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Oracle Contact Center Anywhere: Selling the Value of OCCA – Hosting Partner James Owens – BDM, Specialty Sales, APAC.

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1 Oracle Contact Center Anywhere: Selling the Value of OCCA – Hosting Partner James Owens – BDM, Specialty Sales, APAC

2 SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

3 Themes Hot Buttons What are the customer's hot buttons or compelling business event to go down this road? Qualifying Questions Questions you need to ask your customer to properly qualify the lead Handling Objections How can you qualify the customer objection question and handling Q & A What questions are you getting from your customers you need help addressing

4 Topics 1. Affordability 2. Speed 3. Adaptability 4. Customer Centricity 5. Predictability 6. Reliability 7. Security 8. Unified Control 9. Workforce-Ability What’s on the mind of contact centre buyers?

5 1. Affordability First on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… Can Contact Center Anywhere reduce my up-front costs and my total cost of ownership?

6 Drastic Reduction in Capital Equipment Expense All customers need for each agent: A phone A computer with internet access You can use your existing PBX or Centrex No need for many boxes… No chat server No email ACD server No web callback server No quality monitoring and recording system No CRM system for very basic applications

7 Drastic Reduction in Systems Integration CCA is pre-integrated Phone calls Chats Emails Faxes Quality monitoring Web callback Skills-based routing IVR Real time agent support Unified reporting

8 Reduction in Cost of Ownership Elimination of many call centre license fees Subscribers don’t have to negotiate separate licenses All-in-one pricing makes it simple Consolidation of training Training is greatly simplified Users learn one interface; not four or five Drastic reduction in maintenance costs Maintenance of software is in the Customer network Regression testing not necessary No separate fees for each system Desktop maintenance all browser-based Leverage service automation to reduce costs Web-based transactions cost 90% less to process IVR costs as low as 50 cents per call vs. $5 - $20 for live calls

9 Questions On: Affordability How much are the licenses to do the following on a traditional system? ACD & skills-based routing, Quality monitoring, ACD chat ACD e-mail management, Web-based call-back Interactive Voice Response, Fax, Unified Voice Messaging Cost to integrate all of the above? Cost to train on all of the above? Cost to pay maintenance & spares? Cost to maintain fat clients on PCs?

10 Objections On: Affordability Sounds expensive! Add up cost to train across multiple platforms Add up costs for multiple licenses Add up costs of each maintenance agreement Add up costs for custom programming Add up costs for systems integration Add up costs for system downtime Add up costs for overtime pay Add up costs for fat client maintenance on PCs

11 2. Speed Second on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… Can I get up to speed quickly with remote agents, additional centers, training and new campaigns?

12 CCA: FAST Spin-up accelerated… From months to hours or days No more meetings with ten vendors New campaigns – on demand New campaigns created in minutes – on demand No more months of waiting for central IT staff On-the-fly changes to agents & workgroups You can make changes in real time No service interruptions – while system is running Multi-site configurations launched instantly It’s all about the agents and workgroups Agents can be anywhere All agents need is a phone and a PC with internet access

13 Quick Provisioning of Workgroups

14 Questions On: Speed How long does it take you to launch a new campaign Time for internal IS / IT / telecom coordination? Time for coordinating outside vendors? Time to do actual custom programming? Time to do integration testing? How long to create workgroups across multiple media types? How long to create the same for multiple sites? How long to configure remote agents?

15 Objections On: Speed I have to launch quickly! CCA is up and running in days CCA reduces need for: Outside vendors Custom programming Integration testing My vendors create workgroups and skills for me It’s very easy to learn Now you are in control You can do what you need to do quickly I have remote agents Can be configured as quickly as regular ones

16 3. Adaptability Third on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… Can this system help me to cope with the constant changes in customer demands and the dynamics of the technology landscape?

