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Keys to Ex. 1 cube cubic base basic mercy merciful fancy fanciful stain stainless care careless caution cautious poison poisonous.

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1 Keys to Ex. 1 cube cubic base basic mercy merciful fancy fanciful stain stainless care careless caution cautious poison poisonous

2 expect expectation relax relaxation produce production reduce reduction identify identification satisfy satisfaction strong strengthen long lengthen freezing freeze disappointing disappoint

3 Keys to Ex. 2: 1.The greengrocer at the corner is probably the most convenient to reach. 2.If you want to apply for a credit card, you must provide valid identification. 3.You need to approach that animal with caution as it may bite. 4.She is passive during meetings and does not contribute to discussions at all.

4 5.I found his phone number in the directory and tried to call/ring him up last night, but there was no reply. Later I found I dialed the wrong number. 6.I don’t think of my hometown very much, only now and then. 7.Luckily the rainfall stopped abruptly before I left. 8.In a courtroom it is sometimes difficult to distinguish who is innocent and who is guilty.

5 file, abruptly, valid, product, seize, perfume, criterion, set about When I first applied for a patent I was very puzzled by the______. I had produced a new type of lily. I was amazed when my application was _______ refused. The patent officer dealing with my ____ explained to me that a new plant variety is not a _______ invention as it is a result of adjusting growth scientifically. However, she suggested that I should produce a _______ from my lily. With her encouragement, I decided to _______ the opportunity to make a real invention, so I _________ my studies on developing my ________ for which I hope I will succeed in applying for a patent. criteria abruptly file valid perfume seize set about product

6 Answer key for exercise 2 on page 24 1.We need another copy of the _____ agreement. 2.He seemed ___________ by the failure of his patent. 3.She tried to make herself __________ while giving her talk. 4.I was ___________ to see our team ______ by a weaker team. 5.My mother appeared ______ with the lanterns she had made. signed disappointed understood embarrassed beaten pleased

7 Answer key for exercise 3 on page 24 If you want to be an inventor, you must have a plan ________ to solve a particular problem. This is not as easy as it sounds. Many ideas, _________ after weeks of research, may not prove successful. Many unsuccessful approaches are _______, and only the most creative and successful ones are ________. Each idea ______ by you will need to be ________ until it leads you closer to a new invention. Once this hard work has been completed and the patent committee has approved your design, you will find your new invention _______ on all sides. designed developed rejected welcomed testedimproved adopted

8 Answer key for exercise 4 on page 24 1.We saw _________________ on TV yesterday. 2.He left the car lights on overnight and in the morning she couldn’t get ______________. 3.Catherine wants __________________________ in the gallery. 4.You’d better have _____________________ before I get home from work. It’s in a mess. the play performed the car started her paintings displayed your courtyard tidied

9 5.I felt _____________ forward when the bus stopped. 6.I won’t have ________________ with useless discussion. 7.I cannot bear the smell of _____________ on the barbecue. 8.The host found _________________ to the party were late because of traffic jams. myself thrown my time taken up burnt sausage some guests invited

10 set out = to begin to do sth; to make plans to do sth set down = to write about sth set up = to build set off = to begin a journey; to set fire to set aside = to cancel; to ignore set about = to start doing sth; to deal with sth in a particular way Keys to Exercise 1 on Page 63

11 1.When George _______ his sister’s wishes she was very upset. 2.The day they ______ was cold and windy and looked as if it would rain. 3.She ________ all her working experience in her resume. set aside set out set down

12 4. Are you ready? We will ______ to climb the mountain. 5. The government has _____ a committee to look into the affair. 6. Zhang Lijuan agreed to move and _______ packing all her goods. 7. Before the fireworks were lit, my uncle _______ all the rockets. set off set up set about set off

13 Keys to Ex 2 on Page 63 Before the telephone was invented, people used Morse code to contact each other. They only needed to _____ a pattern of _____ along a _____ to create a message that could be sent hundreds of miles. This invention was very ________ and served people very well. In the 18 th century in the Midwest of the USA it was ______. It warned the law officials of the coming of those unwanted for serious crimes. It also spread good news far and wide-the discovery of gold in California, for example. It was so important that job applicants for the railway had to prove their __________ in Morse code. In this way, the railway __________ were very quickly made aware of any problem to the track of the trains. Of course, nowadays, with more modern _______ ways of sending information, Morse code has become much less popular. But we should not forget how valuable it was in the past in helping to make a really unsettled environment more ________. tap dots wire practical invaluable competence personnel dynamic stable

14 Keys to Ex 3 on Page 63 A: Hello. Can you put me through to ________ 256, please? B: _________, I’m putting you through. A: Hello, Serena. I was expecting you to ______ me ____ testerday. C: I’m sorry. I tried but your phone was _________ and I could’t __________. A: Oh, dear! I’m sorry about that. I didn’t realize that. C: And I am rather busy now. Would you mind if I _____ you _____ later? I’ll ________ now. A: Not at all. I will be waiting for your call. extension Hang on ring up out of order get through call back ring off

