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5/3/20151 'When I have a test, I feel like I'm heading to my grave!’. Language Tests: Motivators or Demotivators? Faris Keblawi Al-Qasemi Academy - Israel.

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1 5/3/20151 'When I have a test, I feel like I'm heading to my grave!’. Language Tests: Motivators or Demotivators? Faris Keblawi Al-Qasemi Academy - Israel Saturday 10.04.2010

2 Motivation – how teachers, parents and policy makers view it Tests – their power / how teachers use them / how students view tests Personal relevance

3 the relationhsip between motivation and language tests When tests demotivate learners When tests motivate learners What learners do to overcome the demotivating experiences 5/3/20153 What is this presentation about?

4 Important remarks Research still ongoing Not all data was analyzed It is possible to interpret the data in more than one way The findings might be relevant to other subjects as well

5 Self determination theory – – autonomy, intrinsic, extrinsic motivation, amotivation Goal theories – difficulty/ specificity and commitment – performance vs. mastery Attribution theories – how individual perceive their experiences – locus of causality –locus of control Demotivation 5/3/20155 Motivation

6 Characteristics of Motivation / demotivation Dynamic – Change in motivation intensity – Contextualtiy of motivation The general learning context The specific learning context The specific aspect of the learned language Complex – one can be motivated by more than one type of motive at a time

7 MotivationActionSuccess Circular – the notion of resultative motivation Motivation ---------------  Success Differences between motivation and demotivation

8 Widespread use of languages tests to test learners / assessing candidates’ verbal abilities Different kinds of languages tests: – Proficiency tests - – Achievement tests – Diagnostic tests – Placement tests But high stakes proficiency tests were ‘at the corner’ all the time 5/3/20158 Language tests We are interested in these two tests

9 Plenty of research on motivation and LLM / on language tests Little research on how tests affect LLM. Tests as extrinsic motivators Tests as demotivators – Shohamy 2001 – Problem with referring to tests’ related factors – Dörnyei (1998) – experiences of failure or lack of success were second in frequency – Sakai and Kikuchi's (2009) – test scores were even more demotivating than teachers’ behavior and competence. Tests as intrinsic motivators?! Tests and motivation – What does research say? 5/3/20159

10 How tests affect language learners’ motivation Can language tests motivate learners? How? Can language tests demotivate learners? How? How language learners cope with the demotivating experiences caused by tests? 5/3/201510 Research issues

11 Qualitative method – questions of HOW semi-structured interviews of 20 high school Arab learners of English, divided equally between male and female learners. Good, average and weak students were included 6 teachers were interviewed as well. Not reported here. Research method, tools and participants 5/3/201511

12 When performing well in tests is perceived as a matter of chance – “ The tests do not reflect what the students know. Chance plays a role. If you get one multiple choice question wrong, you lose 10 points ”. (Sh-F) - A ttribution theory / Amotivation Tests as demotivators 5/3/201512

13 When perceived as not reflecting students’ abilities – lack validity – “ I had one student who had a native like accent with very sophisticated writing abilities. She wrote English poems that were enjoyable to read, but she didn’t use to do well in tests… It was difficult for me to give her exam papers back as I could read the frustration in her face and eyes ”. (F-F-teacher) Tests as demotivators – cnt’d 5/3/201513

14 When learners feel they are not ready for the test: – ‘Before I came to this school the teacher would explain everything for us, a piece by piece…. On the day of the test we would be ready’ – ‘There is too much to study with little time’ - attribution Tests as demotivators – cnt’d 5/3/201514

15 When the tests are perceived too difficult / unfair: – ‘The tests are of high level. Since I feel I’m below average I do not do well. I try to study but in vain’. Goal Theories When the experiences of failure repeat: – ‘But..but after a while one loses hope’ - amotivation Tests as demotivators – cnt’d 5/3/201515

16 When other learners get higher marks because they cheat: – ‘About 10 students cheat in tests and they get marks that they do not deserve. It’s not fair it is even frustrating’. Tests as demotivators – cnt’d 5/3/201516

17 Tests as motivators – Extrinsic motive 5/3/201517 Study only for the test Interviewer – Well...If you were told the English tests would be abolished, how would you react? Student: I’ll be extremely pleased...I mean any student will be happy if tests were abolished...yes...we’ll be pleased Interviewer: Now if they totally abolish all the English tests, would you still sit at home and study amm.. grammar and learn vocabulary Student: [with much assertion] No! Of course not! This will never happen.