17 Adaptability Empowers a Results-Based Culture Local autonomy puts managers in control Call centre managers can make changes now themselves Quickly address customer needs Campaigns can be done overnight Future-proofing the call centre Single Vendor Approach Handling convergence Centralized agents Mobile workforce At-home agents

18 CCA : Virtualized Call Centers Customers Home Agent Mobile Agent Call Centre 2 Call Centre 1

19 Questions On: Adaptability Do you have local autonomy? Are you truly in control? Can you quickly address customer needs? Is your call centre “future proof”? Can you overflow instantly to outside agents? Are you adapting to convergence? Remote workers Mobile workers Virtual call centres

20 Objections On: Adaptability I need to be in control CCA gives you control: Call flow logic, IVR prompts Agent skills, Workgroups, Projects But can I adapt to customer needs? You can often adapt overnight What about new technologies? Single vendor allows for much easier technology updates What about remote workers? They all look the same to CCA

21 4. Customer Centricity Fourth on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… Does this application help me to focus on customer satisfaction and customer care?

22 Going with the Flow: How Customers Behave Callers can communicate how THEY want to: Some callers like the phone Some customers prefer e-mail Some customers like chat Blended view of customer-facing media Unified view of media types keeps focus on clients Self-service options add flexibility Customers like options IVR offers 24 hour service Web callback offers scheduling ACD chat “auto-pushes” URLs CCA creates a win-win scenario: Increased customer satisfaction Lower costs & greater productivity

23 Questions On: Customer Centricity What media types get the highest priority and why? Do customers communicate the way they want to? Are you able to keep the focus on clients? Are you driving clients towards self-service?

24 Objections On: Customer Centricity I need to prioritize my customers You can prioritize customer profiles You can prioritize media types You can route based on many skills Can my customers “call in” the way they like? Yes, with regular phone calls and faxes and emails Yes, with chat and web-based call-back What about self-service? You have several options including: IVR, Email, Chat, and Web Call-Back

25 5. Predictability Fifth on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… What kind of predictability can I expect from Contact Center Anywhere?

26 CCA : Reducing Surprises A productized approach means simplicity Eliminates one-off design for initial call centre implementation Pre-Testing means predictability New features and capabilities pre-tested Regression testing done centrally GA customers are never a guinea pig with new capabilities Consistent provisioning Provisioned deliverables consisted across network Traditional call centre integration dogged by surprises: Business Week: “60% of deployments disappoint” Gartner: “70% of deployments disappoint”

27 Questions On: Predictability What are your least favorite surprises? How are new capabilities tested? Who is in control of provisioning in your centre? How about the other centres? What is the least predictable part of… Your call centre? Your workforce? Your infrastructure? Your client demands?

28 Objections On: Predictability My call centre needs to behave Hosted services are the most predictable Test cycles are intense Services affect many customers simultaneously What about my workforce? You get comprehensive reporting Agent activity and adherence Service levels, Workgroup and project statistics It’s hard to make my projects conform Everything follows basic principles: Across all media types For all agents, workgroups and supervisors

29 6. Reliability Sixth on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… Is it possible to achieve mission critical performance and high availability from this application?

30 CCA : a Mission Critical Network True network-based software architecture Mirrored hot back-up of resources Each server has a back-up Back-up takes over if master fails Mission critical, network administration CCA can handle multiple data centres or POPs Disaster recovery is built into network Centralized provisioning… Reduces confusion Eliminates one-off mistakes Focus on managed infrastructure Dedicated processes Dedicated craftspeople

31 CCA : Disaster Recovery Example

32 Questions On: Reliability Do you have mirrored hot back-up of all processes? What parts of the call centre do you wish had a hot back-up? What happens when something breaks? How long does it usually take to fix? How much does it cost when things break? Are your “one-off” implementations reliable?” What’s your reliability wish? Who is responsible for reliability? How many vendors are involved?

33 Objections On: Reliability I need 5 9’s reliability CCA has hot-back-up of all servers Patented mirroring of all processes What about disaster recovery? Mostly site-specific CCA adapts on the fly Remote centres cutover in a snap Remote agents can be configured in seconds

34 7. Security Seventh on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… How do I keep customer data and proprietary processes secure?

