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Commonly Misspelled Words. 1.Spelling and Sound Many spelling mistakes result from similarities in the pronunciation of words with very different meanings.

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1 Commonly Misspelled Words

2 1.Spelling and Sound Many spelling mistakes result from similarities in the pronunciation of words with very different meanings. These are covered in the list below. Other words that cause spelling difficulties are listed separately. absent (adjective)absence (noun) absorb absorption acceptexcept access (entry)excess (too much) advice (noun)advise (verb) affect (to influence)effect (result) allowed (permitted)aloud alter (change)altar (in a church) appraise (value)apprise (inform) bittenbeaten base (foundation)bass (in music)

3 bath (noun)bathe (verb) believe (verb)belief (noun) berry (fruit) bury (the dead) beside (by the side of)besides (as well as) birthberth (bed) bizarre (strange)bazaar (market) bloc (political grouping)block breath (noun)breathe (verb) buoy (in water)boy buy (purchase)by cash cache (hiding place) casual (informal)causal (to do with causes) cause case ceiling (above you)sealing ceased (stopped)seized (grabbed) chickcheek chose (past tense)choose (present tense) cite (make reference to)sightsite climaticclimactic cloths (fabrics)clothes

4 coma (unconscious)comma (punctuation) compliment (praise)complement (make complete) conscious (aware)conscience (sense right) contractconstruct convincedconvicted (of a crime) conventional (usual)convectional conversationconservationconcentration council (group)counsel (advice) cord (rope)chord (music) coursecoarse (rough) credible (believable)creditable (deserving credit) critic (one who criticizes)critique (piece of criticism) defer (show respect)differ deference (respect)difference deprecate (criticize)depreciate (reduce in value) desert (dry place)dessert (sweet) device (thing)devise (to plan) died/had dieddead/was dead dissent (protest)descent (downward motion) distant (adjective)distance (noun)

5 edition (of a book etc.)addition (something added) emigrantimmigrant envelop (verb)envelope (noun) exceptexpect fearfairfare (payment) feelingfilling fellfeelfill flaunt (display)flout forwardforeword (in a book) forgo (do without)forego (go before) formallyformerly (previously) forth (forward)fourth (after third) foulfowl (birds) futurefeature genus (biological type)genius (creative intelligence) greetgreatgrate (scrape) guided (led)guarded (protected) hadheardhead heathearthate heir (inheritor)air

6 humanhumane (kind) illicit (not permitted)elicit (bring forth) illusion (unreal image)allusion (reference) immigrateemigrate independent (adjective)independence (noun) inhabit (live in)inhibit (retard) instance (occurrence)instants (moments) intense (concentrating)intents isle (island)aisle (to walk in) knownonow lacklake laterlatterletter lath (piece of wood)lathe (machine) leaveleaf leadled lessenlesson letlate leavelive leavingliving liable (responsible)libel (legal action

7 lightning (from clouds)lightening (becoming lighter) lose (be unable to find)loose (not tight) mad (insane)mademaid (servant) manmen martial (to do with fighting)marshal mentalmetal merrymarry metmeetmate minor (under age)miner (underground) mist (light fog)missed moral (ethical)morale (spirit) mourning (after death)morning newknew ofoff onown onesonce painpane (of glass) patients (sick people)patience (ability to wait) peer (look closely)pier (wharf) perpetrate (be guilty of)perpetuate (cause to continue)

8 perquisite (privilege)prerequisite (requirement) personal (private)personnel (employees) perspective (vision)prospective (anticipated) poorpour (liquid) pore precede (go before)proceed (continue) precedentpresident presents (gifts)presence (being there) price (cost)prize (reward) principleprincipal (of a school) quay (wharf- pronounced key)key quitequiet (not noisy) rein (to control animals)rain reign (of a monarch release (let go)realize (discover) relieve (verb)relief (noun) response (noun)responds (verb) ridride riddenwritten riserice writerite (ritual) right rodrode

9 rote (repetition)wrote savedserved sawsosew secretsacred (holy) seam (in clothes etc.)seem (appear) scene (location)seen sell (verb)sale (noun)sail (boat) sensescensus (population count) shedshade shoneshown shotshort sitsatset smellsmile snakesnack (small meal) soarsore (hurt) sole (single)soul (spirit) sort (type or kind)sought (looked for) stationery (paper)stationary (not moving) steal (present tense)stole (past tense) straight (not crooked)strait (of water)

