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Section B Period Two. weight shoulder goal let...down coach kick kick sb. off be hard on sb. besides teammate courage rather than n. 重量;分量 n. 肩;肩膀 n.

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1 Section B Period Two

2 weight shoulder goal let...down coach kick kick sb. off be hard on sb. besides teammate courage rather than n. 重量;分量 n. 肩;肩膀 n. 球门;射门;木门 使失望 n. 教练;私人教师 v. 踢;踹 开除某人 对某人苛刻 adv. 而且 n. 同队队员;队友 n. 勇敢;勇气 而不是 Words Review

3 guy pull pull together relief nod agreement fault disappoint Words Review n. (非正式)家伙 v. 拉;拖 齐心协力;通力合作 n. 轻松;解脱 v. 点头 n. (意见、看法)一致 n. 过失;缺点 v. 使失望

4 The 2014 World Cup

5 To learn new words and phrases To learn to treat win and failure optimistically

6 接龙 幻灯片上单词或短语出现时,同 学应迅速读出并说出中文意思。 每人一词,按行 / 列依次接龙, 3 秒 内说不出,此行 / 列同学即失去此 答题机会,下一行 / 列同学接续。

7 goal coach kick sb. off rather than pull be hard on sb. guy let...down kick nod relief courage shoulder pull together teammate besides weight agreementfault disappoint

8 1.What can you see in the picture? 2.What does the passage may talk about? 1. A soccer ball team. 2. It may talk about the soccer ball team’s story. 1 Before you read Look at the title and the picture. Then answer the questions below.

9 Read the story and number the events in the correct order. 2b ____ Peter got home and went into his room. ____ Peter talked to his teammates. ____ Peter missed a goal. ____ Peter’s father gave him advice. ____ Peter realized that he was worried for no reason. 2 4 1 3 5

10 1.Why did Peter upset? 2. Did Peter’s coach kick him off the team? 3. What should we do after a failure? Because his soccer ball team lost the game and he felt sorry about a missing goal. No, he didn’t. While you read Read the passage and ask and answer the questions in pairs. 2 We should think about how we can do better next time.

11 1.Why did Peter feel angry and worried? 2.What kind of advice did Peter’s father offer him? 3.Do you agree with Peter’s father? Why or why not? 1. He was angry with himself for missing an important goal and letting his team down. 2. Peter’s father advised him not to be too hard on himself but to learn how to communicate with his teammates and learn from his mistake. 3. Yes, it is no point crying over spilled the milk. Read the story again and answer the questions. 2c

12 3. What happened after Peter told his teammates that he was sorry? 4. Why did Peter think that he was on a winning team even though they lost the last game? 3. His teammates asked him not to worry about what had happened as it wasn’t just one person’s fault. They agreed that they should work together to think about how they could do better in the future. 4. He was on a team with good team spirit that would help them achieve success in the future.

13 Find idioms or phrases from the story to replace the underlined parts of these sentences. 2d 1.He could not believe that he did not get the ball into the basket. 2.She was worried because she disappointed her parents. 3.Tony was said that he was asked to leave the team. 4.You should learn to relax and not put so much pressure on yourself. 5.The teacher told the students to work hard together and not give up. missed scoring that goal let...down kicked off be too hard on yourself pull together

14 Read and try to recite the conversations in 5-10 minutes.

15 1. Role play the conversation in groups; 2. Role play the conversation in front of the class Let’s see which group does the best. 2e

16 Have you ever made a mistake? How did it make you feel? Talk to your partner about what happened.

17 Language points 部分 供教师根据学生学习 理解的实际程度 穿插选择讲解

18 1. The general finds a happy person with power, money and fame. * with “ 带着 ……, 与 …… 一起, 随着, 有 ” (表示伴随) * 反义词: without :“ 没有 ” * with/ without + 名词 / 动名词 He left without saying a word. 他一句话都没有说就走了。

19 2. How could he have missed scoring that goal? could have done : “ 过去本能够做某事但未 做 ” ,含责备意义。 How could he have been such a fool? 他怎么这么糊涂? How could she have forgotten what kind of man he was? 她怎么能忘记他是哪种人呢?

20 3. He was really worried that his coach might kick him off the team. kick sb. off 开除某人 Tim made a huge mistake, and the manager kicked him off the company. 蒂姆犯了一个很大的错误,经理把他开 除出了公司。

21 4. Ten minutes later, Peter heard his father knocking on his bedroom door. knocking 做 hear 的宾补 相同用法的词: see/ watch/ find/ hear/ notice sb. doing sth. When Lisa was alone at home, she heard something making noise outside. 当丽莎独自在家时,她听到外面有响声。

22 5. But whatever it was, don’t be too hard on yourself. be hard on sb. 过于严格地要求某人 ; 对 某人过于严厉 ; 以刻薄的方式批评、对 待某人 Today some teachers are too hard on their students. 如今一些老师对学生要求过于严厉。 Perhaps I’m too hard on my daughter. 或许我对我女儿要求过头了。

23 6. Besides, wining or losing is only half the game. besides “ 除 …… 以外还有 ” ,表示包括后 面提到的人或物在内 except “ 除去 ” , 表示不包括后面所提到 的人或物在内 All the students went to the park except Jim. (Jim 没去 ) Lucy went to the cinema besides Lily. (Lily 也去了 )

24 7. The next day, Peter went to soccer practice with courage rather than fear in his heart. courage n. 勇气;勇敢 rather than 并非;而不是 I, rather than you, should do the work. 该做这工作的是我而不是你。 The most valuable thing is time, rather than money. 最珍贵的是时间,而不是金钱。

25 8. But I think if we continue to pull together, we’re going to win the next one. pull together 齐心协力;通力合作 If all of us pull together, there must be something we can do to improve the environment. 如果我们都能齐心协力,我们一定能做点什 么来改善环境。

26 Individual activity 注 : 另附 word 文档。 点击此处链接

27 Translate the following phrases. 1. 使 …… 失望 2. 开除 3. 而不是 4. 齐心协力 5. 在肩上 6. 停止做某事 7. 敲门 8. 和 …… 交流 9. 向 …… 学习 10. 继续做某事 let...down kick sb. off rather than pull together on one’s shoulder stop doing knock on the door communicate with learn from continue to do

28 1. Review the new words and expressions you’ve learned today. 2. Read the articles in Learning English. 3. Preview the new words and expressions. 4. Preview 3a-3b on page 87 - 88.

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