35 Secure Connections Firewall-safe HTTPS connections Agents, Supervisors use browser to connect Secure Socket Layer 128 bit encryption Each company has its own security settings Secure Log-on: Agents need password, system name Supervisors can log-out agents Host partitioning keeps client data safe Each call centre has its own private partition No data gets shared Multi-host data polling and streaming Customers can host their own CRM data CCA can push call logic only

36 CCA : Network Security

37 Questions On: Security Are all of your call centre applications secure? How do agents and supervisors log in? How do you secure remote agents? How do you secure your CRM data? What are your biggest security challenges?

38 Objections On: Security We have a firewall! CCA works on port 80 or 443 Secure HTTPS connections Firewall-friendly I need to control class of service Agents and supervisors configurable What about secure log-ons? Agents and supervisors need password Is my data safe? Yes, via partitioning

39 8. Unified Control Eighth on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… Can I get a 360 degree view of my customers and the way we deal with them using Contact Center Anywhere?

40 A Holistic Approach To Customer Care Unification of interaction history This means a realistic view into customer relationships This means the elimination of “data silos” Persistence of interaction context Screen data persistence from agent to agent Unified customer session histories: “I feel your pain” Integrated customer satisfaction feedback mechanisms: Agent monitoring Quality monitoring recording Agent adherence logging Integrated reporting across all media types Built in, integrated reports Run by project, workgroup, agents

41 Why Customer Satisfaction Matters Source: Bain Consulting (Frederick Reicheld “The Loyalty Effect,” Harvard Business School Press)

42 Questions On: Unified Control How are you handling network management? Do you have a way to unify interaction histories of your clients? Do your agents have to ask the same questions over and over as callers are transferred? How are you running reports to manage: Agent adherence and Service levels? Campaigns? Skills? Multiple media types?

43 Objections On: Unified Control I need unified control of customer histories CCA unifies: Call logs, Chat & Email transcripts Call detail records I don’t want agents asking the same questions over and over All interactions transfer with all relevant data I’m tired of running many different reports CCA has unified reporting

44 9. Workforce- Ability Ninth on the list of top ten essential questions contact center buyers have…… How does Contact Center Anywhere help me to attract, train, coach and retain my workforce?

45 Happy Agents Mean Happy Customers Streamlined training Training on system is simple Simplification of interaction handling “Everything’s a call” makes it easy Viewing agent activity Supervisors have real-time views – remote agents too Quality monitoring Quality monitoring means better agent coaching Real-time agent assistance Whisper coaching and chat means real-time support for agents

46 CCA : Real Time Monitoring Customer Supervisor Agent

47 Questions On: Workforce-Ability How do you do training on multiple technologies? Do you use separate agents for disparate media types? Do supervisors have real-time views of all agent activity? Remote agents too? How do you do coaching of agents? What kind of real-time support do you have for agents?

48 Objections On: Workforce-Ability It looks complicated. Training must be a nightmare! Training is actually fun and easy Administrators use fill-in-the-blank controls Supervisors need that personal touch Even remote agents can be monitored and coached I need to know what the status of my agents all times! CCA has flexible agent status definitions

49 As CCA is a hosted contact centre solution, that is simple and fast to deploy and requires little or no CAPEX upfront. CCA enables you to focus on driving CC performance rather than on operating the infrastructure. CCA enables your business to ramp up or down the size and functionality of your contact centre to match your business need – on demand. CCA enables new workforce options, enabling home agents in a virtualised CC CCA is a contact centre solution that allows you to communicate with your customers in the way they want, whether voice or online. CCA integrates voice, call recording, call back, voicemail, e-mail and web-chat functionality, with standard call centre functionality of IVR, advanced call routing and reporting into a single hosted solution. Elevator Pitch Examples – On Demand

50 Questions & Answers Questions on the presentation? Questions your customers have been asking? Any objections not listed here?

51 A Q & Q&A


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