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Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. Home of 21 st Century Web Services for the Dispute Resolution and Legal Industries Dynamic Web Development.

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1 Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. Home of 21 st Century Web Services for the Dispute Resolution and Legal Industries Dynamic Web Development Online Marketing DVD & Online Education Online Secure Systems & Services Expand products & services to legal market and global online conflict resolution system and services

2 Disclaimer, blah blah This document contains forward-looking statements. Future results are subject to risks and uncertainties and could differ materially as a result of certain factors, including, but not limited to: uncertainty in the marketplace, the ability of Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. ("Company"), to remain competitive, dependence on key personnel and the ability to attract staff, or loss of use of equipment or telecommunications services due to natural disasters or other reason. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date hereof. Information contained herein is subject to completion or amendment. While the Company believes that the information provided herein with is correct, there has been no formal audit of the contents. Any business decision based in whole or in part of the information provided herein is to be made with no representation, warranty, nor responsibility of the Company.

3 About RIS

4 RIS at

5 Flagship


7 RIS/Mediate Highlights Internet leader in mediation industry since 1996 3,000 articles, videos & blogs Over 4m annual visitor sessions Top Google rankings for mediation terms Scalable dynamic web systems - full service ISP Geographic marketing Over 1,000 clients pay avg $500/year User driven, subscription products 10 DVD Products MeetingSpace secure ODR platform

8 What We Do

9 Leading Mediator Directory

10 Sample Mediator Details

11 3000 Articles & Resources

12 Featured Blogs

13 Integrated Search System

14 Integrated Search Results

15 700 Authors & Interviews

16 International Development

17 Membership Only Access

18 Members Only Mediation News & Archive

19 Member Only Job Listings

20 Member Only Video Center

21 Products & Services

22 Leading Products membership Dynamic web site package Custom design Domain hosting and ISP services Directory / member web page systems eCommerce add-ons Mediator and lawyer directory listings State and area code geographic marketing Personalized newsletter service 10 DVD products and 300 hrs online video MeetingSpace scalable ODR platform

23 Dynamic Web Site Package

24 Membership

25 Geographic Marketing

26 Mediation News for 21 st C. Keith Seat, Editor

27 Workplace Resolution News John Ford, Editor

28 Family Resolution News John Reiman, Editor

29 Culture & Gender

30 Mediating Divorce

31 Strategic Negotiation

32 Get Busy, Get Paid!

33 The Mediators Vol. I

34 Family Mediation Edition

35 Collaborative Practice

36 Parent-Child Relations

37 Online Conflict Resolution Systems

38 MeetingSpace Features Secure Scalable Easy Access Email Notification Model Spaces Model Solutions Asynchronous Integrate Skype Voting Options Agreement Creation

39 Beta Applications Keystone Conference Corporate Workplace Solution Center College & University Solution Center Divorce and Post-Decree Special Education IEP Online Parenting Education Instant Assist – 365/24/7

40 Corporate Solution Center

41 University Solution Center

42 Instant Assist 365/24/7 Online Conflict Resolution Assistance This could be the biggest opportunity of all

43 Value Proposition for Customers

44 Our Value Proposition We operate at the intersection of the Internet and conflict resolution industries We assist professionals, organizations and individuals to be at their best on the Internet and resolving conflict

45 We Teach Customers to Fish We offer robust and easy to use dynamic web technologies that our clients utilize to be at their best on the web. Rather than give our clients "a fish“ (do everything for them) we teach them "to fish,“how to do it themselves. Training and support are included with everything we do. Our dynamic web technologies are far easier to use and more powerful than those offered by our leading competitors West & Lexis.

