organisation Inviting people to leadership events based on contribution rather than hierarchy Introducing social media strategy and principles for Leadership teams Committing to future participation in the Future of Work research program

20 Summary World of work is changing at an unprecedented speed Technology and demography are on the front line of these changes Work is an activity – not a place Speed of change is awesome, if your not agile – you will get left behind

21 And finally The first person to live to 200 years old has already been born

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