18 Tests as motivators – Extrinsic motive 5/3/201518 The need to meet other’s expectations, family, teachers… I feel scared of the English test..and.. especially if my father wants me to do well in it’ (O-M) Avoiding punishment – ‘My dad will certainly punish me if I do not get a high mark. But…I only think of test on the day of the test’..

19 Tests as motivators – Extrinsic motive 5/3/201519 Want to get a tangible benefit – If my father promises to buy me something, then I make sure to get a high mark, even through cheating’ (copying from others). (A-M)

20 Tests as motivators – Extrinsic motive 5/3/201520 An opportunity to get recognition – ‘I didn’t usually get high scores in tests. In the last test I got a very high score and I felt proud when I talked to my teacher in the presence of my classmates. My teacher approached me and told me how proud he was of me. I decided to study harder in order to do well in all future tests’ – Note the circularity of motivation

21 Intrinsic motivation 5/3/201521 Looking forward for tests: Interviewer :..and how do you feel when you have a test? Student: English… I feel enthusiastic! Interviewer : Why do you feel so? Student: Because I love English and I know that I will do well in the test. Intrinsic motive – accomplishing a goal / stimulation

22 First reaction- letting it out! The boys curse! ‘I started to curse the test…’ (N-M) ‘ I immediately tear the paper apart’ The girls are more gentle!? ‘When I do not do well, I cry!’ ‘I cried a bit…because my mark wasn’t that good..but then … I forgot’ Coping with demotivation cnt’d 5/3/201522

23 Ignore it, leave it to time or busy yourself with something else ‘I played on my computer. I tried to forget and I throw away the exam paper... I do not see it [the exam paper] again and I won’t remember it. ….I throw it and forgot it!’ ‘We say [the girl and her friends], we do not want to talk about it…I try not to talk about it to others’ Coping with demotivation cnt’d 5/3/201523

24 Working on one’s own self-esteem / motivation ‘I told myself… this is not the first or last test …[sometimes] one fails a test’ (F) ‘I convinced myself that I deserve more and that this mark does not reflect me’. (N-M) ‘I try to motivate myself by [saying to myself] that I will do better in the next test’. (O-M) Coping with demotivation cnt’d 5/3/201524

25 Accept / seek help from others Student: It’s not that I got a very low mark...but it was a mark that did not suit me. The teacher told me she was surprised and she offered help. She asked me to go to her if there was anything I did not understand. Interviewer: Did this help you? Student: Of course it did! I felt she cared about me and loved me...and.. (RW-F) Coping with demotivation cnt’d 5/3/201525

26 Get more motivated! – reflect / learn from mistakes to do better I tried my best to know what I should do in order to do better in the future tests…and I improved. (S-M) ‘I examine the mistakes I made in order not to repeat them’. (F-M) Coping with demoivation cont’d 5/3/201526

27 Tests can demotivate learners when: performing well in tests is perceived as a matter of chance tests are perceived unfair / too difficult when they lack validity – they do not reflect learner’s knowledge learners feel they are not ready to take a test learners repeatedly fail them / get low marks when other perform better through cheating Conclusions 5/3/201527

28 Conclusions Tests can extrinsically motivate learners: Many learners study only for tests When learners want to please / not disappoint others When learners want to avoid punishment When learners want to get tangible benefits When learners want recognition

29 Conclusions Tests can intrinsically motivated learners When learners seek challenge and chance to show their talents

30 Conclusions Dealing with demotivation Letting it out Ignoring it Working on one’s self esteem Seek help from others Reflect and learn from mistakes / faliures

31 Recommendations Make the tests as fair as possible Give sufficient time for students to prepare Offer students help if they experience failure Teach students how to deal with the results of tests Do not only use test Do not use tests as punishment

32 Thank you!

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