15 1.The eyewitness – a green grocer proved in court that the driver was innocent of the terrible accident, which caused a traffic jam that lasted for several hours. 2.I could not bear to live in a city with so much rainfall even though it is good for my skin. 3.Helicopters and jeeps are widely used in current wars. 4.My associate checked the telephone directory and found the number to dial the after-sales service department when his refrigerator broke down. Keys for Ex 4 on Page 63

16 5.The little girl bumped her head on a corner of the desk and it left a mark like a triangle on her forehead. 6.The identification of the correct route was difficult as it was so foggy early in the morning. 7.Even though he couldn’t swim, he dived into the river to save the little girl. 8.In summer, farmers like to wear straw hats while working in the fields.

17 Grammar ----- -----Revise the Past Participle as the Attribute, Predicative and Object Complement

18 过去分词做定语: 表示分词动作与所修饰的名词之间存在被动关 系。单一的过去分词做定语一般防在被修饰的 名词之前;过去分词短语做定语放在被修饰的 名词之后,过去分词及过去分词短语做定语均 可以转换为一个定语从句。 Explanation-(12m)

19 破损的窗户很快就会被换掉。 ______________________will be replaced soon. = The window which was broken will be replaced soon. 昨天买的书确实不错。 The books _______________are of high quality. = the books which were bought yesterday are of high quality. The broken window bought yesterday

20 完成下面句子: 1.______________( 污染的 )air and water are harmful to people’s health. 2. The problem ________________ (在会议上 讨论的) yesterday was very difficult to solve. Polluted discussed

21 过去分词作表语:过去分词做表语,表示主语的 状态,且该状态通常是由外界因素引起的。这时 过去分词可以被看作一个形容词,是形容词化的 过去分词。 我对金庸写的小说很感兴趣。______________________________________.当他听到他在比赛中赢得第一名时很兴奋。 He became _____________ when he heard he had won the first place in the competition. I’m interested in reading novels written by Jin Yong excited

22 过去分词作宾语补足语:做宾语补足语的过去分 词一般是及物动词,和宾语有逻辑上的主谓关系。 可以带过去分词做宾语补足语的动词有: 1.see, hear, watch, feel, think, find 等表示感觉和 心理状态的动词。 我们发现她变了很多。 ___________________________________. We found her greatly changed

23 2.make, get, have,help, leave 等表示 “ 致使 ” 意义的动 词。 什么使他们这样害怕? _________________________________., want, wish, order 等表示 “ 希望,要求 ” 等意 义的动词。 他不想让这样的问题在会上讨论。 He won’t like such questions________________________. What made them so frightened? discussed at the meeting

24 单项选择: 1.You can make yourself ______in English pretty well if you keep on speaking the language. A.understand B. understanding C. to understand D. understood 2.---- There is a hole in your bag. ---- I know. I’m going to have it ________. A.mend B. mending C. mended D. to be mended D C

25 3.----How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? ---- The key ______ the problem is to meet the demand ____ by the customers. solving; making B. to solving; made C. to solve; making D. to solve; made 4.English is a language ____ all around the world and is the _____ language of most international organizations. speak, working B. spoken, working C. speaking, worked D. spoken, worked B B

26 5. A: Who are those people with the banner? B: A group ____ itself the League for Peace. A.calling B. calls C. called D. is called 6.There was a terrible noise_____ a sudden burst of light. A.followed B. following C. to be followed D. being followed A B

27 7.How to feed a ____ population is a problem that is _____ many people. A.growing, troubling B. grown, troubled C. growing, troubled D. grown, troubling 8.He found a magazine _____ with the owner’s name_____ on the desk with the back cover _____ off. A.marking, lying, torn B. marked, lying, torn C. marked, laid, tearing D. marking, laying, tearing A B

28 高考链接: 1.Sarah, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to _____ before the party. A.get changed B. get change C. get changing D. get to change 2.The disc digitally _____ in the studio, sounded fantastic at the party that night. A.recorded B. recording C. to be recorded D. having recorded A A

29 3. 3. Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company, ____ as 3M. A.knowing B. known C. being known D. to be known 4.You should understand the traffic rule by now. You’ve had it ______ often enough. A. explaining B. to explain C. explain D. explained B D

30 Using structures disappointingdisappointed Answer key for exercise 1 on page 65

31 amusing amused

32 confusingconfused

33 surprisedsurprising

34 inspiredinspiring

35 shockingshocked

36 1.confused, confusing 2.shocked, shocking 3.surprised, surprising 4.amusing, amused 5.disappointing, Disappointed 6.inspiring, inspired Answer key for exercise 2 on page 65

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