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Word Study 1. Choose the right word to fill in each blank. overcome/meaningful/waist/ gifted/guidance/adjust/sympathy/ physical/potential/limit.

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1 Word Study 1. Choose the right word to fill in each blank. overcome/meaningful/waist/ gifted/guidance/adjust/sympathy/ physical/potential/limit

2 1. Since the accident, Bill can no longer move his legs and he has no feeling below his _____. 2. This book offers ________ on how to be a successful learner. guidance waist

3 3. It is not enough to have ________ for the disabled. We should learn to respect them and help them understand their valuable role in society. sympathy

4 4. A ___ is an event at which companies present and sell their products. 5. She’s got great ________ and will surely become very successful if she is given the opportunity to develop her skills. fair potential

5 6. That boy is _____ in painting. He has won many awards in painting competitions for children. 7. Some dogs have been trained to help people who are ______ impaired. gifted visually

6 8. The new government programme will _____disabled students who want to get a college degree. 9. Jane’s ________ does not prevent her from reaching her goals in life. 10. He _____ the telescope so that he could see the stars more clearly. assist disability adjust

7 2. Use the correct form of the words in the box to describe the following things or people. encourage/motivate/ disappoint/ reward/disable challenge/frustrate

8 Jill, who is fifteen, has had an accident and now uses a wheelchair. Despite her disability, Jill is trying to live a normal life. She has learnt to do many things without help. She can take care of herself at home, but getting around

9 in a wheelchair is sometimes (1) __________. Jill often thinks about her active past and she finds living with disability more and more (2)__________. She loves reading about young (3) _______ people who have overcome great difficulties. challenging frustrating disabled

10 One of the most (4) ___________ articles was written by a blind girl who won an award for young scientists. Jill wrote the girl a letter, saying that she wanted to make friends with her. The girl did not answer her letter and Jill felt very (5) ___________. encouraging disappointed

11 Then one day she received a letter form the girl. In the letter, the girl explained that she had gone to Britain to attend an international meeting for disabled people and apologised for not having replied sooner. At the end of the letter, she (6) __________ Jill to develop her potential. encouraged

12 Grammar Review Direct and Indirect Objects 主语 - 系动词 - 表语 (SVC) 主语 - 动词 (SV) 主语 - 动词 - 宾语 (SVO) 主语 - 动词 - 宾语 - 宾语 (SVOO) 主语 - 动词 - 宾语 - 宾语补足语 (SVOC)

13 Explanation

14 Direct and indirect objects( 直接宾语和 间接宾语 ) 基本句型: 主语 + 及物谓语动词 + 间接宾语 ( 人 ) + 直 接宾语 ( 事物 ) 。 e.g. He brings me cookies every day. She made me a beautiful dress.

15 但若要先说出直接宾语 ( 事物 ), 后说间 接宾语 ( 人 ), 则要借助于介词 to 或 for: 主语 + 及物谓语动词 + 直接宾语 ( 事物 ) + to/ for+ 间接宾语 ( 人 ) 。 e.g. He brings cookies to me every day. She made a beautiful dress for me.

16 用 to 侧重指动作的方向, 表示朝着, 向 着, 对着某人。 用 for 侧重指动作的受益者, 表示为了 某人, 替某人。 常跟双宾语的动词分类总结:

17 需借助 to 的 : bring, give, lend, hand, offer, pass, pay, promise, read, return, send, show, teach, tell, ask, leave, mail, throw, take, write, 等。 需借助 for 的 : build, buy, call, change, cook, choose, do, draw, envy, fetch, find, forgive, gain, get, make, order, play ( 演 奏 ), sing, save, spare, win 等。

18 1. Please try to find me that book. Please try to find that book for me. Ex1. Rewrite the sentences after the example. Practice

19 2. I would like you to book us a table by the window. I would like you to book a table for us by the window. 3. I can’t wait to show my parents these photos. I can’t wait to show these photos to my parents.

20 4. Has mother left us some food in the fridge? Has mother left some food for us …? 5. I forgot to send Alice a birthday card. I forgot to send a birthday card to Alice.

21 1. a computer/bought his mother/him His mother bought him a computer. 2. lend/me/one yuan/please/to Please lend one yuan to me. 3. the cheque/me/please/give Please give me the cheque. Ex2. Rearrange the words below to make sentences.

22 4. Tom/to bring/him/me/asked/an umbrella Tom asked me to bring him an umbrella. 5. you/tell/the time/me/could Could you tell me the time?

23 1. My grandpa used to buy me cakes and candy. (some books) This summer my grandpa bought some books for me. Ex3. This summer vacation has been different from before. Use the words in brackets to explain in which way this summer was different.

24 2. My friends usually send cards to me. (send short messages) This summer my friends sent me short messages.

25 3. My aunt and uncle usually bring me new clothes when they come to visit. (candy) This summer my aunt and uncle brought candy to me.

26 4. I usually teach my 6-year-old niece maths. (English) This summer I taught English to my niece.

27 Consolidation

28 1. Can you explain ___________? A. this problem to me B. me this problem C. to me problem D. me problem Exercises

29 2. He made a new dress_____ his wife and gave it ______ her on her birthday. A. to; for B. for; to C. for; for D. to; to

30 3. Mr. Smith apologized ___ the lady ___ what her son had done. A. to; to B. to; for C. for; to D. for; for 4. Read the letter and ____ him. A. pass it on to B. pass on it to C. pass it for D. pass it on

31 5. Which one is not right?_____ A. Will you do me a favour? B. Will you do a favour for me? C. Will you do a favour to me? D. Will you do me the favour to help me with my English?

32 6. The little boy wanted to have a book at his birthday present, but the cruel stepmother _____ him his request. A. refused B. answered C. gave D. promised

33 7. Which of the following is not true? ___ A. Mr. Wang taught us physics last year. B. Mr. Wang taught our physics last year. C. Mr. Wang taught physics to us last year. D. We were taught physics by Mr. Wang by last year.

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