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Bright House Networks – Customer Care Initiatives Bill Sievers – Vice President Customer Care.

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1 Bright House Networks – Customer Care Initiatives Bill Sievers – Vice President Customer Care

2 2 Introduction Bright House Networks is the nation’s 6 th largest MSO BHN is a private company owned by Advance Newhouse 80% of BHN customers are located in Florida BHN has two divisions in Florida – Tampa and Orlando  Customers span across Central Florida from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Coast BHN offers the Triple play with high penetration levels Call Centers are virtual utilizing BHN’s fiber network BHN received CRM Magazines Elite Service award in 2007  Elite Service award recognizes companies with advanced or unique call center designs BHN received two JD Power awards in 2006 for phone and cable

3 3 JD Power overview Bright House Networks did not set out to attain the JD Power Awards We wanted to do the right thing and listened to what our customers wanted from us JD Power questions customers and weights the categories as follows:  26% Customer Service  18% Reliability  16% Image  15% Billing  14% Cost  11% Offerings JD Power recommends we pay attention to three areas:  Timeliness  Courtesy  Triple Play

4 4 JD Power overview continued Customer Care Detail Categories (26%) weighted  Timely resolution to problems  Ability to resolve problems with one contact  Ease of contacting customer service  Knowledge of CSRs  Timeliness in making changes to services  Thoroughness of information provided to questions  Courteous CSRs  Concern for your specific need or problem  Hours of availability of customer service  Ease of using automated response system

5 5 What we did… Upgraded call center technology  Includes Speech recognition  CTI (Screen pop) interfaces Speech Scripts Change depending on customer account data  Give agents additional information about customer Contact history Email exchange CHAT exchange  Increased Self-service calls by over 100%  Decreased call transfers by 50%  Next generation of Speech is being deployed in 2007 (Open Speech)  Other Items that are technology enabled: Post Call Surveys after a customer interaction with a phone representative Outage detection and call back feature Post Service Call Surveys

6 6 What we did… Introduced a unique call quality program for our call centers (CEO)  CEO – Customer Experience Observation  Measures the customer experience vs. a checklist of behaviors  Linked program to CSAT evaluations  Evaluates agent’s contribution to first call resolution  Evaluates agent’s relationship building skills vs. scripting  80% of Supervisors time is dedicated to coaching his/her team  Accountability: Bonus program for GM to Supervisor that rewards on quality scores 3 rd party performs on-going calibration to ensure program credibility Became part of performance management tool Introduced CEO program to all departments

7 7 What we did… Standardize all policies and procedures which allows for the virtualization of call volume and increase in One and Done scores  72 standards are in place  Ongoing / never ends Introduce Performance Management for all employees  CSR’s have daily scorecards that measure: Productivity 33% Sales 33% Quality 33%  All scores roll upward to supervisors, managers, and directors  Employees have direct control on their wage increase  Results of Performance Management: Sales / Productivity / Quality / Attrition

8 8 What we did… Organized employee structure that allows for continuous coaching  14 to 1 ratio in call centers and field operations  75 to 1 ratio Trainer to Front line employee Moved to two-hour service calls / installs – 7 days a week Any call can be answered 24 X 7 by calling a single phone number Measure all attributes of the customer experience (KPI’s)  Examples: We measure reliability (5 9s), and we report that data monthly along with voice of the customer survey data about their perceptions of whether we’re reliable. We measure One and Done, and we report that data monthly along with the customer survey data results about whether we fixed the issue with one phone call. What the customer says is most important!

9 9 What we did… Introduced a comprehensive Welcome Call Program  Attempts to call every installed customer (contacts 65%)  Through conversational methods asks nine questions  Identifies any outstanding problem for follow-up Customer contact is made within 24 hours  Scoring of questions are rolled up to a scorecard for each installer and is used in the performance management program  Detailed reports are updated daily Contact avenues: Post service calls / Email surveys / Pre-collection disco calls / Web / BBB / Corporate  All customer issues identified through various methods are funneled through an escalation group for fast resolution and tracking

10 10 What we did… Monthly Net Promoter Scores (NPS)  Ask the “Ultimate Question” – On a scale of 0-10 how likely would it be that you would recommend BHN to your friends and colleagues?  The answer divides your customers into 3 categories: Promoters (9-10) Passives (7-8) Detractors (0-6)  Formula * Promoters - (minus) Detractors = NPS score NPS scores are reported monthly for each of our regions

11 11 Conclusion Understand what drives customer satisfaction Invest in tools that allow you to satisfy your customer needs Change items that drive positive employee behavior Learn from what your customers tell you What you measure you can manage Create an internal mission statement that will drive the changes you want to make – don’t waste your time if it doesn’t match this statement!

12 12 The End Thank you for your time today! Questions?

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