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Curators office Sugar Ray Leonard by: hope Sources Cited.

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1 Curators office Sugar Ray Leonard by: hope Sources Cited

2 Achievements In 1913,Sugar Ray Leonard won the golden gloves light weight championship, but lost to Randy Shields in a light weight final in the national AAU tournament The following year, Leonard won the national golden gloves and the AAU light weight championships After winning a bout against the top amateur boxer in his region, Leonard entered the competition at the national level winning the golden gloves light title ABC renewed his contract the fighter did not disappoint. In March 1979, he defeated Daniel Gonzalez with a knock out with only 2 minutes and 3 seconds on the clock.

3 COOL FACTS ABOUT SUGAR RAY LEONARD Sugar Ray Leonard is 5ft 10in. His nationality is American He has fought 40 fights he is retired now He is one of the most popular boxers of all time! His mom is a nurse and his father is a super market night manager When he was only three, he moved to Washington then he permanently moved to Palmer Park As a child, Leonard was abused and has remembered it his entire life

4 TODAY Today Leonard has one kid named Steven Sugar Ray is currently age fifty-five Sugar Ray Leonard has a wife Is living healthy and happy and still spending time with his kid Steven and his wife Bernadette He is more than famous today he is on the TV show “The View” and many others He and his wife are living in Wilmington

5 Sources cited Ray_Leonard http://www.encyclopedia.c om/topic/Sugar_Ray_L eonard

6 All About Me I am 9 years old I have one brother and no sisters My brother is 12 years old I am very funny and love to help I always will be nice if you do I love books and math and love to be adventurist I really like animals especially frogs there so cute and slimy My birthday is April 30 I have lots of friends who are really nice I did this project cause I’m always up for a challenge!

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