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Reading II 1 Boy missing, police puzzled Unit

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1 Reading II 1 Boy missing, police puzzled Unit
Book 10_课件_U1_Reading2-8 1 Reading II Boy missing, police puzzled

2 Feelings towards the incident shocked
people Feelings towards the incident shocked friends frightened, shocked Kelly Mrs. Foster worried, sad, regret angry, terrible Mavis Wood puzzled, determined Sam Peterson

3 Put the following phrases into English
1. 加紧 _________ 2. 由于 ___________ 3. 出现 _________ 4. 负责 ___________ 5. 编造 _________ 6. 调查 ___________ 7. 播放 _________ 8. 放弃 ___________ step up due to take charge of show up make up look into give up put on

4 Fill in the blanks with the above phrases
1. Shanghai government is ________ all the possibilities of the cause of the fire. 2. Now that the mayor of the city has retired, who do you think _____________ the office. 3. I heard John open the door and _______ his favorite CD. 4. The citizens complain a lot _______ the rising food prices. 5. Cherry was disappointed because not all the people invited ________ at her birthday party. 6. Most of the students have ________ their preparation for the final exams coming near. 7. He _______ an excuse that his bike had broken down on the way and he had to have it repaired. 8. I ________—tell me the answer. looking into will take charge of put on due to turned up stepped up made up give up

5 Detailed Language points
1. Boy missing, police puzzled.男孩失踪, 警察迷惑. = A boy goes/is missing, and the police are puzzled. ● go missing=go lost go 作连系动词, 意思为“变成某种状态(通常指不好的状态)”

6 go mad 发疯 go wrong 出故障 go bad 变质
His hair went grey after his son’s death. 他的头发在他儿子死后都变得花白了。 2) 夏天牛奶很容易变质。 In summer, milk can go bad easily. ● puzzle vt. 使…困惑 n. 疑惑,谜,智力游戏 puzzled adj. 困惑的(常用于指人,有时可以指人的表情) puzzling adj. 令人困惑的(常用于指物)

7 eg: 1) Her illness puzzled all the doctors.
使……困惑 2) Their reason for doing this is still a puzzle to me. 对于他们为什么要做此事我仍然莫名其妙。 3) The puzzling problem made me puzzled. 这个令人困惑的问题使得我很困惑。 4) There is a puzzled look on her face. 困惑的表情 5) They are puzzled (about) what to do next. 他们对接下来该做什么感到迷惑不解。

8 puzzle, interest, surprise, astonish, shock, upset, excite, disappoint, please, satisfy, frighten, amaze, convince 等意思为“使……”的动词都属于同一类,现在分词表主动,可译为“令人……的”, 过去分词表被动,表示“(本身)感到……的”

9 1) ___ and happy, Tony stood up and accepted the prize. (2006 全国卷)
Surprising B. Surprised C. Being surprised D. To be surprising 2) Tom sounds ____ very much in the job, but I’m not sure whether he can manage it.(2006年安徽卷) A. interested B. interesting C. interestingly D. interestedly

10 3) 这个消息很激动人心,所以听到这个消息学生们都很激动。
The news was exciting and the students were all excited at it. 4) His shouting was frightening and the boys felt frightened. 他大吼一声把那些男孩都吓住了。

11 2. Police in America have stepped up their search for a fifteen-year-old boy who went missing …

12 ● step up 加快,加速;走上前来;提升,提高
John waited until the teacher had finished speaking to Mary, and then he stepped up. 走上前来 2) The factory stepped up the production to meet the increased demand. 加快,加速 3) Women’s social position in China has been much stepped up in the past 50 years. 提升,提高

13 ● step: take a step forward/back 向前走/向后走 take steps/action/measures to do sth. 采取步骤、行动、措施做某事 mind/ watch your step 小心谨慎,谨慎从事 step by step 一步一步,逐渐地,逐步地 keep/ be in step with 与……保持同步,跟上……的步伐 follow in one’s steps 踏着某人的足迹; 步某人的后尘; 效法某人的榜样

14 ● search n. vi & vt. 搜索,搜查,搜寻
search sb./sp. for sth.在某人身上/某处搜查某物 search sb./sp. 搜某人的身或搜查某处 search for sb./sth. 搜寻某人或某事物 search through 查遍 search out 搜(查)出, 探出 in search of/in one’s search for 寻找

15 1)警察在那栋房子里搜寻被偷的珠宝。 The police searched the house for the stolen jewelry(珠宝). 2)超市无权对顾客搜身,查找丢失的东西。 A supermarket doesn’t have the right to search its customers for the lost things. 3)All the villagers went out in search of the missing boy. 所有的村民都出去寻找那个失踪的男孩。 4)She searched in vain(徒劳) for her passport. 她翻找自己的护照,但没找着。

16 due 到期(偿付,举行 …),定于(某时做某事/某时到达……)
3. This incident has received great interest due to reports of strange lights in the sky … due to 由于,因为(可作状语和表语) 近义短语:because of/owing to/on account of/thanks to多亏,幸亏/as a result of …的结果(只作状语) due 到期(偿付,举行 …),定于(某时做某事/某时到达……)

