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Drugs! - Why do you think we need to learn about drug use and abuse?

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1 Drugs! - Why do you think we need to learn about drug use and abuse?
Do you see people around you using drugs? Why do you think they use drugs?

2 Understanding Drug Use and Abuse
Drug- A substance that changes the way the body or mind works Medicine- Used to prevent or cure illness, disease or relieve pain. Use vs. Abuse Use- Correct use of legal medicine to promote health Abuse- Using a harmful drug on purpose

3 Different types of drugs and their basic effects
Stimulants Speeds up body functions OTC- Used to relieve symptoms of illness Prescription Used for medical purposes

4 Amphetamines Depressant Erogenic Central Nervous System stimulant
Slows down body functions Erogenic Produces muscle growth

5 Methods of Drug use By mouth- Antibiotics, alcohol, pills
Injection into muscle or blood vessel- Shots, steroids, heroine Inhalation- Smoking, sniffing Absorption- Patches

6 How Drugs Affect Us Memory and thinking Communication skills
Speeds up or slows down body functions Liver disorders Heart Disease Cancer Immune System

7 Who Uses Drugs. According to the Minnesota Dept
Who Uses Drugs? According to the Minnesota Dept. Of Children, Families, and Learning. MN Student Survey

8 Drugs and their Effects
Effects on society Cause family breakdowns Divorce rates increase Increase crime 70% arrested in Chicago tested positive for drug use Criminal behavior develops as a means to support addiction

9 Alcohol consumption is associated with 27% of murders, 33% property offences, and more than 37% of all robberies. 40% of the people in jail admitted to drinking before committing a crime

10 Increase health care costs
Increase violence Increase in gang fights Inhibition to manage conflict Increase health care costs Drug related deaths More emergency room visits Newborn health problems Auto fatalities

11 Increase risk of HIV infection At the workplace
65.6% of workers reported alcohol use within the past month 9.7% of workers reported marijuana use within the past year. 70-75% drug users are employed Costing American businesses billions of dollars annually in lost productivity and increased health care costs

12 Personal Effects Physical effects Appetite may decrease
Sleeping is disrupted, become restless Sexual behavior changes Aggression increase, fights are common Increase illness and premature death

13 Emotional Effects Increased depression Mood changes
Difficulty recalling learned material Develop behavior patterns when under the influence Lower self-esteem

14 Why do some people choose to use?
Why do you think? Peer pressure, Media and society, lack of knowledge about the drug Having friends who use, belonging to a gang, being involved in school activities Easy access and ability to get alcohol, lack of coping skills

15 Why do most choose not to use?
Illegal Follow parent’s or guardian’s guidelines Protect your safety Being in control of your actions Being a good example for others Reduce violence and crime Stay eligible for sports

16 Decision Making Why is knowing how to make decisions so important?
Lead to actions that promote health Promote safety Protect laws Show respect for self and others Follow guidelines set by responsible adults Demonstrate good character and moral values

17 Five Step Model to Make a Decision
Identify decision to be made and state as question Identify and describe options and choices Identify criteria for making decisions Weigh each option and choice against criteria Make a decision and explain reasoning

18 Drug related decisions a teen must make
Should I try this drug? Will it make me cool? Will I disappoint my parents? Is it safe? Is it legal? Is it going to help me achieve my goals?

19 Peer Pressure It’s pressure people of similar age place on you to behave in certain ways It can be positive or negative

20 Resistance Skills Activity Use assertive behavior
Avoid saying, “NO, thank you.” Use nonverbal behavior that matches verbal behavior Influence others to choose responsible behavior

21 Avoid being in situations in which there will be pressure to make harmful decisions.
Avoid being with people who choose harmful actions Resist pressure to engage in illegal behavior

22 How can these resistance skills decrease drug use?
Being able to say no makes a person feel good. Being able to give certain reasons for saying no. Being able to identify a non-healthy situation. Being a positive role model and influencing others not to use. Gain confidence in yourself

23 What if resistance skills don’t seem to be working?
Find a responsible adult to talk to Use non-verbal behavior in the situation Avoid unhealthy situations Choose friends who do not use drugs Get away from the problem.

24 Inhalants are chemicals that are inhaled through the mouth and nose
Examples Glues, contact cement Gasoline Paint thinners Lighter fluid Shoe polish

25 Volatile Substance Rapidly changes from a liquid to a vapor.
If you need to use these, make sure you do so in a well ventilated area and follow the warning signs.

26 Inhalants… Mind-altering It is impossible to cut off the supply
It is found in every home, school, store, church, and workplace This drug is unique because most users and abusers are younger than older

27 Effects of inhalant use
Nausea, headache and amnesia Feeling of drunkenness Disorientation of time and space Sedation Recklessness Depression Drooling Impaired speech

28 In the long run… Use can cause damage to the nervous system, lungs, heart, and liver, and may cause death.

29 Why is inhalant use an unhealthy decision?
Sudden death Kidney failure Skeletal muscle weakness Accidents Aggressive and violent behavior Seizures

30 How do we know it’s an unhealthy decision?
Can change behavior Affects family and friends Grades may slip You may lose friends Serious illness or injury Illegal Violates parent guidelines

31 Rohypnol Abused as a “date rape” drug.
Mixed with alcohol it can incapacitate and prevent a victim from resisting sexual assault. Can be lethal “Rophies,” “roofies,” “roach,” “rope,” “date rape drug”


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