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The Journey to Zero Injuries at Work and Home

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1 The Journey to Zero Injuries at Work and Home

2 Facilities in Waterloo
Tractor/Cab 2.2M sq. ft. 1250 acres Foundry 1.1M sq. ft. 71 acres Product Engineering .7M sq. ft. 800 acres Drivetrain 2.2M sq. ft. 190 acres Service Parts .6M sq. ft. 40 acres .5min For a point of reference, we have a map showing Deere facilities in the Waterloo area. JD Waterloo Works is 4 facilities: - Foundry - Service Parts Operations - Drive Train Operations - Tractor Cab Assembly Operations World Wide Tractor Engineering at PEC Engine Works, a unit of our John Deere Power Systems Division. Engine Works 1.1M sq. ft. 139 acres


4 Welcome New Employees

5 Safety OSHA Standards: Lock Out, Confined Space
Requirements: Personal Protective Equipment The Challenge is to go above and beyond Building a Culture: Walk the Talk Management Engagement Safety Councils UAW Employee Engagement Personal Commitment “What’s in it for me”


7 Communication: INFORMATION!
Welcome New Employees

8 John Deere Waterloo Works Safety Mission Statement
All accidents are preventable. Our goal is zero injuries on and off the job. Providing a safe work environment is both a moral obligation and good business. We will adhere to the highest standards for the safe operation of processes, make safety an integral part of our business, and off-the-job safety will be supported and promoted. We declare the following key values: Safety comes first when compared to quality, production, and cost. Every injury is preventable. Nothing we do is worth getting hurt. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you feel you are performing unsafe work, STOP and get the appropriate people involved to resolve the situation.

9 The People

10 Commitment Drives Results
Summary John Deere Waterloo Works Commitment Drives Results

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