17 1) 由于糟糕的天气,运动会不得不被推迟了。
As a result of/ Owing to /Because of/Due to/On account of the bad weather, the sport meeting has to be put off. 2) 这次事故是由于司机开车不小心所致。 The accident was due to careless driving. 3) The book is due to be published in October. 该书定于十月份出版。 4) The rent is due tomorrow. 房租明天到期。

18 4. Justin Foster, a high school student, was last seen Friday night.
● 同位语:一个名词(或其它形式)对另一个名词或代词进行修饰、限定或说明,这个名词(或其它形式)就是同位语。同位语与被它限定的词的格要一致,并常常紧挨在一起。

19 He himself told me that his brother John is a world-famous doctor.
2) They each have an English-English dictionary. 3) He always works hard even if he knows the fact that he is not in good health. 4) His failure was due to the fact that he had not practised for a long time. 5) Mary, monitor of our class, was invited to the party too.

20 Mr. Smith is our new English teacher. He is very kind to us.
用同位语合并下列句子 Mr. Smith is our new English teacher. He is very kind to us. —Mr. Smith, our new English teacher, is very kind to us. 2) Yesterday I met Tom. Tom is a friend of my brother's. —Yesterday I met Tom, a friend of my brother's. 3) Mr. James is my English teacher. Yesterday I talked to him. —Yesterday I talked to my English teacher, Mr. James.

21 4) We are Chinese people and we are brave and hardworking.
—We Chinese people are brave and hardworking. 5) He didn’t work hard. He failed the exam. —He failed the exam due to the fact that he didn’t work hard.

22 5. Witnesses also say they saw Justin walking towards his home at 10:45 p.m.
● witness n. 目击者; 见证人 v. 目睹; 目击; 见证 谁目击了这场车祸? Who witnessed the accident? I was a witness to their quarrel. 他们吵架,我当时在场。 3) The successful launch of Shenzhou VIII is a powerful witness to our country’s increasing prosperity. 神舟八号的成功发射是我们伟大祖国日益强盛的有力见证。

23 ●see+sb./sth.+ do/doing/done:
watch, look at, hear, listen to , notice, feel ,observe; have(使,让)等动词与see有这种相同用法。 1) I pulled back the curtains and saw a large spaceship flying outside. 我拉开窗帘看见一个巨大的宇宙飞船正在外面飞行。

24 Translation: 2) 我看见他进了那家饭店。 I saw him go into the restaurant.
3)有人看见他一小时前离开了。 He was seen to leave an hour ago. 4)看到儿子在托儿所受到很好的照顾,我很高兴。 I’m very glad to see my son taken good care of in the nursery.

25 6. I heard him put on his favorite CD.

26 穿上 put on a coat put on weight put on the light/radio/television put on a record put on a wounded expression put on performances 增加 打开 使开始播放 假装,伪装 表演,上演

27 7. Standing inside were lots of strange creatures with white skin and large black eyes. (这是一个倒装句)
=Lots of white-skinned, strange-looking creatures with … were standing inside. ● 本句倒装句结构是:表语+be+主语 Sitting /Seated at the back of the room was a shy girl with two big eyes. Also present at the meeting was a professor from Peking University. 那个湖周围种着各种各样的树。 Growing around the lake are trees of different kinds.

28 倒装句常见句型归纳: 1) 地点状语+谓语(vi.)+主语, 但主语为代词时不能用倒装。
Here comes the bus./ South of the city lies a big shoe factory./Here it is. 2) (半)否定词+助动词/be+主语,但in no time在句首时后面不能用倒装。 (半)否定词如neither; nor; not until …; not only … but also …; never; seldom; hardly … when …; no sooner … than …; at no time; by no means … Eg.直到昨天我才知道这条消息。 Not until yesterday did I get the news.

29 3) 表语/状语/动词原形+as(虽然)+主语+谓语部分,
Child as he is, he knows a lot./Much as I like it, I won’t buy it. Try as he did, he failed again. 4) So(如此)+adj./adv.+助动词/be+主语; so+助动词/be+主语(……也这样); so +主语+助动词/be (……是这样的) So excited were we at that time that we didn’t know what to say. Mary works hard and so does her partner. A: Mary works very hard. B: So she does. 5) only+状语+助动词/be+主语 Only when taken according to the directions will the medicine work well .

