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A Visitor’s Welcome to Britain November 2007. Setting the Scene…..  Welcome is an important consideration - given the approach of ‘London 2012’  A first.

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1 A Visitor’s Welcome to Britain November 2007

2 Setting the Scene…..  Welcome is an important consideration - given the approach of ‘London 2012’  A first class welcome raise impressions of Britain  Anholt-GMI Nation Brand Index Survey: the UK only achieved an overall ranking of 17 (out of 35)  Wanted to explore welcome in Britain and the interplay between expectations and reality

3 Objectives…..  Provide a realistic portrait of the experiences of people during their time in the UK, with particular reference to during their time in the UK, with particular reference to welcome touch points.  Specific objectives are to:- - Understand the context of the trip and any - expectations pre travel - Explore how experience is interpreted and influences memory - Assess overall impression of the UK and how this compares to expectations in other countries

4 Our Visitors….. USA Spain Italy India China Germany Russia

5 Pre Trip Expectations - WM - -Previous travel experience - -Media Methodology…. Initial Impressions Lasting Impression - -Memories - -What they are telling friends Trip -1 week Trip + 3 weeks The UK experience Post trip rationalisation

6 Dimensions of Welcome greet regard accept Positive personal interactions ‘Be Welcomed’ See and experience good infrastructure Feel safe and reassured Feel included ‘Feel welcomed’ Welcome is a complex phenomenon determined by personal interactions and the environment

7 Visitors have 3 expectations of Britain The Culture The Country The British

8 Welcome in Britain? Overall, welcome can be divided into 2 main areas Professional Expectations are high Expect good infrastructure eg. Airport, transport Personal Quite low Efficient at best But perhaps off hand and even arrogant eg. pubs, asking in the street, B&B Needs to live up to expectations of efficient modern society Personal welcome offers more scope for impact

9 Visitor Touch Points……. Professional Personal Port of Entry Transport System HotelB&B Restaurant Pub Market Shops Attractions Authorities Info centre Events and festivals

10 VisitBritain FCO British Council UKTI Tourism Packagers Media Travel Agents UKvisas Websites Borders & Immigration BAA HMRC British Ports Baggage Handling Tour Reps Shopping / BAA TICs Friends/ Relations ATOC TFL Taxis Transport Buses Media TV Police Toilets Motorway Services Forum for the Future Tourism For All N.Ireland Wales Scotland Regions Tourism SE DCMS Tourism Alliance Visit London People 1st LONDON 2012 ENTRY BORDERS UKinbound IN-DESTINATION The Customer Journey…..

11 Essential Touch Points….. Port of Arrival Transport Professional welcome Professional and personal welcome Accommodation Eating out

12 Ports of Arrival….. Positives Well signed Few experienced long queuing Help/ information available Good amenities No baggage issues Negatives Generic appearance Can feel dated and a bit staid Long queues for some Lots of walking Little forthright welcome Suggestions Positive UK imagery Personal welcome from all employees? ‘Greeters’ to utilise queuing time and maximise welcome Ensure efficiency Arrival is a time of excitement, providing key first impression. There is potential to embrace this opportunity further. Vast majority arrived at a London airport Experience tended to be efficient, but not overly welcoming

13 Transport…. Transport Ideal Good network coverage Reliability Frequent Well mapped Available help Good signage Good value Train Long distance more accommodating Bus 24 / 7 service More cost effective Tube Staff praised Available and helpful Unreliable Hot and crowded Expensive Stairs/ luggage access Unreliable Expensive Lack info / assistance Unreliable Unclear (on board) Difficult at night

14 Accommodation….  This is possibly the most important touch point  Experience is very budget dependent High End Comfortable Needs attended too Friendly and helpful Knowledgeable Accommodating Concierge a particular positive Low End Very inconsistent Can impress Middle can also disappoint But often… Size of rooms Cleanliness Unfriendly Unhelpful Bad food Poor value

15 Food….. English food better than reputation Prominent ‘food’ culture Plenty of variety Multicultural influences Service generally ok Versatile for budget Indian and Italian restaurants are felt more welcoming than English Variable service Rigid eating times Expensive Attitude to children More could be done to promote the changing reality of food in the UK – if not British Food ‘There’s a big Indian and Pakistani population, so it’s a good opportunity to try a spicy hot curry” Achille, Italy

16 Optional Touch Points… Pubs Bars, Clubs and Live Music Sport Shopping and Markets Take part and feel included Professional welcome via infrastructure Tourist Attractions Information Centres

17 Lasting Impressions….. Good Variety of things to do UK independence and uniqueness People are friendlier Pubs, pints and market Food Multicultural feel Parks Rural UK Free museums ‘Attention to detail’ Tourist friendly Less Good Expense Travel with kids Airports Queuing (Exit) Tube Some accommodation Balance sheet is strong, but not entirely positive

18 Impressions… Mismatch between expectation and reality Britain is more welcoming than previous thought Britain Reality Britain Perception Brand Product Cognitive Dissonance

19 Influences….. Media TV, news media, literature, film, Internet … travel guides Word of mouth Most personally impactful and motivating Positive UK Experience Product Brand

20 Improving the product welcome….. Essential to have a product that delivers against expectations of a global, modern destination Areas for improvement include: Meeting efficiency expectations (particularly transport) Highlighting cost effective solutions (travel) Accreditation – reliable and welcoming accommodation Staff training – understand the tourist experience Maximising personal greeting Better provision for families and children All framed within a welcoming environment Small ‘surprises’ can make a big impact

21 Improving the Brand welcome….. Britain 2007 Multicultural The Modern British Food Real Britain

22 Thank you

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