46 Who Buys Our Products?

47 Organizational Clients Straus Institute for DR (Pepperdine) International Academy of Mediators (IAM) American College of Civil Trial Mediators (ACCTM) Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) California Dispute Resolution Council (CDRC) CADRE national technical assistance center for special education dispute resolution Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California (ADRNC) Oregon Mediation Association (OMA) Ohio Mediation Association (OMA) World Mediation Forum (WMF) Mediators Without Borders (MWB) International Coalition of Concerned Mediators (ICCM)

48 Individual Clients 1000 web/marketing clients pay average of $500/yr We serve mediators, lawyers, organizations Web site clients are very durable We host over 300 domains We are a comprehensive ISP Disputants as clients with ODR (share in fees for services)

49 Who Does What at RIS/Mediate?

50 Management Team James C. Melamed, JD Co-founder & CEO, 25 yrs in ADR industry, 6 years Executive Director national Academy of Family Mediators, past-Chair Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission, Oregon State Bar, first President & Executive Director of Oregon Mediation Association. Stanford University & University of Oregon Law Carol Knapp Chief Technology Officer. Technical development for corporations, nonprofits and university programs since 1983, focusing exclusively on the Internet since 1996. 3 Additional Board Members John R. Helie, L. Randolph Lowry, Jamie Moffitt 8 Employees, primarily in Eugene

51 Jim Melamed, CEO CEO and Co-founder of RIS/Mediate Founded The Mediation Center in 1983 Served as Executive Director of the national Academy of Family Mediators 6 yrs Chair Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission Member Oregon State Bar Instruct Mediation at Pepperdine School of Law and University of Oregon School of Law. First President & E.D. Oregon Mediation Assn. Bachelor's degree Stanford; Law degree U of O Recipient of OR Mediation Assn. 2003 Award of Excellence; Oregon State Bar 2006 Sid Lezak Award of Excellence.

52 Carol Knapp, CTO Longstanding CTO at RIS/Mediate Directed technical development for corporations, nonprofits and university programs since 1983, focusing exclusively on the Internet since 1996 Top technical position at RIS since 1997 Designed and supervised development of enterprise level content management, ecommerce, conferencing and membership systems Recent projects include development for EdSource, IAM, CRInfo and CADRE

53 Additional Board Members John Helie Founded ConflictNet (an IGC network) in 1987; Co-founder of in 1996. Currently works as ADR Coordinator of Contra Costa County Courts. L. Randolph Lowry President of Lipscomb University in Nashville; Founding Director of Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine Jamie Moffitt Assistant Dean at the University of Oregon School of Law. Previously, Jamie served as COO of Before this, Jamie was an Engagement Manager with McKinsey and Company.

54 Advisory Board Peter Adler, Ph.D., Keystone, CO Robert Benjamin, J.D., M.S.W. Portland, OR Jeff Krivis, J.D., Los Angeles, CA Michael Lang, J.D., Sarasota, FL, Mimi Lyster, San Francisco, CA Peter Robinson, J.D., Malibu, CA Chip Rose J.D., Santa Cruz, CA Don Saposnek, Ph.D., Santa Cruz, CA

55 Additional Staff Byron Knapp, Server Administrator Josh Remis, Web Shop Director John Ford, Managing Editor Gary Dorr, Customer Service & Web Shop Angela Letney, Customer Service & Billing Patrick Ireland, Video and Graphics

56 Editors John Ford, JD, Managing & Workplace Editor Keith Seat, JD, News Editor John Reiman, Ph.D., Family Editor Robert Benjamin, JD, MSW, Views from the Eye of the Storm

57 How We Are Better

58 Our Competition Martindale Hubbell (Lexis) ( West Group (Thomsen) ( JAMS ( American Arbitration Association ( Association for Conflict Resolution ( American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section ( Global Online Dispute Resolution Industry (see

59 Our Services We are an Internet company from the ground up since 1996 We offer comprehensive ISP and web development services We operate our own servers and do our own programming We own our own IP We do our own video development We are experienced and respected We are dedicated

60 A Changing Legal Market Mediation: the silent revolution Over 3000 federal and state statutes & regulations require mediation 97% of due process cases settle, most still on courthouse steps Best to settle early, at low cost in safe, capable way Arbitration, representation can use same secure scalable MeetingSpace platform New generation of “hands-on” lawyers

61 We are Top Rated at Google

62 4m Annual Visitor Sessions

63 Our Good Will

64 Our Technology is Better

65 Dynamic Web Site Package Includes: Comprehensive training Ongoing technical support Easy to use web site system Unlimited pages, levels and images Over 130 free designs plus custom design Weekly web site statistics Membership & Locate A Mediator Directory Email address Content in web site Custom forms tool & group mailing system Spell check, print this, file attachment features

