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The Future Development of Access Responsibilities (Section 19) and Alternative Provision in Somerset PRU Admin Staff Update & Consultation.

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1 The Future Development of Access Responsibilities (Section 19) and Alternative Provision in Somerset PRU Admin Staff Update & Consultation

2 The Need for a service review (Agents for Change) Govt. Legislation - impacts 2012 - 2013 Move away from LA’s delivering services Move towards schools owning, finding and funding Alternative Provision PRU’s - freedom to gain academy status Management Committees to gain delegated powers/budgets Freedom for PRU’s to innovate without LA intervention Impact of increasing voluntary and private sector (inc free schools) in the Alternative provision market Local needs & impacts The development of the Somerset Compact and its influence of service development The influence of the academy programme Need to improve educational outcomes for C&YP across Somerset. Need for more even distribution of provision of PRUs in Somerset (currently there are big gaps in certain age ranges and in certain geographical areas Increased of diversity and level of provision required as identified by schools LA (not school) Financial savings will continue to have an indirect impact

3 Option 1 – Don’t Change All existing PRUs remain as 13 separate units managed within a LA area structure. Reallocate funding to support enhanced satellite provision All Section 19 responsibilities remain with the LA. (Option Rejected) Option 2 – Trading within an open market All existing PRU would become fully traded units for those pupils at risk of permanent exclusion as referred by schools. Section 19 for, Medical Tuition, Fair Access, Day 6 would continue to be delivered by the LA for monitoring & safeguarding purposes. (Option Rejected) All existing PRU units would become schools in their own right jointly commissioned by the Compact and the LA to meet Section 19 responsibilities and provide alternative provision for all of the compact schools. (Identified as the Preferred Option) Option 3 – Internal Commissioning All existing PRU units would become schools in their own right. The contract to run and provide alternative provision could be put out to tender by the Compact and the LA. This could be bid for by private organisations, individual schools or groups of schools. Alternatively externalisation may provide the opportunity for PRUs to become academies under new Government legislation (Cabinet and Compact wish Management Committees to consider at a later date) Option 4 – External Commissioning Option 5 – Reduce the Service Reduce the service to provide Section 19 responsibilities only. School and academies find and fund their own alternative provision (Option Rejected)

4 Through Consultation with all partners Recommendation for a delivery model 1.To develop four integrated (cross phase and function) PRUs three of which would ‘support’ smaller, satellite provision in Frome, West Somerset and Chard Each of the four main PRUs would exist as a school within its own right and be self managing, but work closely as a partner with defined clusters of schools, retaining the ability to offer provision and support outside the defined area. Each PRU school would have a delegated budget, a newly formed statutory management committee body and a single management structure under a Headteacher. Partner members and agencies would take an active role in the governance of the school and the Headteacher would belong to the same professional bodies as other Heads. The PRU school could ‘potentially’ act as both commissioner and provider through partnership working with schools and the voluntary and private sector. Each PRU school could provide in-reach and out-reach programmes for schools within their cluster through the management and deployment of specialist support staff. Key Stage 1 support; SEN provision for pupils with statements and support for vulnerable learners within the integrated PRU schools need to be considered in close relation to other service reviews for these areas. (Developing through service reviews)

5 PRU coverage by September 2013 KS4 Provision LEC Medical Tuition KS2/3 Provision and Outreach Funding for Nurture Groups/other AP Alternative Provision Centre (APC) 1 3 2 4 a b c ‘Compact’ Commission /invest in Satellite ‘provision’ Increases capacity in the centre Develop four stand alone PRU Schools PRU schools can offer support/knowledge /outreach to satellites

6 Pre-April 2013 July Compact and Cabinet Approval Staff, Management Committee and Partners Consultation Meetings Budget model approved by Compact and Schools Forum (9 th / 12 th ) Establish Website Sept - April Revisit the constitution of the Management Committees Determine any training requirements for Management Committees and deliver. Establish new governance structures/timetables Establish area structure and communicate with schools Design staffing structures for the inclusion of SEBBS/T4 Realign APC and Tone Education within new PRU structures Appoint to Headteachers posts Develop 4 delegated budget structures Design and implement new business support model Design new satellite arrangements and accountability structures

7 Process of Restructuring Project Team: 4 Workstreams Finance and Governance – building the budgets and accountability protocols Provision – Including, satellite developments, Outreach, In-reach Commissioning Section 19 – hard to place pupils, area budgets, referral processes and panels Transfers – HR, Finance, Legal, Buildings APC – Virtual Classroom (Social Inclusion, Medical and SEN) Communication - Website Website on SLP by Sept 2012 High level page open to all Tabs on 4 workstreams – finance and transfers will be protected FAQs section

8 Executive Headteachers It is planned that the Executive headteachers will be in post by the end of October Process Has to adhere to SCC HR Protocols A generic JD has been written and will be released before the end of the Summer term An ISR (Individual School Range) is being developed determined by pupil numbers on a Special School Model Round 1 Expressions on Interest will be taken from Access managers Competency based interviews will take place Round 2 JD and ISR info will be released to the resource pool Expressions of interest will be taken from eligible candidates Interviews will take place Round 3 JD and ISR will be released to current Heads of Centre Expressions of interest will be taken from eligible candidates Interviews will take place NB: Once in post the Executive heads will take on the responsibility for next phase of the restructuring linking to the LA & schools as members of the Compact

9 Transfers (Most staff and centres will transfer in April as per current structures) Name of CentreNames to be confirmed once transfers have been made The Deane Discovery CentreKS2/3 Taunton Area PRU The Taunton CentreKS4 Northfields Education CentreKS1-4 (Medical) The Bridgwater CentreKS2/3 Sedgemoor Area PRU The Sedgemoor CentreKS4 Link Education Centre (Sedgemoor)KS1-4 (Medical) The Mendip Inclusion ProjectKS2/3 Mendip Area PRU The Mendip CentreKS4 Link Education Centre (Mendip)KS1-4 (Medical) The Yeovil CentreKS2/3 South Somerset Area PRU The Horizon CentreKS4 Link Education Centre (South Somerset)KS1-4 (Medical) The STEPS CentreKS3/4To initially transfer as part of the area provision. Consideration as a satellite to be given at next phase of the restructuring Alternative Provision Centre (APC)KS1-4 Day 6/Hard to place SI Element KS2 of APC to transfer to areas NB: E-mails to HOC and DHOC sent today re: LA management restructuring do not apply

10 Business Support Structure Central Team Functions CRB HR Recruitment Payroll Area reconciliation Finance H&S Contract Support Mgt Committee Support Area Team Functions x 4 Clerical Support for PRUs in the area Referral processes Claims and expenses Exec head admin support Clerk to Mgt Committee Outreach admin Line management remains within the areas Professional support can come from the central team Funding for the central team comes from all 4 PRU schools Line management and accountability for the team could be delegated to one PRU School

11 Post Transfer Heads will carry out area analyses as per setting up any new school. The process below is only illustrative to indicate a move towards new structures for September 2013 Heads will continue to work as a project team with Compact and LA to ensure PRU schools operate as an integrated service April 2013 Area Visioning with Staff and Partners (LA & Schools) May 2013 Area Self Evaluation and Development Planning May/June 2013 Area Consultation on any potential new structures July 2013 Establishing and refining new structures, protocols and procedures April 2013 New budgets, governance and business support processes in place Developing Links, QA and lines of accountability to LA and Compact Developing Links, QA and lines of accountability of satellite provision Existing processes and protocols continue to operate during this period

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