10 striped (e.g., a zebra)stripped (uncover) suitsuite (rooms for music)sweet supersupper (meal) supposesupposed to sympathies (noun)sympathize (verb) tale (story)tail talktook taptape thanthen theytheretheir thingthink thisthese throwthrew (past tense) throughthorough tiedtired urban (in cities)urbane (sophisticated) vanish (disappear)varnish vein (to carry blood)vain vision (sight)version waist (your middle)waste

11 waitweight (heaviness) waive (give up)wave weak (not strong)week wantsonce weather (sunny, wet, etc.)whether (or not) weddingweeding werewhere wholly (completely)holy (sacred)holly womanwomen wonworn yoke (for animals)yolk (of an egg)

12 Other Commonly Misspelled Words abbreviationcarpentry absencecautious acceleratorceiling accidentchangeable accidentallycharacter accommodationchlorophyll achievechoir acknowledgechrome acquirechronological acquisitioncigarette or cigaret acquitcoincidence acrecolleague acrosscolonel addresscolossal adjacentcolumn

13 advertisementcommitment affidavitcommittee ambulancecomparative amoebacompetition amongcompetitor amountcomplexion analogousconceive analysiscondemn anxiousconjunction apparatusconnoisseur apparentlyconsensus appreciateconsistent approachcontroller architectconvenience argumentcooperation asininecooperative authorcourteous auxiliarycourtesy bacteriacreator basicallycreature

14 batterycriticism beautifuldecisive beginningdefinite behaviordelicious believedescription boastdesirable boastfuldespair breakfastdespise bulletindestroy burglardevelop burialdiesel burieddifferent businessdilemma candidatedining Caribbeandisappear disappointforetell disastrousforty discriminationfourth diseasefulfill disintegrategamete

15 dissatisfiedgermination dominategovernment dormitorygrammar doublegrateful doubtfulgruesome drunkardguarantee drunkennessguerillas duchessguilty duehappened dyinghappiest eclipsehatred effectivehectare efficienthelpful eighthhumor embarrasshyena employeehypothesis encourageimaginary enemyimagine enmityimmigration enormousimportance

16 entertainindispensable enthusiasminoculate entitleintention, intentional entrepreneurinterrupt environmentirrelevant enzymeisosceles epidermisitinerary epididymisjealous especiallyjeopardy essentialjournalist exaggeratejump excessivejunction excitekneel exerciseknowledge exhilarationknowledgeable existencelaboratories existentlaboratory experiencelanguage extraordinarylazy, laziness Fahrenheitledger

17 faithfulleisure faithfullyliberation faultlibrary favorlicense favoritelieutenant financiallikable foreignerliquid, liquefy literatureprescription lyingprivilege maneuverprogram marvelousproperly medicinepsychiatric medievalpsychological membranepunctuation mercifulpursue mermaidquestionnaire millenniareally millenniumreceipt millionairerecommend mischiefreferee

18 mischievousreference modernregret nakedrepeat naughtyrepetition necessaryreplies necessityreply neighborresidence (place) noticeableresidents (people) nuclearrestaurant nucleusrevolutionary obsceneryhme obsolescentrhythm obsoletesaddest occasionsandals occasionalscene occupyschedule occurscience occurredscissors occurrencescream omelet or omelettesearch

19 omitseize ourselvessense paidseparate parallelShakespearean parliamentshining partyshotgun permissiblesigh permissionsignificant perpendicularsimultaneous perseverancesincerely photosynthesisskillful playfulslippery possessslogan possessionsmart poultrysolemn predictablespaghetti pregnancyspeech pregnantspongy prerogativesponsor staletheatre

20 stingytheoretical stomachtheory stubborntitle studioustough studyingtragedy stupefytrophy stupidtruly subordinateunique subpoenauntil substitutevacancy subtle, subtletyvacillate suburbsvaluable succeedvegetable success, successfulvehicle sue, suingvicious summaryvisitor surprisedvolume surreptitiousvoluntary surroundedWednesday survivewelcome

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