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Proof Reading ( 2014 全国课标 I ) …..The river was so polluted that it________ (actual) caught fire and burned. …….Finally, that hard work paid off and now.

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2 Proof Reading

3 ( 2014 全国课标 I ) …..The river was so polluted that it________ (actual) caught fire and burned. …….Finally, that hard work paid off and now the water in the river is_______(clean) than ever. ( 2014 全国课标 II ) …..some of them looked very anxiousand____________(disappoint) ………..,and the crowded of strangers _________(sudden) became friendly to one another. actually cleaner disappointed suddenly

4 1. Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself. 2.I’m sure you will find one you like it.. 3. I like playing piano. the 错词 ∧ talking 改错格式 改错格式 多词 缺词

5 Dear diary, Here I am in the middle of a city, 350 miles far away from our farmland. Do you want to know why we move last week? Dad lost his job, and as Mum explained, He was lucky to find other one.His new job meant I had to say goodbye to my classmate, my school or just everything else I love in the world. To made matters bad, now I have to share a room with my younger sister, Maggie. Tomorrow is first day of school. I am awfully tiring, but I know I’ll never fall sleep. Good night and remember, you, dear diary, is my only souvenir from my past life and my only friend. Yours Rosemary moved another classmatesand worse ∧ the/my tiredasleep are

6 2010-2013 改错考点分 配 年份名词 冠词 形容 词副 词 代词主谓 一致 介词连词动词 词组 时态非谓 语动 词 2010121021012 2011141020011 2012231011011 2013231101011

7 改错的分类改错的分类 一. 名词、冠词 二. 动词(谓语动词和非谓语动词) 三. 连词 四. 代词 五. 引导词 zxxk

8 I hope all my student can be admitted into college. Nowadays, almost every family has computer, and … Tianma school will give you all the knowledges you need. The driver put the window down and offered us a umbrella. students ∧ a 一. 名词和冠词 1. 指名词单、复数形式的用法错误。 2. 冠词 a, an 和 the 的用法错误. knowledge anan

9 now I was a member of our school football team. Now my math and chinese teacher are in my home. Of course, when my mother was asked, “ Have you…” am is ___ __ 二. 动词 1. 谓语动词 主要包括两类错误:动词的时态和语态错 误,以及主、谓不一致的错误。例如:

10 1.It was the first time I have been to Hongkong. 2. Not only the students but also the teacher like Lee Minho. had likes 3. Tianmaschool considered as one of the most beautiful schools. ∧ is

11 1.Play basketball makes us grow up tall and strong 2.My parents love me… and will do all they can make sure… 3.Giving more time, we could do it much better. to playing ∧ Given 2 . 非谓语动词 学科网

12 1. 不定式 2. 动名词作主语、宾语 3.and 连接的不定式或动名词前后一致 4. 现在分词和过去分词的区别等 非谓语动词细辨别 zxxk

13 1. We fed monkeys, visiting temples and told stories.. 2.I got up early catch the early bus. 3.It is difficult to make yourself understand in English. understood visited ∧ to

14 注:名词动词的修饰词 I am sure we'll have a wonderfully time together. We can hear birds singing happy all around. wonderful happily 1修饰名词、系动词要用形容词; 2修饰动词、形容词、整个句子用副词; 3比较级和最高级的使用。 4. 形容词的 ed 形式与 ing 形式

15 1.I never spent a more worried day. 2.She said that her son worked happy there every day. 3.This is a most beautiful park. I have never seen a best one before. 4.They look for an immediately pleasure from a dangenous activity worrying happily better immediate

16 连词 but , and , or, so 和 although 等的用法 错误. 1. I’m sorry, and I won’t be able to come tonight. but 三.连词三.连词

17 1.She's smiling at me but nodding at me. 2. I planed to give it back to you before four in the afternoon , and I was hold up on my way back. 3. It looks as if my parents treat me as a visitor and a guest. but and or

18 四.代词 1. 人称代词的误用 2. 人称代词格的误用 3. 反身代词的误用 myself their __ 1. I just smiled to me and thought, "What can I do. We are guests after all." 2. Some students may also save up for our college or future use. 3. It was about noon when we arrived at the foot of the mountain. The three of them were very excited. us

19 I cannot make sense of that he said at the meeting. I live in Beijing, where is the capital of China. At last, we achieved our goals and he did that he said The question is if the film is worth seeing. what which ___ 五. 从句引导词 复合句中从句的关系词或引导词运用是否得当 ___ what __ whether

20 This morning I found red wallet on the campus. Girls usual like red, so I believed the wallet was belonged to a girl student. I opened it, try to find out whose it was. Therefore, I found nothing but 300 yuan in it. I was wondering what to do with it while suddenly my classmates Chen Yang passed by. She suggested she put up a Lost and Found notice and I did so. I wrote down my telephone number and ask the owner to call me after she saw it. Later, a girl came to claim it on 3 o’clock this afternoon. ∧ a usually trying However when I classmate asked at

21 学科网

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