66 Over 130 Styles & Custom

67 Group Mailing System

68 Unlimited Pages & Forms

69 Easy WYSIWYG Editor

70 Custom Forms Tool

71 Content Add-Ons

72 Integrated eCommerce

73 Membership Directories

74 Sample Member Web Page


76 MeetingSpace Settings

77 MeetingSpace – Groups

78 MeetingSpace Voting

79 Working Agreement

80 How We Sell

81 Our Selling Opportunities Our Web Site Opt-In Newsletter to over 11,000 Display Advertising – ABA; Early Adopting States; Solo Practitioners Electronic Newsletters Online Advertising Exchanges Conference Exhibiting USB Drives – Flash Video Conference Presentations Client Referrals

82 Key Relationships American Bar Assn. DR Section – Ellen Miller E.D. Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) – Ray Lanier and Marilyn McKnight current and incoming president Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (AFCC) – Peter Salem and Anne Milne The Keystone Center – Peter Adler CADRE – Fed. Dept of Education – Marshall Peter, Dick Zeller Pepperdine Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution - Peter Robinson, Randy Lowry, Tom Stiponovich University of Oregon School of Law – Tim Hicks CR Program Director Werner Institute at Creighton University – Arthur Pearlstein Director Colin Rule – Director of DR at eBay and PayPal Ariel Fox – Director of Harvard Program on Negotiation Rene Levine – E.D. International Academy of Mediators (IAM) Richard Shiffer & Michael Lind - ADR Group in UK Gemma Pons Garcia (Spain) and Natalia Bernadoni (Argentina) Giuseppe De Palo – Italy

83 Conferences Attended 2007 Global ODR Conference – Liverpool ABA Dispute Resolution – D.C. Association of Family & Conciliation Courts – D.C. Pepperdine DR Continuing Education Program - Malibu Northern California Human Resources – Oakland LEADR Australian ADR Conference – (remote video) European Union Commercial ADR Conference – Rome First International Conf. on Conflictology – Barcelona International Academy of Mediators – Portland Association for Conflict Resolution –Phoenix Southern California Mediation Association Oregon Mediation Association Wisconsin Mediation Association Global ODR Conference – Hong Kong

84 Business Plan Expand’s proven products & services to the overall legal market and online conflict resolution systems and services

85 How Much Money?

86 $2m for 20% Equity Combined with a $2m investment, RIS/Mediate is a $10m company RIS/Mediate will be a $50-$100/m corporation in 5 years Opportunities for global growth Opportunities to bring model to additional professions

87 Financial Performance

88 Capitalization/Ownership

89 Value Proposition for Investors

90 Projected Income & Expense

91 Net Income Growth With a 2m investment, we will grow RIS to a $4.5m net profit in 2012 Maximum negative is $350K in 2008 Profitable in 2009

92 Growth 2008 to 2012 has 1,000 customers today averaging $500/yr. In 2012, Mediate we will have 3,000 customers and 1.5m/yr earnings. Legal Site will have 400 customers in 2008, growing to 6,400 customers in 2012, and earnings of $3.2m/yr gross in 2012. Online CR Systems will have 500 customers in 2008 averaging $100 per transaction to RIS, building to 16,000 customers and earnings of $1.6m/yr in 2012. Annual Expenses will be 1.75m in 2012 Net Profit will be $4.5m in 2012.

93 Use of Investment

94 Use of Funds Move CEO from 3/4 time to full time ($25K/yr ongoing) Hire COO and Sales Manager ($140K/yr ongoing) Hire 2 Assistant Programmers for one year to expedite development of legal site and online conflict resolution systems ($100K one year) Hire two additional customer service/sales reps in 08 and two more each year thereafter ($60K/added per yr) Ramp up marketing from $45K to $300K in 08 and $400K annually thereafter Roll out legal site in 08 Roll out corporate and university solution centers in 08 Offer “Instant Assist" with live 365/24/7 dispute resolution and Divorce Mediation Online in 09 Further as international brand Pay off $100K historic corporate debt

95 RIS/Mediate Summary Proven performance Large & growing marketplaces Products vetted We own IP Core management team in place Legal Market 100x Mediation Market Early mover, institutional and global online conflict resolution system opportunities Instant Access - 365/24/7 online help

96 Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. For additional information Jim Melamed, CEO 541-345-1456 cell: 541-953-9869

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