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牛津译林版模块 4 语言点检测题 (A) 1. Bill’s aim is to inform the viewers that cigarette advertising on TV is illegal,_____? A. isn’t it B. is it C. isn’t he D. is.

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Presentation on theme: "牛津译林版模块 4 语言点检测题 (A) 1. Bill’s aim is to inform the viewers that cigarette advertising on TV is illegal,_____? A. isn’t it B. is it C. isn’t he D. is."— Presentation transcript:


2 牛津译林版模块 4 语言点检测题 (A) 1. Bill’s aim is to inform the viewers that cigarette advertising on TV is illegal,_____? A. isn’t it B. is it C. isn’t he D. is he 2. The lady ____in red is a successful writer, who____ Jack last year. A. dressed; married B. dressing; married to C. dressed; get married with D. dressing; was married to

3 3. I suggested that a doctor _____ immediately. A. be sent for B. must sent for C. should sent for D. was sent for 4. We saw the hill, and ____there used to be a temple. A. in front of which B. on the top of which C. at the foot of it D. from it 5. His money was ____buying this kind of things. A. cost B. wasted C. took D. paid

4 6. The dog ____Huang Huang belongs to ____. A. named ;the Smiths B. named ;the Smith’s C. named by; Smith D. whose name was ;the Smiths’ 7. It ___that I met one of my old classmates on my way home yesterday. A. occurred B. happened C. took place D. broken out

5 8. Hearing the news, he rushed out of the room _____the book ____ on the table and disappeared into the distance. A.left ;lain open B. left ;lay opened C. leaving ;lie opened D. leaving ;lying open 9. ---- ____, a fire-engine is running over towards us. ----Yes, a big fire ______nearby, I guess. A. Take care; must break out B. Look out; must have broken out C. Be careful; must break out D. Look; was broken out

6 10. ______ is known to all that the Chinese is a hard working people. A. As B. That C. This D. It 11. She is used to ____. Though he is _____, he doesn’t feel ____. A. live alone; alone; lonely B. living alone; alone; lonely C. living lonely; lonely; alone D. live lonely; lonely; alone

7 12____ the meeting himself gave them a great deal of encouragement. A. The president will attend B. The president to attend C. The president attended D. The president’s attending 13.The plane flew ____ in the sky and the people spoke ____ of the experienced pilot. A. highly ; high B. high ; high C. highly ; highly D. high; highly

8 14. ----Sorry to ____ you, but could I ask a quick question? ----No problem. A. worry B. prevent C. trouble D. disappoint 15. It is what you do rather than what you say ____ matters. A. that B. what C. which D. this 16. ----It’s cloudy outside. Please take an umbrella. ----____. A. Yes, take it easy B. Well, it just depends C. OK, just in case D. All right, you’re welcome

9 17..I can’t remember when exactly the Robinsons left ____ city. I only remember it was ____ Monday. A. the; the B. a; the C. a; a D. the; a 18..He suddenly saw Sue ____ the room. He pushed his way ____ the crowd of people to get to her. A. across; acrossB. over; through C. over; into D. across; through

10 (B) 1.He insisted that he _____ the best, so he insisted that he _____ the work all by himself. A. be; doB. was; do C. be; did D. had been; had done 2. He came to the meeting _____ his serious illness A. despite B. through C. past D. despise

11 3. I am not used _____ to like that. A. to being spoken B. to speak C. being spoken D. to speaking 4. Children at the beginning of this century _____ a lot and _____ themselves greatly even without television. A. used to read; enjoying B. used to read; enjoyed C. were used to reading; enjoy D. were used to read; enjoying

12 5.The police are _____ a big reward for any information about the murder. A. dealing B. gaining C. offering D. offending 6. The last man _____ the sinking ship was the captain. A. leftB. to be leaving C. to leaveD. leaves

13 7. I fell in love with her_____ I met her. This is the first time we _____. So it is time I _____. A. first time; have a date; leave B. for the first time; had had a date; have left C. the first time; have had a date; left D. by the first time; have a date; left 8. You have been late for 2 hours; otherwise, we _____ the whole design. A. have fulfilledB. fulfilled C. should have fulfilledD. will have fulfilled

14 9. Of course, she behaved awfully, but _____ she is your sister. A. after all B. in all C. at allD. all in all 10. It was a matter of _____ would take the position. A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever

15 11. _____ you lose confidence, you can never expect to do your work well. A. Twice B. Before C. OnceD. Unless 12. _____ we have finished the course, we shall take a new one. A. Now that B. Since that C. Since now D. By now

16 13. We’ll go to Paris for our holiday ____ it isn’t too expensive. A. Except B. provided C. so far as D. unless 14. We’ll have to _____ the well if we want more water. A. enlarge B. widen C. deepen D. sharpen

17 15. She was not _____ of his presence in the room. A. astonished B. awake C. familiar D. conscious 16. This collection of short stories is said _____ into five foreign languages A. to translate B. to have been translated C. to be translatedD. being translated

18 17. The police _____ him of stealing a car. A. warned B. charged C. accused D. threatened 18. The museum is _____. A.worth to be visited B. worthy being visited C. worthy to be visited D. worth being visited

19 19. When I turned to the person _____ next to me, I recognized that he was my schoolmate. A. seating B. seated C. sit D. sat 20. Since you have come so far with your experiment, you _____ carry it through to the end. A. may B. might C. may well D. may as well

20 21. Was _____ that I saw last night at the concert? A. it you B. not you C. you D. that yourself 22. _____ in the newspaper that there is another good harvest this year. A. It has reported B. As is reported C. That is reported D. It is reported

21 23. _____ winter _____ on, it’s time to buy warm clothes. A. With; comeB. Have; coming C. With; comingD. Having; come 24. He would always _____ anyone in difficulty. A.lend a hand to B. play his hand to C. shake hands with D. raise his hand against

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