30 8. The aliens took me away so that they could do research on me.
I got up early this morning so that I could catch the early bus.(以便,为了) I got up late this morning so that I missed the early bus. (结果)

31 ● research vt.&vi&n. 调查;研究
research (into/on) sth.; do/ carry out /make research into/ on 对……进行研究 He has done a good deal of research on that subject. 对那个学科他做了很多的研究 3) They are carrying out a research into/ researching (into) the cause of the cancer 他们正在研究癌症的原因。 There is clearly a need for further research on this topic. 很明显需要对这个课题进行更深入的研究。

32 9. Detective Sam Peterson, who has taken charge of the case, told journalists, ‘Sometimes people make up such amazing stories.’ ● the phrases of charge take charge (of) 负责(处理某事或照顾某人),接/看管; in charge (of ) 负责(某事); in the charge of sb.由某人掌管、负责 in sb.’s charge 由某人掌管、负责; free of charge 免费

33 Who will take charge of the factory during the director’s absence?
厂长不在期间,谁来管工厂呢? 2) Tom works there, in charge of the sales department. 汤姆在那儿工作,负责销售部。 3) The girl was safely left in the charge of a nurse. 那个女孩安全地由一个护士看护着。 4) These books were sent to our school free of charge. 这些书是免费送给我们学校的。

34 ● case n. 情况,状况;事例;病例;案件;个案;箱;盒
in this/that case (情况,状况); in case (of) ( 如果;万一;以防); three cases of fever (病例); a typical case (典型事例); a civil case (民事诉讼案件); a suitcase (箱;盒)

35 She made up her face to look prettier.
● make up She made up her face to look prettier. The boy made up a story; it was not true. 3) make up the bed for our guest. 4) 30 boys and 21 girls make up our class. 5) Hard work can make up for a lack of intelligence(聪明,才智). 化妆 编造 给……铺床 组成 弥补

36 —Not until he left the room angrily did I realize what had happened.
10. We will not give up until we find out what happened. ● not … until/till …; … until/till … —I did not realize what had happened until he left the room angrily. —Not until he left the room angrily did I realize what had happened. —It was not until he left the room angrily that I realized what had happened. —I didn’t fall asleep until my mother returned. I slept until my mother returned.

37 practice

38 Fill in the blanks, using the proper forms of the following words:
due to, show up, look into, step up, according to, show great interest in, search for, make up, take charge of 1. With the final exam coming near, you’d better ________ your preparation for it. 2. _____________his theory, it’s likely that life exists in outer space. 3. His speech was so interesting that the whole audience ______________________ it. 4. Not all the people invited __________ at his birthday party, so he was very disappointed. 5. He had to stop now and then ______ his poor health. step up According to showed great interest in showed up due to

39 due to, show up, look into, step up, according to, show great interest in, search for, make up, take charge of 6. The police are ___________ the accident which caused ten deaths. 7. Australia _____________ six states. 8. Now that the manager has retired, who do you think __________________ the office? 9. The boy spent a lot of time ____________ all sorts of information on the Internet. looking into is made up of will take charge of searching for

40 Choose the best answers:
1. The police ___ the murderer everywhere when he suddenly appeared in a theatre. A. was searching B. were searching C. was searching for D. were searching for 2. Meat ____ bad very soon in summer. A. turns B. becomes C. goes D. falls 3. Those ___ the company are to blame for the decrease in sales. A. in charge of B. in the charge of C. in charge D. take charge of

41 4. The price of eggs ___ by 10% since last month.
A. increased B. is increased C. has increased D. had increased 5. It was not ___ she took off her glasses ___ I realized she was a famous film star. A. when, that B. until, that C. until, when D. when, when

42 6. ______at the failure in the math exam, John would not like to talk about it to his parents.
A. Disappointing B. Disappointed C. To be disappointed D. Having disappointed 7. The ________ look on her face suggested that she ________ it. A. puzzling; hadn’t expected B. puzzled; hadn’t expected C. puzzling; wouldn’t expect D. puzzled; shouldn’t expect 8. When I return to the classroom, I found my pen ________. A. going B. losing C. missing D. missed

43 9. Kate cried out in a _____ voice at the _____ of a rat.
A. frightening; scene B. frightened; sight C. puzzled; sight D. puzzling; scene 10. Jane has made ______ in her studies______ her hard work. A. great progress; because B. a great progress; because of C. great progresses; because D. great progress; due to 11. A group of soldiers went into the woods ___ the missing pilot. A. search for B. in search of C. searched for D. searched of

44 12. Allen ___ his MP3 and threw himself down on the sofa, ___ the music.
A. put on; enjoying B. put on; enjoyed C. open on; enjoyed D. turn on; enjoy 13. Why do you have the water ___ all the time? A. ran B. running C. to be running D. being running 14. He must have ________ the funny story. I can’t believe that it’s true. A. picked up B. turned up C. done up D. made up

45 15. —Why did he have to leave school?
—He happened to _______ a laptop computer from the school lab. A. be seen steal B. be seen stealing C. be caught to steal D. catch stealing

46 Complete the following words according to the situations:
puzzled 1. The p_______ look on his face suggested that he knew nothing about the matter. 2. The 20th century w_________ the rapid development of information technology. 3. The crocodile is a strange-looking c_____. 4. _____________(研究人员)have recently discovered a new virus which may lead to immediate death. 5. We haven’t ruled out the p_________ that he committed suicide. witnessed creature Researchers possibility

47 6. She was f_________ to fall down from the top of the tall building.
7. D___________ at the plot of the film, he left before it was over. 8. With the teacher’s help, I have made great p_______ in my spoken English. 9. When the police arrived, he had already destroyed the e________ of his guilt. frightened Disappointed progress evidence

48 HOMEWORK ● Recite the useful words and expressions we have learned today. ● Finish Workbook P86-87.

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