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Unit 10 The Credibility Principle

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1 Unit 10 The Credibility Principle

2 I. Unit Objectives: Understand the importance of the Credibility Principle Learnning to read advertisement Understand the long and difficult sentences

3 II. Procedures i. Reading skill ii. Fast reading iii. Text
iv. Exercise

4 Reading skill: how to read advertisements
Most magazines and newspapers contain advertisements that are designed to make us want the product. The language of advertizing must be a language of immediate impact and rapid persuasion. If a reader’s attention is not attracted immediately and held firmly for the short amount of tme necessary to absorb what is being said, then the advertizement will have failed miserably. So the advertizing language uses a basically simple grammatical structure and a richly suggestive and descriptive vocabulary.

5 Proverbs about Credibility Principle
Slip, you can instantly restore stand; Faithless, you may never recover -Benjamin Franklin When credit disappeared, the body does not have the life –Dumas To keep his word is like defend your honor -Barzac No sooner said than done. 言出必行

6 A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain.
Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day. Better an honest enemy than a false friend. Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver.

7 Can you ignore it?? An interesting case
In ancient times, a business man once went across a river, accidentally falling into it and call out for help. A fisherman just came across and the business man said if the fisherman could help him, he would give him 100kg gold. Anyway, after helping him up ,he just gave the fisherman 10kg gold and left without a word. Several days later, when the businessman anew went through the river, he fells again and met the same fisherman. This time, no matter what the businessman said, the fisherman ignored it completely. And the businessman finally drowned… Can you ignore it??

8 Question: In modern times, there are quite a few phenomena of incredibility. How do you think of it?

9 About the author: Best-selling author Robert L. Shook has been working full-time as an author since Widely known as one of America's premier business writers, he is the best-selling author of four books, published in eight languages and holds over 100 weeks on the best-selling lists.

10 He is co-founder and past chairman of the board of Shook Associates Corporation, American Executive Corporation and American Executive Life Insurance Company. A former contributing editor of Success Magazine, he specializes in writing nonfiction, business-related books. Like many other established personages who admonish the world with their successful stories or experiences Robert Shook enthusiastically uses his own experiences,

11 or that of the persons he knows, to illustrate to us
the importance of abiding by the Credibility Principle. With his vivid and somewhat exaggerated way of narrating, we are brought to the realization that the Credibility Principle is blessing or curse of one's career. .

12 His famous books

13 Text Study: Structure of the article
Para 1~2 : The opening paragraphs of the article, stating the thesis and giving the readers a general idea of the passage. (Two sides of the circumstance) Para 3~14 : The author supports his idea by providing facts and his personal experience. (The question 2 of the comprehending the text) Para 15 : Conclusion of the article and the author put forward his hopes and suggestion to all us readers.

14 How does the author support his ideas?

15 Paragraph 1~2 Para 1 : The definition of Credibility Principle and the advantage of like that. Para 2 : Present some unfulfilled promises which disappoint a great many people in our daily life. And the disadvantage of it. ◎ Question Time Have you encountered these kinds of unfulfilled promises? Share it with us!

16 The person who does what he says he will do is a rare individual who stands tall in the crowd.
stand tall in the crowd: outstanding, excel in the crowd 出类拔萃 stand out like a camel among a group of sheep stand head and shoulders above others 出类拔萃,鹤立鸡群

17 Certainly we’ve all been in situations where we were “promised” performance and received only disappointment. 我们肯定都遇到过这种情况:别人答应我们做一件事情,结果我们得到的只是失望。

18 Paragraph 3~4 The case of an attorney, Dwight Knight, who violates
the Credibility Principle. He, sadly and finally, receives the bad result of his unreasonable actions to his clients, Leading others to decide to replace his law firm with another one.

19 His constant failure to meet promised deadlines causes him to lose much if not all of the goodwill he creates by his ability to “put a good product”. 他常常不能在约定的最后时刻履约,使他“靠拿出好成果”的能力建立的信誉损失殆尽 to lose much if not all:即使不是全部,至少也是大部分

20 例: Women are still expected to do most if not all of the cooking and cleaning. Once you think about it, you will realize that one or two, if not all three were likely to have happed by chance.

21 ◎ How to understand these sentences?
He gives you the run-around for the entire day.(Line 7 of Para 4) You can only conclude that he just doesn’t give a damn whether he inconveniences you or not. (Line 13 of Para 4)

22 ◎ How to understand this sentence?
Paragraph 5~6 The case of professions of doctors. Dr Morris, who is the author’s doctor, made a appointment with the author, but eventually let his patients wait for a long time. This irrational action annoys the author and break his own reputation. ◎ How to understand this sentence?

23 My “ex” personal physician, Boris, almost made me mad enough to give him a black eye for the abuse he inflicted upon me.(Line 4 of Para 5) 我的前私人医生鲍里斯因为作弄我把我气得发疯,差点照脸给他一拳。

24 Paragraph 7 The most infamous individuals who make
promises that they don’t fulfill are politicians, and finally cause the downfall Of our free enterprise system. ◎ Notice Enterprise : Small companies and factories, business and capital is not very large. Campaign : Activities in order to achieve a particular result, especially in politic.

25 It’s sad commentary on our political system and a distateful fact of life that the average American has lost confidence in our local and national leadership. 普通美国百姓对我们的地方和国家领导失去了信心,这对于我们的政治制度来说,实在是可悲可叹,也是我们生活中令人不快的事实。

26 This is probably the most notorious situation in which the public expects promises to be broken.

27 Para. 8-12 We felt that giving these companies slightly lower figures than we actually anticipated in sales volume for the upcoming year was preferable to quoting higher figures. 所以我们觉得,给这些公司上报比我们实际预测的稍微低一点的数字,比报高一点的数字要好。

28 Paragraph 13~14 Some talented people don’t
follow through when they deal with others and it results in their mediocre prospect. The case of Lynn Flynn (a real estate agent) is the typical example of this kind of people.

29 We like to believe that others are going to follow through when we deal with them, but many simply will not.(Line 1 of Para 13) 我们总爱相信,当我们与别人打交道时,他们会做到底。

30 Para 15: Conclusion Obeying the Credibility Principle, to a great extent, is the critic point in your career in the long run. Surely, you have to stick to it if you really want to be successful in the future and enjoy the longevity.

31 Main Idea form the text You must follow the Credibility Principle
in order to develop the wining image and to assure success in your career in the long run

32 ◎ Try to do this: Always do whatever you have said, and develop a fancy image among your fellows. It certainly will do a lot of good to you both at present and in the future! ◎ Wishes: All you clever guys can be in obedience to the Credibility Principle and have a brilliant future!

33 Assignments Thinking about this:
What have you learnt from the text? Will you abide by Credibility Principle in future? Finishing the exercises following the text

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